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  1. Oh gosh a Black man said "rad", only Whites are supposed to talk like that.
  2. Interesting that some people still believe Blacks talk or think one way. Excellent conditioning by the media. I am a diverse Black person, but a certain group of folks in the country don't appreciate my type of diversity.
  3. You got it John! Thats what finally drew me in to see a live game, that aggression and yes including some fighting. Alas, even NHL is not immune to I dunno how I can describe it, "societal pussification" of all sports maybe. I saw flashes of aggression last night, but I wanted to see some punches thrown. Thats the Pro Hockey I used to see on tv a lot as a younger kid.
  4. NO. Why does it always have to be an all or nothing proposition. I don't even really like the UFC much. I want to watch Hockey and see some of the fighting that Hockey had been historically known for within a Pro Hockey game. Its not that I just want to see people brawl of course I know that I could watch Boxing or other Combat Sports for that.
  5. Had a rad time and newly learned that the Sharks are probably not the best team to watch for fights and are perceived as soft. I hope they work to improve in this area and live up to the "tough" perception of a Shark.
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