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  1. Bah hah... found Gloria Gaynor's most famous work, roller disco version!
  2. Thanks for sharing that one. What a nice thing to be reminded of:)
  3. Yep. 80's alt sounds like a good category for it.
  4. End the lockout, NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry!
  5. Sounds like Murray was right.
  6. What's this box and why have I never seen it before?

    1. Fugazi


      Your status update can be posted here. My latest status was how much I like toast. Give it a try and see what responses you can generate.

    2. Defenseman13


      what are squirrels and why haven't I eaten one before

  7. I love McCarthy too but some of his books really are depressing. Blood Meridian made me think twice about reading more of his work. But absolutely a genius with the written word.
  8. No idea where else to put this, but it is sort of related to the Sweden games: San Jose Sharks:"Sharks add preseason game at SAP Arena in Germany against the Adler Manheim Eagles." More here: