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  1. Don't crucify me
  2. The Russians have invaded every social media site - i used to delete russian spam accounts every day on this very site!
  3. I edited the tags on this post to be more accurate.
  4. Have you run into any Bad Hombres?
  5. Thinking of bringing the baby to a CUDA game this weekend as a trial run at the arena.
  6. It always kind of sucked in a way, but that's part of the charm. I know you had fun the last time I was there.
  7. I think Fugazi is free.
  8. The modern day master of malapropisms is Michael Gary Scott.
  9. First reference I got, the 2nd is over my head.
  10. You waited 2 years for me to almost but not quite use a pun so you could paste the text and nail me - sorry you fell just short! I appreciate the dedication! BALLSACK
  11. A pun is not a malapropism.
  12. I enhanced the photo for you: