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  1. Pabst Blue Ribbon YO!
  2. Like in Florida make Sure to check your guns!
  3. well damn you allergies!
  4. what is rain? It will 85 in some parts today. No cloud in the sky!
  5. so here's this. So i guess go oilers no matter what then?
  6. Time to become cynical hockey fans again!
  7. So Fug, you going to follow your team to Vegas or are you gonna be like F-em? It's Official Raiders to Vegas but in 2018-19 they will play in LA. (till Vegas stadium is built). Awkward! Ian Rapoport ✔@RapSheet The final tally to send the #Raiders to Las Vegas: 31-1. ... the Las Vegas Raiders. 11:09 AM - 27 Mar 2017
  8. yo peeps! So the wife and I for free entertainment went to look at model homes in a new development. These were like over 1.1 million dollars by the ol Tustin Marine Base. The kicker to me was, they are almost sold out. But your model homes have dead bugs in them. like Gnats everywhere. Guess since they only have 6 homes left and then will sell, the models, then maybe they just don't care about keeping a clean model home!
  9. So if the Sharks win, they can eliminate Dallas from the Playoffs. So like there's that to look forward to.
  10. Speaking of Pink Floyd shows, I was lucky enough back in 93/94 to go to the Oakland show. Where i worked at the time, my boss let me go early to get tickets since he wanted to go too. Back in the day where you would go to say the Warehouse and stand in line for them to open. I was about 20 deep in line when they said the 2nd show sold out. Then the guy says, "we are working with their people to get a 3rd show!" Then low and behold I get tickets for the 3rd show on the field of Oakland Coliseum. About 21 rows back from the stage. My buddy comes with me and to my surprise my boss at that time was like hey you want to smoke some weed? I was like um no. I'm alright. (i.e. I didn't want that leaking back out to work). Luckily he was cool and we never mentioned that ever. I have two VHS tapes that have different angles of this concert (2 different nights) being filmed. I must transfer that to DVD one of these days!
  11. so technical. yeesh!
  12. And down goes brown and more millions of brackets busted yet again! 11 seed. why you...".you killed my pines!" (and let's see how many get that movie quote?)
  13. oh looky here. Two Giants win hardware in Dodger Stadium!!! I'll take it!