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  1. We must of offended the dynamic goalie duo of Jones/ Dell...
  2. They both wear the Golden Knee pads with a little fudge on their noses
  3. The curse of Dean Lombardi lives on :)….One bright season was the first playoff series vs Detroit, Then they should of beat Toronto if Ozlinish does pass on a 3 on 1 with Larinov & Marakov, Then If I recall Wendall Clark scores & that was it, But a fun playoff series to be at
  4. I had season tickets back then, Didn't the 8th seed Anaheim Ducks knock out the Sharkies in round 1...
  5. Don't forget Vegas played last night with Subban in goalie, So this where the Sharks gag out a fur ball & don't show up
  6. McClellan, McLellan who cares Professor, He didn't win a Stanley Cup in SJ or even take them to the Finals, Coach Q was hired right after DW passed on him & went on to win 3 Cups. Don't get your hopes up coach Q ain't coming here, He wants to win another cup not become a runner up. San Jose Sharks= Buffalo Bills
  7. DW Passed on Coach Q Before he hired McClellan, Then Coach Q had to go & win 3 Cups. DW doesn't want coaches who yell at the boys because it will hurt their feelings, He likes the soft spoken coaches
  8. Well The Sharks did just play the Jets & nothing happened, at least inside the arena.
  9. That was nice of you. Now what are you going to do with the rest of the money you FOUND?
  10. Time for the league to Drug Test Thornton..... Not for Geritol
  11. He doesn't have people to do that? Like Charles Johnson majority Giants owner
  12. No the Sharks did not get a penalty when the Ref hit Wheeler in the face.
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