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  1. Have you run into any Bad Hombres?
  2. I had tickets to attend this game with NOLA, but in the early morning I received an email informing me I was chosen to be in Metallica's new music video. So I did that instead and I haven't seen the game yet. Dreams can come true, I am living proof.
  3. Stop crying you big baby. It is the Stanley Cup Finals and all you can do is bash Marleau. I suggest you take a look at Pavelski and Burns who have ZERO goals.
  4. San Jose's first ever game in JUNE.
  5. Ran into some guys I used to play hockey with at 2nd intermission. One said he thought Patty had lost his hands. The other said, no, I don't think it is his hands, I think he has lost a half-step. I was like, you're both wrong, and then Patty immediately came out with that sick game-winning playoff goal.
  6. I think the Sharks have priced themselves out of a sellout. They are charging too much for first round playoff games.
  7. I will be at this game with NOLA
  8. Going to this game in just an undershirt so I can quickly slide into this free t-shirt and not have to carry it around all night. #PlanningAhead