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  1. Yo Peeps! Off all next week, wife wants to put up the tree and decorate this weekend since we are at her Parents in Havasu for Turkey Day (though we are not eating turkey and I'm ok with that). Anyway guess I'm putting up the outside lights on the house. Huzzah!
  2. GDT Sharks vs Partty 7:30 PT

    man the defense is so slow. Burns you are on the list! Braun you have too many brain farts. Jones two goals let in made me just shake my head, like why are you slowly crossing the crease and not paying attention! anyway hopefully they figure it out and make the top 3 in the Pacific for playoffs in April.
  3. OH JEEZ. the interns are at it again!
  4. GDT Sharks vs Partty 7:30 PT

    Sharks vs Partty? Well hope that Partty doesn't score his 1st goal cause all rooks score on the Sharks first!
  5. Well this 3 day work week will be tough. Already halfway there!
  6. GDT Sharks vs Flames 6PM Hooch time

    Yes they were. Man I needed my sunglasses!
  7. GDT Sharks vs Flames 6PM Hooch time

    Back from game, nice to get the win! The woo'ers are seriously annoying and need to stop it! EK65 tried, jumbo should've been shooting the puck since he was 1 away from 400. Hertl is pretty fancy at dekeing on his opponent's. Tried to win the 50/50, no such luck. Onto the niners tomorrow night!
  8. GDT Sharks vs Flames 6PM Hooch time

    Aw nice a GDT for me! Well so far so good. But man those are some bright lights! I cant seem to post a pick via phone. But just know they better f-in win!
  9. They better win cause I'm in the building tonight! Otherwise I'm going to shake my fist like an old man!
  10. Anyone going to be at the Sharks game on Sunday as well as the niner game on monday night? I will see you there!
  11. Down here everything is on FIRE! Just like Nor Cal!
  12. GDT: Sharks @ Blues 5PM

    just win the game!
  13. 2018-19 Hockey News

    but does someone have to pay taxes on that if it becomes a donation? I know he waived the rights but do the caps pick up the tab should it be taxed or does the guy who won have to? I've always wondered if the tax man tries to get the taxes when people do this, you know donate their winnings they never held?
  14. GDT Sharks @ Stars 5:30 PST

    Burns and EK65 it's always them! Oh and jones too! Ah hell the whole F-ing team!
  15. GDT Sharks @ Stars 5:30 PST

    potential line ups -
  16. GDT Sharks @ Stars 5:30 PST

    So you're saying there's a chance?
  17. GDT Sharks @ Stars 5:30 PST

  18. Ah good to see, the states are crazy again! what else is new?
  19. 2018-19 Hockey News

    Marleau that dirty dirty player ehh?!
  20. GDT Sharks vs Wild 7:30 Timo Time

    Not keto friendly. guess i'm out.
  21. GDT Sharks vs Wild 7:30 Timo Time

    Supposedly New tank Nacho's. Probably what, 14 to 20 bucks?
  22. So the wife and I finished the Season 6 FINALE of House of Cards and good goc, what a cluster F of a season. It's like the interns here wrote the show and did not know how to link storylines together or give a purpose of any of the remaining characters. Yes the Frank Underwood character is missed and having the Claire character act like him does not work. After it was over I'm like, well there's time we won't get back now.
  23. GDT Sharks vs Wild 7:30 Timo Time

    there is a rumor floating around that Hertl may be in tonight.