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  1. yo peeps! and out like a ghost!
  2. don't forget kids, it's star wars night! get your really off star wars shirt when you go to the game.
  3. I just laugh at all the people in my leagues that drafted him in the 1st round!
  4. yo peeps! Counting down the days till the winter break for me! 10 more work days after today for me then off for the two weeks. I think Dec. 19th, I might be playing cheap Poker Tournament at Commerce Casino, much to the chagrin of the wife who hates when I play cards. I think I like my argument I have on hand, "hey you get your nails and hair done almost monthly that cost more than my measly 65.00 dollar tourney. and it's not like I do this every month but once in a great while too!" BOOM! MIC DROP!
  5. i hate the Queens!
  6. what up peeps! And like a Ghost I am out!
  7. Going to the game tonight! Sec. 117!
  8. I will be at this game! Woot! Woot! Sec. 117.
  9. yo peeps! I will be watching my Niners lose to the Pats this Sunday can't wait. Then the checking out the stupid schmucks on Saturday 11-26 on Martin jones Bobblehead night!
  10. I'll be at the game Sunday, I doubt any of that will happen!
  11. yo peeps! So my actual boss got the promotion for former boss boss. so I am cool with her being in charge! now let's see who actually becomes my direct boss. meanwhile time for some member berries!!
  12. No worries. I'm only up there next week for Turkey Day, so as looking last minute. We are doing the Schmucks game on Saturday next week. Lower Bowl since the Mom's doesn't do upper deck cause of her fear of heights! But I will let you know should an opportunity come up in the future. thanks Lord!
  13. yo peeps! So Lord any takers on your tickets yet? What section, row and seats and how much for Monday's game?
  14. YO PEEPS! Fug - private stash ehh?! LOL.
  15. on the boss boss thing, i ain't too worried since most people move within and i know who would her spot and it will more than likely by my current boss.