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  1. oh you know, they'll just re-hash. and when something not that big happens. fanboy pierre will be galloping away to break the news first!
  2. Also they had 13 people (max number) and we had 6 (minimum 3).
  3. Also what is up with this weird format on the boards again?
  4. Yo peeps. What did I miss? lol. Anyway, a small group of us did an Escape Room, that was themed casino heist! It was only 2 rooms, but man you had to figure out combination on locks with the clues given, do crawl under cross over laser beam thing to try and steal the diamond before the hour is up. Also you collected rectangle shaped poker chips with various totals to add to your total amount once you lift the diamond. It was pretty cool for what it was. Luckily we had a gift certificate that managed to reduce the normal price greatly! Funny, the Google team down here in Irvine did it in under I think 30 minutes and collected 3.6 million, while we collect 1.8 million and took most of the hour though we were done early but we wanted to figure out getting more money chips. Now my friends want to go back knowing what we know already to beat the engineers at google lol! (talk about cheating!) ha ha.
  5. yo peeps! So tomorrow 6 of us will try to escape from an escape room called casino heist! The goal, leave with the most amount of fake money before the hour is up while to trying to get out of the rooms! Seems right up my alley. You know liking casinos and all!
  6. Anyway off topic, Next Thursday through Sunday, the wife and I are headed up to Monterey Bay for my B-day weekend. Wanted to get some restaurant recommendations for Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner that you cats might recommend. I have a good number so far, just wanted to see what you peeps like. Also anyone ever play in any poker tournaments at Bankers Casino in Salinas? Planning on playing in the Saturday tourney on March 4th. Much to the dismay of the wife but hey she said sure go ahead.
  7. Wait Bob Barker is still Alive?! LOL. I kid.
  8. Are these the D list in celebs? Betty White is in her 90's right? hmmm. could be soon!
  9. Cause we all know that Detroit/St. Louis game will go to OT. plus they are honoring - Mike Ilitch.
  10. since i pay for this, what would be really cool is that if they are doing a free preview then they can prorate my bill dang nabit!
  11. I think until June this is the motto always.
  12. we're back! Blame Buttman!
  13. Yo Peeps! Man, I used to vacation as a kid by the Oroville Dam! That's some crazy stuff going on over there now. Back in the late 80's my Mom's boyfriend's parents lived up there and we used to do Christmas and Thanksgiving there from time to time. Be safe current residents of Oroville!