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  2. Rat race was a great movie back in the day... Prarie doging
  3. I didn't mind Craig so much but I agree that the Swedish cast was more to what I visualized. My biggest problem with the us version is that they make her seem more vulnerable and weak. You never get that feeling in the Swedish ones, she is just plain badass.
  4. I thought the Swedish would be closer to source, but a few things happen that dont happen in the book. The American version is much faster but is actually closer to the book in some areas.
  5. Watch the Swedish ones first.
  6. Can't believe I forgot about this
  7. That suit alone makes the video hilarious
  8. Yea, I am actually amazed the amount of footage they had available lol. Funny, but my hopes were too high.
  9. I read the title, got my hopes up, and was disappointed they were not actually dancing to it.