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  1. Ah, sorry, I was a bit e-mo in my message about the problems with my daughter, then when you didn't respond I thought you don't need my crap too... lol.

    Can't believe they traded Gibby! Wtf!! didn't even hear a rumor in advance or anything..

  2. Could you please check your PM's? Thanks :)

  3. I saw you creepin...lol

  4. That may have not come out right..but it is so you!!LOL!! Yeah I am trying, I pop in here every now and then but I am trying to make it more. There doesn't seem to be too many people around these days..perfect time to take this board back!!LOL!

  5. Beer is very good! So I am still waiting for this message explaining your absense the last...oh forever!!!LOL

  6. I thought you had to go!!Yeah to the OMB!!!LOL!

  7. I know right? Oh well, today is Saturday! And I only know that because someone else told me :P

  8. Oooh your name is back!!! Miss you!!

  9. Well holy crap..look who it is!! You have been missing for like 2 years! :P

  10. Well, I guess that goes to show you how long it had been since I logged in :P

  11. LOL!! That is exactly what I'm talking about! My fav is the grape..but seriously I have a friend in the USA that sends me a few jars when I'm out :P

  12. LOL!!I just noticed people writing these novels that show up on the main forum so I thought I would add my 2 cents :P

  13. Everytime I see your username, I think of Goober..have you heard of it? LOL

  14. Are you even still around? Where did you goooo??

  15. Ooh I didn't even notice that!! How long has that been there? LOL