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  1. Pliny in my hand pre-gaming blocks away! Fk the Vegas fans all walking by
  2. Not really. No inside meaning, I just come from an era when everything had a short nickname. Two initials that just go together phonetically iwas an automatic nickname! Vegas Gee Kays!
  3. .. thanks to the thread starter, I’ve been calling Vegas the ‘GKs’ all day... maybe for the rest of the year..
  4. Lefty-righty thing also going on. man, wish I could play guitar. I was trippin out seeing Annette Funicello pushing peanut butter again. remember that as a kid?
  5. RIP **** Dale. Here he is 'legit' with Stevie Ray Vaughan, letting us peek at a different era in California.
  6. hell yea I'm heading down for THIS game. Anticipating to see angry Malcom-Jamaal tonight in the Vegas crease. We have a chance! maybe Fleury & E Karlsson can buddy-visit a SJ Asian day-spa today to get their groins rubbed.
  7. Toronto apparently has a plan for moving Marleau back to SJ for final year of that contract.
  8. I'll allow ironic humor to overshadow your irrational/meritless claim regarding Sharks development system.
  9. you stated Roy is an ‘impediment to player development’. Given Sharks Org has been one of the most successful NHLteams over the past 20 seasons, about to reach the post-season for the 14th time in the last 15 seasons - how has DW accomplished sustained roster strength with such a terrible farm team coach?
  10. That is an opinion. Do you have any Roy Sommer graphs or pie charts to help your opinion become persuasive?
  11. I think you're in jeopardy of missing the REAL hockey point - when you insist to nitpick on minor words.
  12. I paid $14 for a draft IPA at the Barracuda game yesterday, Twice. Same price, same tap as during the Shark game. My ticket was ten bucks. Saw Ulf Dahlen's son play for the first time (made me feel old), he's really small and not ready for the show at all. 6'5" Alex True might be the Sharks 4C next season?? True was pretty slick & shifty for 6'5". Leading Cuda scorer.
  13. First, it's REALLY nice Sharks have 3 pretty steady/strong insert-able #5-6 D-men in the Org right now. Kind of rare. DeMelo was good but became expendable, Ryan came in seamlessly after DeMelo was off to Ott. Then Heed started playing a lot of minutes after Vlasic needed a break and Karlsson was in & out. Now Simek has come in proving to be a strong undrafted euro signing. Heed is just as steady, strong at skating as those two IMO, but Heed's main problem in SJ is that he shoots right, and so does Burns, Braun & Karlsson. So I think Simek and then Ryan (both shoot L) could have a better fit long term in SJ. Heed is already age 28. Simek 26 and Ryan 25. Interesting all three of these guys played seasons with the Barracuda and then came up to find a quick fit. Is uncle Roy the 'blueline whisperer' down there now?
  14. Donkey gripping his stick a bit too tightly these days.. “Hold on loosely, but don’t let go, if you cling too tightly, Yo gonna loose, loose control!..” - 38 Special, 1978
  15. This is 20,000 david letterman bobble heads sitting in a Hong Kong wherehouse for 2 cents each. Sharks marketing couldn’t resist. If that looks like Jonas Donskoi, I’ll eat my sharks hat.
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