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  1. I'm on the board - man they screwed the pooch taking this down for so long! Thanks guys for setting up a new one!
  2. I come for the comments and stay for the disorder, my disappointment is palpable
  3. Any Chance, and i mean ANY should be taken to knock that pansy a$$ off his skates, the way he ducks for cover they don't come around that often, especially in a situation like that where supplemental disciple is unlikely. Well played I say. Well played.
  4. If this was in the backyard, it would be ridiculous, but it's in the front yard, and actually went over part of city property, if I'm a neighbor, and it attracted dozens of kids, this really becomes a park, and yeah, I might have a problem with it too. Yep, Mr Scrooge here, getting ready to wave my cane!
  5. Especially considering the boards were in play, not sure I have an argument on the punishment, this is a type of hit we don't want, late and dangerous, and he had enough time to make the decision to do it, knowing the possibilities. At the time of the hit, he would not have been expecting it, especially from the blind side.
  6. That's great to hear, I'd thought DW handed out those NMC like candy at halloween
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