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  1. Well, you should go to Toronto ASAP then. She's a professor there.
  2. They used to be since they first appeared, but they're now extinct.
  3. All of the remaining ones, obviously.
  4. Have you replaced the battery already?
  5. There are union pensions to fund...
  6. Yeah, the bastards price in Safeway discount.
  7. At least his sister is smoking hot.
  8. Just noticed that Arizona got Zac Rinaldo from the Bruins. I wonder what stat, or what logic caused such a rational GM as Mr. Chayka to get Rinaldo...
  9. In a way she's right, because Rose McGowan & Co. get their scripts from the same source, so they're turncoats in a way. And when the criticism comes from James Woods or Tim Allen, the critics are just ostracized.
  10. The problem is that the Sharks are stacked with "Carpenters" who are very good for 4th line, but are appallingly scarce in the top 6.
  11. So, Tri-Valley seems to have gotten a fire of its own, east of Dublin, in the hills: Dublin Fire Evacuation Dublin residents of Signal Hill Drive Eastbound Cog Hill Drive and Avalina North to Ducale need to evacuate the area now. The Wave at Emerald Glen Park is available as an evacuation site.
  12. I will watch tonight... but not sure if through the end...
  13. Why wouldn't they put the data about the Japanese-Americans that were so badly set back in the WWII, the Chinese, the Indians, and, as much as Corneliu would love it, the Jewish - to test their hypothesis about White suppression against minorities...