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Found 1 result

  1. Oh for SH**s and Giggles here comes the Magic Number thread for 2019. Let's all troll away and say whose right and whose wrong. (Note this is my sarcastic take at bad math and my made up numbers! Who-hoo!) With 12 games left to play the Sharks control their own destiny. (Duh. don't all teams do this?) Sharks currently at 94 points as of 3-13-19. Tampa already clinched playoff spot with 110 points. (Like anyone is catching them in the East anyway). So with that in mind here we go: Sharks Max points if they win out and not lose would be - 118 (in other words, just win baby!) Calgary Max points if they win out and do not lose would be - 117 (so that March 31st game will be a dozy as well on a back to back from Vegas). Vegas Max points if they win out and do not lose would be - 105 March games remaining - 7 game home stand vs Panthers, Predators, Knights, Redwings, Blackhawks, Knights and Flames. (back to back Vegas and Calgary). 2 away games vs LA and Anaheim. (back to back). (If we lose to them Blow up the team!) April games remaining: 2 away games vs Vancouver and Edmonton. 1 home game vs Colorado (HA! since I don't do math, here is what I found out there on the inter webs!) This is taken from the HF boards but note it's from Sunday March 10th before games were played that day or 11am Pacific Time: Magic numbers in east to clinch a berth (points): Capitals-18 Islanders-18 Hurricanes-22 Bruins-12 Leafs-16 Penguins-24 Jackets-24 Magic numbers in west to clinch a berth (points): Sharks-8 Flames-10 Knights-18 Jets-16 Predators-16 Blues-20 Stars-24 Wild-26 And here's some graphic that looks crazy from a guy on twitter -
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