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  1. I’d come to Russia to try to answer two key questions. The more immediate is how the Kremlin, despite its limitations, pulled off one of the greatest acts of political sabotage in modern history, turning American democracy against itself. And the more important—for Americans, anyway—is what might still be in store, and how far an emboldened Vladimir Putin is prepared to go in order to get what he wants. A lot of buzzwords, and a lot words in general, but to summarize: Clackavoid (n.) The technical term for a single page of script from an Australian soap opera. People who write these things are ignorant about the history of "The Voice Of America", "Radio Freedom" and "Free Europe". The political sabotage is being performed by the pollution of the government created by the POSOTUS specifically and the DNC in general.
  2. The sourpuss is desperate. The Atlantic to NYT is what NYT is to WSJ.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lighthouse_and_naval_vessel_urban_legend
  4. The Senators have a much better POS: Mike Hoffman.
  5. Isn't that what Mueller probe is doing?
  6. So, Nepal is the next one to test Marxism? I wonder if it will be just annexed by China.
  7. Dr San Jose and Mr Sharks. But Dylan Demelo really shows the Sharks aren't that stacked on the D.
  8. Not a winger. But I'd swap Wookie for Karlsson.
  9. How about honest investigating? Are you still convinced that what Mueller is leading is a genuine investigation and not a coup attempt, given the Yates-Strzok-Weissmann connectiions?.. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/08/more-clinton-ties-on-mueller-team-one-deputy-attended-clinton-party-another-repd-top-aide.html
  10. It looks like only Bryan Murray was holding this team together.
  11. Wow, Ottawa Senators are a sad team. Reminds me of Toronto Maple Leafs pre-Matthews era, when they got beaten 0-7 by the Sharks.
  12. That's what the Marxists want - identity politicis. If you're White or Black, R or D, your behavior and opinions are predefined for them. That's how we get that Peter Thiel is not gаy, he just likes to fuсk men. The DNC sold out to these Marxists, so...
  13. More on the sanity drifting from the Western Europe to the Eastern one: Hungary blocked an EU statement on Wednesday (6 December) that was to have voiced "serious concern", diplomatic sources said. The EU statement was to have been issued on behalf of all 28 member states, but due to Hungary's opposition it was downgraded to a statement by EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini only. Meanwhile, the Czech Republic issued its own statement on Wednesday, which said it "recognises Jerusalem to be in practice the capital of Israel". The Czech foreign ministry said its recognition covered only West Jerusalem "in the borders of the demarcation line from 1967", but not East Jerusalem, which contains the city's holy sites and which Israel is meant to share with Palestine according to the EU and UN. "The ministry can start considering moving of the Czech embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem only based on results of negotiations with key partners in the region," it added. The Czech president, Milos Zeman, further blurred the EU line in remarks on Czech TV on Thursday. "It [Trump's decision] makes me truly happy … we may, sooner or later, follow the United States," in moving the Czech embassy he said.
  14. Another evidence of POSOTUS's fallout. Administrative employees are nominally subject to the control of those appointed by politicians who have won elections, but Democrats embedded in the federal bureaucracy have proclaimed themselves part of the “resistance” to President Trump, and are using their positions to undermine his administration. Bureaucrats thus frustrate the will of the voters. President Trump has been in office for nearly a year, and has yet to take control over the federal bureaucracy that nominally reports to him. Any broom that does not preach to violence is fit to sweep the "legacy" to which Corneliu and Co. pray. Massive layoffs and lustration. That's the only way.