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  1. The playoff prediction tournament will take place at the new board.
  2. Maybe you should stick the posting with the address of the new board to the top.
  3. The board has moved. The new location doesn't have censoring issues. http://sjsharks.boards.net Come over!
  4. McCain has been on one side - John McCain's side since losing the primary to Dubya. He did everything he could to let Obama win, and had the what I guess the DNC now call dignity to turn around and blame it on Palin. I don't have anything against Megan McCain - it's her father. The people who use a personal grief for their own benefit are the real assholes here.
  5. this kind of pressure should be a penalty box parade for the pressing team, but Vegas was granted its own rulebook.
  6. The refs are on a mission. The Sharks are called twice as often as they should be, and Vegas about half as often.
  7. Coach Q managed to use Handzus and later Desjardins where McLellan failed. Not to mention Vermette, Richards, Kruger or Bickell. It's interesting how the Chicago SC alumni later fleeced other teams for contracts, Niemi far from being the only instance.
  8. The fact that the pighead can't spell half of the names it is trying to use surely adds a feeling of insight to its statements. DW was reasonable to pass on Q at the time, he tarried for too long with McLellan. Q was hired three months after McLellan as a ... pro scout and only later promoted to coach.
  9. More like "Top-5" of which the author saw in his lifetime. Which isn't much.
  10. I don't like Metallica, but a SO and a rock band has some legacy in it thanks to Deep Purple and Royal Philarmonic
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