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  1. Time for the 2018 Social to kick in I guess?
  2. 2018 NHL PLAYOFF Thread

    ok tampa, you did your job. JETS take note and tie this sucker up!
  3. don't know yet. It does have over 3 million in Whiskey alone.
  4. So my buddy just gave me recommendation for a steak place in Vegas for Monday. Scotch 80 Prime (formerly N9NE) at the Palms which is having change over now that Station Casinos own them. Anyway they OPEN to the Public on May 18th. No menu online but I'm sure the prices are way overpriced but hey! They have 3 million in Scotch!
  5. Well hopefully the 3rd option then pans out.
  6. 2018 NHL PLAYOFF Thread

    meh... vegas knights... meh...
  7. yo peeps! need vegas to lose, dubs to win and me to win money in vegas next week!
  8. DOH! I was away this past thursday to see my baby bro graduate from Humboldt State. Guess it's too late to get my picks in the final 4. OH Well. back to the grind this week, then Sunday off to Vegas for almost a week! You might find me at the CP playing cards or the venetian playing in a big tournament Tuesday and hopefully wednesday. alright back to the grind.
  9. 2018 NHL PLAYOFF Thread

  10. Aren't we there already? Case in point:
  11. As if DW would ever make that many moves before next season. We'd be lucky if he even makes one move!
  12. 2018 NHL PLAYOFF Thread

    Smell Ya Later Pens!
  13. but come on, we all know kane is going to Vegas. Case in point:
  14. 2018 NHL PLAYOFF Thread

    Well I'm on the GO JETS GO! Bandwagon now to go all the way and take it!
  15. yo peeps! Well it was **** show hockey weekend for sure. Meanwhile only 3 day work week for me. Then on a plane to SJ, then parents drive to Arcata for Bro's graduation. then Vegas Next Sunday! Hello poker tourneys and maybe some other stuff along the way!
  16. Well if that aint a **** show, what is?! BLOW IT UP! Get faster skaters! Get rid of old timers! Get younger! My buddy said fire Deboer and Get George Kingston to Coach. i had to laugh at the coach bit. I said to myself, if Vegas scores 1st it's over! Damn. I hate being right.
  17. Dear Hockey Gods, please have the Sharks win tonight! That is all!
  18. hopefully since um he would be too slow!
  19. heh. no mention of Clippers! heh.
  20. hope it's not Southwest?! (which I have to get on on Thursday to fly into SJ. DOH!)
  21. I have the card from years ago. It's good for Mexico and Canada, however I brought both just incase when I visited Canada years ago and yup, you need the passport instead!