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  1. How messed up is our country when the SCOTUS has to give the executive brach permission to detain/deport illegal immigrants who have been convicted of crimes and done time in jail/prison...
  2. You can only take that so far though. I don’t care how good of a leader you are; if your own team is actively sabotaging you there isn’t a path to success. And yes, good strong leaders sometimes get sabotaged by others for purely personnal reasons that have nothing to do with leadership skills. That being said, I think Trump is a terrible leader.
  3. Agree 100%. I respect McCains military service but he was a train wreck his last two years in the senate. He, Corker and Flake hated Trump so much they actually changed from previously held positions and voted against Trump just to damge him. Obama care and illegal immigration to specifically name a couple. Its painful to see McCains daughter running around saying how great he was...no, he was the epitomy of what is wrong with DC’s deep state politics.
  4. Just got done watching it...looked like a preview of the Sharks upcoming first round loss to Vegas. The way they’re playing now I assume it will be an away series.
  5. I’m in Carolina so the game doesn’t start until late. I’ll watch it tomorrow...confidence level is low. Go Sharks!
  6. Is it a guy? If so, you don’t ask...you tell them that men watch hockey so put it on! If its a lady...then no advice for that mine field
  7. I like Simeks game better...but I thought Ryan did as well as could be expected last night.
  8. Yep, just like when he violated his oath and the law by marrying *** people. The true believers of the alt-left don’t care about the law, voters, etc if it conflicts with what they know is best for you...regardless of what you actually think. And before anyone bash's me for being anti-***...I could care less about *** marriage. My issue is him violating his oath. If you can’t follow your oath due to your conscience; I admire that...but then you should quit your office, not violate your oath to uphold the law.
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