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  1. so we have another cluster F message board again ehh?!
  2. wife would be cool moving when retirement happens for me however she doesn't know if she can take the rain and gloomy look for 6 months in a row. but man I need to get out of cali!
  3. bring on the fall social yo! Meanwhile it's going to be over 100 degrees here in the OC. Lucky us! What Fall weather?!
  4. Oh goody! I am beating Danville in SCS league to maintain my 1st place! WOOT! WOOT!
  5. you peeps. This will be a drive by passing cause sh it at work is crazy! The kid that watches sling tv is out on leave for 2 or more months. (not cause of tv watching mind you). No one knows why except boss boss but our theories are helping an ailing family member who is dying to maybe he is in the poke(eee) for drunk driving. Anyway with that said we have to pick up his work slack so I have piles upon piles of bills to pay since this dude had no organization skills or follow up skills. Yet the kid is protected cause he is boss boss god gather to her niece/nephew or something. So I pay 14 letters out of the alphabet, food services and special ed. So yeah I'll probably drive by here in the social next week! Take care peeps!
  6. yes and I too are 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Sharkies League! You know it's easy when you beat Fug for a 2nd time in a different league! HEY OOHHHHH!
  7. Fug just draft the whole raiders team then!
  8. Nope. Living in So Cal kind of creates a problem on a weeknight game. The Season Tickets are probably being used by my family or a family friend.
  9. true, but this parody made it all the more laughable.
  10. ^this guy. jeez. lol.
  11. So we did an LA thing last night. Saw the Unauthorized Musical Parody of Troop Beverly Hills. And low and behold the director (Jeff Kanew) of the movie was there along with one of the other girls that was in the troop. Jeff Kanew did Revenge of the Nerds if that helps people. Also one of the performers was in the movie Four Rooms and she played Antonino Banderas daughter in that movie. show was hilarious mixing in current themes and singing 80's and 90's hits.
  12. try mfl. it's weird to use at first but it gives you a lot to work with.
  13. tell them to write their names on their lunches! LOL.