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  1. yo. nothing says christmas winter like temps like 85 degrees. Get me out of so cal one of these years!
  2. what are you worried about? You are predicted to win 51% to my 49%. I'm screwed!
  3. So I guess this is what I get for going to bed at 930pm before the end of the game. SMH!
  4. that will probably be discussed during the consult visit next week with the cardiologist.
  5. Pretty sure my time was wasted in the ER last night. So wednesday morning at 140am (yesterday) I woke up in extreme chest pain. like a tightness which felt like it lasted 2 to 5 minutes. my fear was a heart attack as my left hand shoulder went somewhat numb. Woke when the alarm clock went off and felt fine. During work i felt that sensation creep back in but it only lasted 10 to 15 seconds. So tried to see my doc but they told me to go to ER for tests since he wasn't in and they weren't capable of those test there. Told the wife when I picked her up and she wasn't happy i didn't tell her that morning. (whoops!) Anyway after about 3 hours in ER, EKG was fine, blood tests were fine. Chest X-ray was fine. So no explanation other than the organs could've been dehydrated and clumped together, anxiety attack (which I had 7 years ago), or some sort of stress. And with I'm sure I'll be billed 250 for the visit to tell me nothing was wrong. thank goodness for the dang med insurance!
  6. is it me or am I just waiting for them to fall and soon?
  7. NASA‏Verified account @NASA 53m53 minutes ago More Thick smoke is seen streaming from several fires, including the #CreekFire, in southern California in this @NASAEarth satellite view from this afternoon. Take a look: http://go.nasa.gov/2AWlHvt
  8. It's two places down here. Ventura/Santa Barbara and then what they are calling the Sylmar fire by Burbank. In the OC here you can see haze plus the Santa Ana Winds aren't helping either.
  9. oh man. i can't keep track who saw what. lol.
  10. Yo peeps! So we finally saw Justice League and I have to agree with Sam's review. I mean i was entertained but again I went in with low expectations. I told my wife about Black Panther but she had yet to see the trailer. Before the trailer she was like i have no desire to see it. She sees the trailer for the first time and then says ok I can dig it! lol.
  11. Ok for the Stanley Cup Sharkies league. With Perfect Spiral playing FUG and FUG has one player going against PS's IR player, is it quite possible with my win this week that I sneak into the 6th and final playoff spot? Or am I just dead in the water?
  12. Ahh another test game then.
  13. yo peeps! any chance I can win the 145 or 177 million jackpot this week cause then then that tax plan lurking in the distance will make sense for us.
  14. It was pretty dumb but I'm glad I didn't pay to see it in the theater!
  15. yo peeps! picked up the bifocals and it's all kinds of wrong! Everything is clear but distance seems a bit off. It's a progressive lens but maybe i should've just had the line in there. I know they say to give it a week but I just had to switch back to my old prescription. so we will see how this goes.
  16. and I can't even give away our season tickets. I got a game in December against the Titans that I will give a Cyber Monday deal to if anyone is interested? (sorry not free, but cheap though!)
  17. 2nd worst right? I mean Cleveland is now 0-11.
  18. yo peeps! So thanksgiving after we cleaned up, i noticed this weird leak under the kitchen sink. The garbage disposal was leaking. Not bad. but bad enough. The ol Father In-Law and me went to the home depot and got a replacement on black friday. (that place was nuts even in the morning!). He guided me as I did all the work under the sink. We had to splice the old plug cord to the new one as the new ones do not come with a cord or at least the brand we were getting. Anyway working brand spankin new! (so that was fun). Wife happy now that we got the dang X-mas decos up and I put the lights on the house up yesterday. Good thing too as we had a slight rain storm this morning and now it gets warmer. BLEECH! now for being a week off, loads of work on my desk. Job security!
  19. 10 or 1030 if weeknight. when goal number 2 was scored I was like welp time for bed, wife.
  20. yo peeps! After today, off for a week huzzah! However 88 degrees on thanksgiving in Orange County sounds horrible to me! need it colder!
  21. Well that was craptastic! good thing I went to bed after that 2nd goal.