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  1. Pickles channeled the ghost of Dan Boyle there.
  2. Watching the Sharks from my hotel room in Wenatchee. What a time we live in
  3. Not sure. I'm driving back tomorrow night, but it might be a little late by the time I get in. I fly out around 4pm on Thursday
  4. Are you guys calling someone black?
  5. Among the many fallacies of Obamacare, the one I currently find amusing is that they touted how yearly checkups and preventative maintenance would be free. But if you bring up anything during your annual checkup, insurance companies will just bill that separately. Basically, they will give you a free exam as long as there is nothing wrong with you
  6. Are those Berkeley protesters trying to bring back segregation?
  7. Greetings from Wenatchee!!
  8. You should try to not work so much.
  9. This OT has made for an exciting 6-6 game.
  10. Does it look like I have metal skewer type money??