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  1. I feel like a Vince Vaughn gif is needed here:
  2. AH. in the world of weird, baby face macaroons.
  3. There's a whole bit back in the 80's from Gallagher where he tackles the English language. About the 2:11 mark.
  4. i did hollywood and celeb home one10 years ago. so I know what to expect. but since we are trying to save money and do a mini staycation for the 5 year, this seemed up my wife's alley! Just need to book or get the dang tickets. At least one of them is like hop on and hop off up to 24 hours on the bus.
  5. yo peeps. Guess I'm doing a good thing in married life since tomorrow is our 5 year anniversary. Wife has never done one of those double decker bus hollywood tours. So we figure whynot. sure it will be cheesy and overpriced (and hot!) but hey happy wife, happy life ehh?!
  6. i think the driver was speeding too much. No emergency vehicles were there yet as we passed but they were coming from the other direction within about 5 more minutes of driving. it was a full flip with the roof of the car on the road and smashed down. no one inside as far as we could tell. Not windy though.
  7. yes the reservoir before the dam
  8. 2018 Off Season Hockey News

    more so you're saying the Sharks dodged a bullet then?
  9. Football Thread 2017-2018

    Fug - when will the draft be? and have you started the league back up? Also does the Football 2017 page title need to change to 2018?
  10. Yo peeps! Back from SJ being in My cousins wedding. It was at the Santa Clara marriott my Great America. Also that night was wedding anniversary for over 350 Nigerians who were partying it up! Needless to say the hallway to our banquet room and to get to the bathrooms were always crowded! But good times by all! On our way back yesterday down the 152 by San Luis Obispo damn people where out in the middle of the road asking all cars to slow down. As we got to the corner before you see the lake, sure enough a car was flipped over. Did not see anyone in it. But thankful for the people making all of us slowed down to avoid it.
  11. 2018 Off Season Hockey News

    And to think we could've had Skinner on the cheap ehh?!
  12. It looks like the best high rated breweries in Vancouver are: Strange Fellows Brewing Co., Brassneck Brewery and Parallel 49 Brewing Co. according to a quick google search. Let us know!
  13. ^ "But the rubber and inside the rubber is a source of fiber right?!"