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  1. Music Thread Redux

  2. Music Thread Redux

    The greatest living trumpet player Wynton Marsalis Dead Man Blues Wishing the blues legs b like lead bars their arms flail spastically and their vision be blurred and double. May the blues get no goals in the Silicon Valley today
  3. our goal keeping has been extrordinare !!! keep it up and crunch our way to the cup!!!

  4. Music Thread Redux

    i swear some times it feels as if i have become the king of pain insane from the pain of it all
  5. Music Thread Redux

    Vikings - Theme Song Give us more goals Sharksters !!! Bring home the Stanley Cup !!!!
  6. Music Thread Redux

    She is only 5 foot nothing but one of the most powerful female blues vocalists out there Carolyn Wonderland ~Only God Knows When~ LIVE IN AUSTIN TEXAS Carolyn Wonderland Performs "Palace Of The King" on The Texas Music Scene
  7. Music Thread Redux

    Nathan dances to live accordion music! Hairless Dancing Nathan : Uptown Funk
  8. Music Thread Redux

    She is 6 ft tall and insanely talented and versatile chantuese. i am a huge fan of Storm
  9. Music Thread Redux

    just what i needed Bring Me To Life
  10. Music Thread Redux

    amado mio I've got u under my skin
  11. Music Thread Redux

    Jon Gomm - Passionflower Jon Gomm - High and Dry
  12. Music Thread Redux

    Groovejuice - Cafe Prague (full length)
  13. Music Thread Redux

    This is cute. Baby Marley: Little Boy Does His Best Impersonation Of Bob Marley!
  14. Music Thread Redux

    Excerpt from a song facts interview with JT's Ian Anderson re the eagles and hotel california Ian: It was a piece of music that we were playing around the time… I believe it was late '71, maybe early '72 when we were on tour and we had a support band who had been signed up for the tour, and subsequently, before the tour began, had a hit single. The song, I believe, called "Take It Easy." And they were indeed the Eagles. We didn't interact with them very much because they were countrified laid back polite rock, and we were a bit wacky and English and doing weird stuff. And I don't think they liked us, and we didn't much like them. There was no communication, really, at all. Just a polite observance of each other's space when it came to sound checks and show time. But they probably heard us play the song, because that would have featured in the sets back then, and maybe it was just something they kind of picked up on subconsciously, and introduced that chord sequence into their famous song "Hotel California" sometime later. But, you know, it's not plagiarism. It's just the same chord sequence. It's in a different time signature, different key, different context. And it's a very, very fine song that they wrote, so I can't feel anything other than a sense of happiness for their sake. And I feel flattered that they came across that chord sequence. But it's difficult to find a chord sequence that hasn't been used, and hasn't been the focus of lots of pieces of music. It's harmonic progression is almost a mathematical certainty you're gonna crop up with the same thing sooner or later if you sit strumming a few chords on a guitar. There's certainly no bitterness or any sense of plagiarism attached to my view on it, although I do sometimes allude, in a joking way, to accepting it as a kind of tribute. It's a bit like this tribute Rolex that I'm wearing.
  15. Music Thread Redux Did The Eagles copy Jethro Tull, what do U think ?