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  1. I think there's enough baseball activity around Tri-Valley to develop without that aspect. I want my kids to grow up as atheists like I am.
  2. https://www.mcnealsports.com/judah-baseball.html
  3. No, the LL usually don't allow it within the LL (except that "I trust in God" piece). Ironically, it was TVLL that referred me to that place.
  4. Oh, the local little leagues are fine. This is a private traveling team school, I don't have a problem with them at all. I was referred to them when looking for a fall ball league for my son.
  5. But these are the nuts we don't normally expect in SFBA...
  6. Turns out, not... The coach (Oakland native) also said he's a pastor. Should've suspected that when he was adding "God bless" at the end of each message during the email correspondence we had prior to that.
  7. Yesterday hit something unexpected that I might encounter more frequently in the Tri-Valley. I registered cjelliko for 9U baseball tryouts for a traveling team school. Looked very impressive, ex-AA/AAA head coach. So we come to the tryouts, cjelliko is the smallest boy, but seems to be doing pretty well, and then the HC gathers the parents to give them information, and I hear: 'We're a Christian team, and we pray to the Lord before and after the game.' So I had to approach the coach and tell him cjelliko will not be able to join the team even if he passes the tryout...
  8. Democrats since November are like a dog chasing a truck. They won’t like what happens if they catch it, but they can’t help themselves.
  9. I think Dumas books were part of the Soviet culture even more than they were of the French one.
  10. I wonder if Dougie secretly wishes that someone picks JT and PM and relieves him from deciding on both.
  11. I put Seth Lugo on my fantasy baseball team for tonight.