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  1. Patrick Marleau is likely to finish 2nd all time in GWGs .
  2. Paul Maurice really is the Jeff Fisher of the NHL. Some early success at a young age, followed by failure and one fluke season with the '09 Canes, followed by more mediocrity.
  3. Marleau is on pace for 29 goals. Hmm.
  4. This is a non-argument, since he is a UFA after this year. Not only that, but guys far worse than him are traded every year.
  5. Disagree. If Dillon is included in the deal, and Wingels is subsequently off the roster, they would have space.
  6. Saw something stating San Jose was among five or six teams being linked to having interest in Duchene. Would Meier, Tierney, Dillon be enough?
  7. Schlemko already amongst the best UFA signings of DW's career.
  8. That penalty by Martin is the kind of penalty that a player who has clearly lost a step has to take. At some point, Schlemko needs to move up to the 2nd pairing to replace him.
  9. Also, zero reason to not start Dell tonight. Poor form by DeBoer.
  10. Over 1/3 of the way through the regular season, and Joe Thornton has two goals on the year, both of which were empty net goals.
  11. Also, at least LA sucks.
  12. Gotta think the Meier call up is imminent.
  13. San Jose was one more Tampa win from playing these guys in the finals.