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  1. For the homeowners out there, is it always weird when your loan gets sold to another bank? We got a letter that the next payment has to go to say Bank B. as we have been paying Bank A since we got the house almost 5 years ago. I called Bank A to make sure this was legit, they said yes, yet they still show us owing them money for april after i made the payment to Bank B this month. Called Bank B and they were like yep, we got your payment. You are all good. So basically it's like smell ya later Bank A, it's been real. (ah the nuances of home owning).
  2. Well since they pooped the bed, now they must rely on another team to lose. So today's magic number is 0 as in the Sharks had 0 chance last night after giving up 3 goals in the 1st period!
  3. And for you poker fans out there, Supposedly Daniel Negreanu will be at the game tonight.
  4. let's see first game this season Sharks lost 6-0 to Vegas. Next game Sharks won 3 to 2. So in hindsight Sharks should win by 3 to 2 again then?!
  5. sounds like a daunting task to me then. (couldn't even win against the Panthers. I mean come on!)
  6. No not quite. It was more like villains sort of and not villains. Like this chick came out in a Jabba the Hut outfit and after she took off the full costume, was not too shabby. Skinny chick with the right proportions. plus she had a teal wig on. So bonus points there. Then there were also a few dudes who did this too. (that was a first for me since the last burlesque show I went to was years ago and all females.
  7. We took in a Disney themed Burlesque show in L.A. this weekend. I feel very hipsterish now.
  8. The magic number to make it to the playoffs is: in other words there are 11 games left and then you are in playing in the playoffs! heh! (assuming you don't S*** the bed!)
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