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  1. So here is what I have to look at daily now! (BARF!)
  2. Also you have to endure Marc Maron's arse in an ep with the red head.
  3. 1st one and 2nd one. Also you this girl gets nekkid too:
  4. And the social was shot dead! BANG! BANG!
  5. yes. a series. then also there is the 2012 actual documentary on a "where are they now thing" sort of.
  6. time for the old timers to free up that cap space!
  7. Dude, this movie never ended! it was 2 hours and 29 minutes. Heck I don't even drink anything when going to the movies and was like welp gotta hit the head with about an hour to go. He probably has like some tax things or something.
  8. Check out GLOW on Netflix (the series). Allison Brie got nekkid! (which was actually surprised since I never thought she would do that). But besides that it actually was pretty entertaining. Taking me back to the 80's yet again!
  9. Transformers 5. Did you think it was Terminator 5?
  10. Yo peeps! Short Fridays for work are here (well they were here last week but I was actually off). Anyway out of here at 11 and need to kill time since the wife is still working and we carpool. Seeing T-5 today on the cheap. So this movie should be real dumb and stupid. Tomorrow wifey has a baby shower for one her long time friends. As for me, I am going to play in the 11am poker tourney at the Gardens down here in So Cal (formerly Hawaiian Gardens with a brand new remodel). Tricky part is when letting my wife know that I a doing since she frowns upon me hitting up the casino. Maybe tonight. lol.
  11. Also i noticed 4 games each for everyone in the west except Vancouver where we would play them 5 times. Guess they are trying to make it easy points with Vancouver. huh huh huh huh.
  12. hope that is somewhat true then?!
  13. So last year was Pavs and Burns Bobblehead giveaways. Man hope they aren't repeats of last year?!
  14. march 31st Vegas Road trip y'all!
  15. well if you can read it? ha ha. Here's the link - https://nhl.bamcontent.com/images/assets/binary/290065854/binary-file/file.pdf