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  1. Have you run into any Bad Hombres?
  2. I had tickets to attend this game with NOLA, but in the early morning I received an email informing me I was chosen to be in Metallica's new music video. So I did that instead and I haven't seen the game yet. Dreams can come true, I am living proof.
  3. Stop crying you big baby. It is the Stanley Cup Finals and all you can do is bash Marleau. I suggest you take a look at Pavelski and Burns who have ZERO goals.
  4. San Jose's first ever game in JUNE.
  5. I think the Sharks have priced themselves out of a sellout. They are charging too much for first round playoff games.
  6. Can you bring a sign that says Milan Lucic sits to pee?
  7. Can you pull up your Oilers predictions from before the season?
  8. McLellan was seemingly a great coach when he first showed up. Playoff disappointments caused him to abandon promotion of offensive creativity and develop his system-oriented homogenized gameplan that eventually got him canned.
  9. The Sharks completely lost their "nasty" identity after the 2002 season ended. The '02-03 season saw McLaren arriving in January and Nolan moved to Toronto in March. Marchment was also traded in March, Sutter and Lombardi were fired, and the Sharks ended up with 28 wins. McLaren was not really a part of the Sutter era. 2003-04 saw Patrick Marleau lead a team with low expectations to 10 playoff wins, something the Sharks have not duplicated in any other season. 04-05 was cancelled due to lockout, and Joe Thornton showed up in November of 2006 following a 10-game losing streak. McLaren was much more a part of the Joe Thornton era than he was the Sutter era.
  10. So you think he will be suspended through the playoffs?