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  1. Well, good to see you all. Cheers!
  2. all kinds of snow storms in Boston for the visitors.
  3. when did the chatroom get all fancy with popups (I'm on a new laptop). I guess this is what happens when you're away half a season...
  4. I've heard both but today it was people in LA drooling over him (rolls eyes).
  5. Do we want Jacob Trouba? It's all the talk here.
  6. What's this goalie situation we're in? We're not the crappy Jets.... oy vey.
  7. From @mirtle: DeBoer admitted Vlasic, Karlsson and Pavelski were playing through injuries of some sort. "They had them, too. It's no excuse."
  8. I didn't think he deserved it entirely. I like Sid..but he wouldn't have gotten my vote at all.
  9. Not angry it's been a really fun year...and look at the great players we have..goalie and all we have for another run. Future is bright ppl! What a great year!!
  10. Imagine if they did the right thing and gave Jones the conn Smythe. Huh.