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  1. I´ve just read the confirmation that the statement that his season is over is bulls*it. He could be back for game 5.
  2. Wish they would destroy PIT 6:0 and send a message.
  3. Yeah, I saw an interview with Polak where he said that they will probably not go to have a coffee next time he (Polak) is in STL .) Looked like Jaskin caught Polak´s knee and that was the reason Polak went mad at him.
  4. Well, I´ve seen both of them play. Polak more than Hertl since he is from Vitkovice. He was always hard working gritty shutdown dman who never give up. But was really weak on offense and slow even for CZ league. Hertl, well... I dont think he will make it to be a superstar. Looks like he lost his game after the Brown injury. But I did not saw a lot of Sharks games this year. It´s a shame really, he was probably our best prospect the year he came to NHL.
  5. Lets go Sharks. Looking forward to this game. I hope Sharks will crush the Blues and Jones will get another shutout. How are Hertl and Polak looking so far? Is Polak still slow and with zero offensive skill?
  6. Great effort by our team. Russians did not expect that .) We are underdogs without any great stars but it could work in our favor.
  7. Hi guys So is this the year? Do Sharks have a chance to finally go all the way? Or will it be another early exit? Unfortunately I dont have much time to watch Sharks games this season but reading articles and watchibg stats and game highlights after each game I get the impression that this team could go deep in SC if everybody stays / get healthy.
  8. Jagr with another 2 goals tonight (and 1 tooth less). God, I like the guy.
  9. I´ve just read it on czech hockey site and I dont know If I like this or not. I´m lifetime fan of Vítkovice, so I watched Polák a lot when he was playing here. He is typical strong shutdown Dman with zero offensive upside and a bit slow. I dont know who Nick Spaling is .)
  10. Well, Gudas is truly his fathers son .) But instead of NHLers, Leo was wrecking russians. 5 games?
  11. Thanks a lot That would be great and I would love to see an NHL game, must be something special. I cant imagine the athosphere of a full NHL arena. Although I guess I would have to bring my own beer to the USA
  12. From my point of view, it´s a painting from an artist I like (and I also like it´s backstory) and not a symbol of a communism. And to be honest, I dont have an averse to communism (nor do I support communists). I dont remember how it was to live in it, I was 3 when our revolution happened and Vaclav Havel was telling how everything will be just great. What I remember though is 20 years of democrats and social democrats plundering our country, selling it to theirs friends and making laws and justice system that suits their needs. But lets just not spoil Christmas mood