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  1. I dunno, I kind of liked these guys
  2. Why root for anyone? I hope they both lose.
  3. What'd I miss around here?
  4. Sure, let's go with the Trump strategy.
  5. Is it good or bad that there was no significant noticable drop off in his play?
  6. Caps in 7 Rangers in 6 Ducks in 5 Preds is 6 New SC winner - Caps Conn Smythe - Rinne, Holtby
  7. I think I remember hearing something about that UFA negotiation period now that you mention it. I would take Patty and Jumbo back at a reasonable price. I think $2mil is really low. I would guess it's more in the $4mil range.
  8. I think they have to be under contract to be exposed to the draft
  9. Expansion draft should make things interesting
  10. I'd feel sick if I were forced to represent Edmonton too
  11. I just want a long tough series that leaves the remaining team bloodied and beaten for the next round. I'm off to cheering for the Sharks east I guess.
  12. Interestingly enough, the Sharks outscored the Oilers in the series.