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  1. Well, good to see you all. Cheers!
  2. all kinds of snow storms in Boston for the visitors.
  3. when did the chatroom get all fancy with popups (I'm on a new laptop). I guess this is what happens when you're away half a season...
  4. I've heard both but today it was people in LA drooling over him (rolls eyes).
  5. Do we want Jacob Trouba? It's all the talk here.
  6. What's this goalie situation we're in? We're not the crappy Jets.... oy vey.
  7. Sounds like I need to put that over ice cream
  8. When I make it down there, Sub is taking me driving with music like that. I just closed my eyes and listened, I love it.
  9. you might like this one though haha
  10. Welcome..going to see them soon..play here every year..still going strong.
  11. A local band..who I think does this song way better than the Stones.
  12. Now that one was funny! Cmon Marbs...Monkees and SD Jr are classics.
  13. And Nola...this one's just for you haha...for your love of the Bay Area
  14. No no, you misunderstood. I don't listen to the radio too often, but I do like top 40 stuff. If I didn't..going to a Britney concert would be silly! Maroon5 and Train in Sept. ..along with Josh Groban (though that's not top 40).