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  1. Basically this. Violence begets violence. When one side basically said it was acceptable to use political violence, this was more or less inevitable. What I have really noticed out of all of this is that people on the right or more conservative people are willing to call out the radicals that support their candidates. But the left seems completely unaware of the role they have played and are unwilling to look in the mirror.
  2. No worse than driving from Columbus back to Cleveland after a hockey game
  3. I didn't really see the video from this, but from what I saw, if you are close enough to get hit, you we're not a peaceful protestor. I don't condone what the scumbag did at all, but peaceful protestor rarely put themselves in that position
  4. Just landed in Chicago after a free upgrade to first class. Maybe drinking all of that free booze wasn't the best idea since I still have an hour drive out of Chicago
  5. I think that tells me everything that I need to know.
  6. I used to get excited for the preseason, and then I remembered how useless those games were. It does mean that the regular season is right around the corner though.
  7. It's almost like Jagr doesn't want to play in San Jose...
  8. Only if they still had Patty Marleau.
  9. Assaulting blacks is a hate crime isn't it?
  10. The natural progression is to start brewing your own beer yes?
  11. Ehh, it wasn't that terrible, but it didn't really go anywhere. I had a hard time paying attention the entire time.