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  1. 10 or 1030 if weeknight. when goal number 2 was scored I was like welp time for bed, wife.
  2. yo peeps! After today, off for a week huzzah! However 88 degrees on thanksgiving in Orange County sounds horrible to me! need it colder!
  3. Well that was craptastic! good thing I went to bed after that 2nd goal.
  4. right! as noted in exhibit A
  5. well to be fair his wife was right by him.
  6. Yo Peeps! Random experience at Costco last night. The wife was looking at the Probiotic supplements and this Persian Middle aged man with gray hair asked us what does this do. We said it helps your digestive and bloating. And he goes I am constantly bloated. If I eat salad or beans my stomach expands and is hard like plastic. We say oh ok. And then he goes touch it! touch it! And my wife was like uh no, that's ok. and then he goes no really. So my wife poked his stomach and said yeah that's solid like a rock. He said the Dr.'s tell him there is nothing wrong with him. We left and said good luck to you! (so random)
  7. considering I need bifocals apparently, then yes, I am getting old!
  8. YO PEEPS! man was so tired last night I had to hit the hey early. F-U Time Change! (i know it's like 10 days later but I guess it finally caught up to me). Heck i was dozing off at 730pm! anyway off next week! woot! Bicycle Casino it is on Monday for the 12pm tournament!
  9. huh? is this the fantasy football related thing? I knew I was going to lose anyway.
  10. yo peeps! Took the wife to Bruno Mars this weekend at the Forum. Let me tell you what cluster F parking is with the Rams stadium being built across the way! Show was ok. Wife thought it was great. I guess not my thing. Funny line of the night was two big 20 something female millennials saying, "You go chunky girl!" when in fact this girl was smaller than them and yes chunky but still. Same 2 girls thought House Pain - Jump Around was sung by Cypress Hill. I had to shake my head. Only other irritating thing of the night was the young couple in front of us who decided to take about 50 selfies of themselves throughout the show. It was practically 50!
  11. i was trying to post a snoop dog pic but alas nothing.