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  1. Time for the 2018 Social to kick in I guess?
  2. oh wow... The goalie scored two goals! no way jose!
  3. Ranch 99? - 1688 Hostetter Rd, San Jose, CA 95131 It's not exactly south but maybe a Michaels?
  4. Wife and I tried a new BBQ place by us called LeadBellys in Fullerton. Service was stellar. They have have this item called loaded fries. It's fries, pulled pork, pork belly bits and bacon as well as cheese (i opted for no green onion) and comes with a side of this very light gravy. This thing can feed for people! The burnt ends were good. So good i'm still burping them up this morning. heh. Brisket was good too! here's a stock photo from yelp:
  5. NHL Discussion Thread

    watch the Sharks be on that list. heh heh.
  6. In so Cal it's not cold enough for me! Yeah, I'm an odd bird.
  7. NHL Discussion Thread

    I think the Sens won this trade. But then again, what do I know.
  8. Here come the cynical shark fans now! You had one job! get the two points and get separation in the pacific ya pansies!
  9. well if this graphic doesn't say it all!
  10. just the win the game! heh.
  11. Man people in so cal think think they are so privileged. Yesterday at lunch while going to the post office a dude is driving a ferrari from Newport Beach (since that is all it said on the license plate as there were no plates on the car). Guy is in the left light turn lane and I am at the front of the light to go straight. So this dude guns it to pass me then is at a weird angle to get into the next light left turn lane. Seriously this dude could've caused an accident! Gone are the days where people pay attention and use blinkers as well as stop at a stop sign and not drive through it without looking! that happened on the way back from the post office. is it a full moon or something?
  12. Thoughts on the game. that's the most full I've seen that place since going in 96. A good number of Shark fans throughout the arena. Duck fans buying their kids the duck kazoo are stupid beyond belief. Everytime a puck gets close to our goalie Duck fans think they scored. Burns looks horrible out there! You can blame the back-to-back and the quick 1 hour flight but I'm not buying. Damn lucky to steal two points even though Schmucks got one. The give away was Grey Anaheim Ducks shirt which I am mailing to my friend in AZ since he says he can use more oil rags!
  13. Yeah we were on the Sharks shoot twice side and I said the same thing to my wife and our other friends. I was like it's as if the Ducks know not to skate there a certain way. Those F-in Cheaters!
  14. um yo! This fan went home happy and I was there live!
  15. Yo peeps! So went to our only game of the season cause yo we got bills to pay! Pretty good turnout of Shark fans yet again at Ponda. I could see the players Dads across the away from where we were in the lower bowl. We had to to endure the family behind us wo thought it was a good idea to get their kids the stupid duck call kazoo, They spilled water underneath us, thank goc we had nothing there and then at one point when the Goodrow fight happened we all stood up and I went to sit back down and the dad was holding his kid up with his feet on my chair. I kept hitting the the leg of the kid and then the Dad and I said can you please move your kids feet and the guy goes ok take it easy! Stupid Dad, I wanted to slap him, not for the kids feet but for the damn duck kazoo! In the end thank goc we won so could be like suck it Duck Fans!
  16. Football Thread 2017

    now they just a WR, RB and TE. Since Hyde might jet.
  17. Olympics Thread

    so why do events start before opening ceremonies? (which I know happened this morning). Has that always been the norm?
  18. yo peeps. I guess the olympics started or something.
  19. man why can't we have nice things? Also, man i hate that guy James Neal! My wife goes, I think Vegas is winning the cup this year and I was like, no I don't like it!
  20. just win the game I guess?
  21. yo peeps! Fed tax return came in this week but of course some of it was used to pay the state (bastards!). Then paycheck came with a nice little raise which means we won't see anything probably for another 4 to 5 years. But who knows. Meanwhile apparently i am going to the Sharks vs Ducks this Sunday as a last minute venture. We will be behind the goal on the Sharks shoot twice side lower bowl. Fun times!