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  1. Several years ago a majority of the people voted to have and tax medical cannabis dispensaries in San Jose. The city then turned around and tried to zone the dispensaries out of existence while they push measure B to compensate for all the lost income from the dispensaries being shut down. OUTRAGEOUS No on B Yes on C Now itr has come out that the "torrent of complaints" about dispensaries was just one business throwing fits over their neighbors at 88 tully rd. You don't close over 100 businesses because of one bad apple. Those closed businesses and their employees deserve compensation from the city.
  2. Albuquerque baby returns home after starting cannabis treatment
  3. Yes on San Jose's Measure C public service announcements will air tomorrow Wed. June1 on KLIV once an hour & on 4 unspecified times on KRTY
  4. San Jose it's not too late to register to vote at the Registar of Voters office 1555 Berger Dr, Bldg 2 until June 7th.
  5. What the city is doing is paving the way for the black market to re-emerge. Silicon valleys patients are not going to tolerate waiting in long lines for crappy overpriced meds. They are going to return to the black market.
  6. Cannabis is an effective treatment for PTSD we need to re-legalize it federally so our vets can have safe access.
  7. This is us Respect those who have sacrificed so we may live relatively free. T This memorial day I have now lived long enough that most of the people i have loved have are now only memories
  9. The greatest living trumpet player Wynton Marsalis Dead Man Blues Wishing the blues legs b like lead bars their arms flail spastically and their vision be blurred and double. May the blues get no goals in the Silicon Valley today
  10. our goal keeping has been extrordinare !!! keep it up and crunch our way to the cup!!!

  11. i swear some times it feels as if i have become the king of pain insane from the pain of it all
  12. Everybody should vote yes on measure C to fix the unworkable areas of the cities medical cannabis codes. The city has given away mini monopolies and the remaining dispensaries and city are behaving badly. The way things are now the new city regs have not even been fully implemented yet and the whole system is failing. There is no access to virtually any dispensaries via public transit. Many dispensaries have jacked prices to the max while product quality is falling. Many dispensaries are not able to keep sufficient products in stock. Many dispensaries are not able to make all products on site. For all practical purposes that is impossible. Lines and waits of up to and over an hour have been developing because the dispensaries are over burdened. The zoning regs, the closed loop fantasy. the fine scheme or scam are the worst parts. Most of the dispensaries that still exist want desperately to keep the new city regs because they give them monopolies. That is how they can get away with jacking the prices and poor service and quality. Measure C fixes much of what is wrong. It may not be perfect but the regs as they are now are untenable. It will bring back the benefits of free trade competition. Also at issue is a great amount of people were put out of work by the closing of over 100 clubs. They deserve compensation.
  13. Like I've been telling the preds fans David Crockett can't bail them out of this one
  14. Vikings - Theme Song Give us more goals Sharksters !!! Bring home the Stanley Cup !!!!
  15. She is only 5 foot nothing but one of the most powerful female blues vocalists out there Carolyn Wonderland ~Only God Knows When~ LIVE IN AUSTIN TEXAS Carolyn Wonderland Performs "Palace Of The King" on The Texas Music Scene