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  1. Was forced to watch the Duck’s broadcast. Almost lose my **** every time..
  2. Couldn’t tell you mate. This one is at Rabobank against the Condors.
  3. Going to the Cuda game tonight, might tune in for the start of this one. Gonna need more beer.
  4. A good turnout for fans of the good guys tonight. Per usual at the pond from my experiences. Experienced two different Shark teams on the ice tonight, but I’ll take the two points. Btw where the **** did Edmonton come from?
  5. Thanks, bout to crack open the tequila right now 103!
  6. Yessir my girl and I rolled up from LA for a couple of days. She’s half Mexican so I thought this game would be fitting.
  7. They best come out skating tonight cause your boy is up here for the game!
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