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  1. Pōmaika'i my Sharks! Get'em kealoha!

  2. Mahalo Nui my Sharks. Maika'i Pomaika'i!

  3. Best wishes my kealoha!

  4. Am living in Kona, Hawaii now, but I still love my Sharks...hope to see all of the upcoming season's games as I had in the Bay Area. Hele Mai my Sharks!

  5. Best wishes to my Sharks! No matter what happens, you all are No Ka Oe! Mahalo Nui for an unforgettable year...and go get'em Kealoha!

  6. Good luck my Sharks! I know you can do it...I believe in you. Get'em Kealoha!

  7. Mahalo Nui my Sharks...I stayed with you through to the final buzzer! What a thrill!

  8. Best wishes to my Sharks...your 1st playoff game is on my Birthday - best gift ever!

  9. Because of my Sharks, am a huge hockey fan! That's saying a lot for a native islander...

  10. This is the year...of the Sharks!