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  1. "I own you Doug Wilson" - Burns' agent
  2. If Burns leaves San Jose, DW should follow him out.
  3. Death, taxes, San Jose getting embarrassed at Madison Square Garden.
  4. It worked out terribly for both Chicago and Pittsburgh.
  5. Was Jarnkrok held at gun point when he signed that? Another awesome by Nashville.
  6. I do not really see the argument as to why they cannot afford to keep him. On a side note, I wonder if Patrick would still waive his NMC to head to the Rangers? Doug would probably want to fill his career long fantasy to reunite Nash and Thornton, but if you could somehow pry McDonagh (and his great contract as well) for Patrick and a bunch more, that would be fantastic.
  7. I would agree that it is pretty debatable if Brassard is even better, but even if he is, I think it is marginal. If you are Ottawa though, what the **** is the rush such that you cannot wait to find out what Zibanejad could become? And it is not as if Zibanejad is stalling per say, having improved his point totals every year he has been in the NHL. Even if Ottawa is a playoff team, and I do not think they are, they are getting skunked in the 1st round against whomever they play, If a more veteran team such as Chicago or Anaheim makes this move, you can at least sorta accept the overpayment if it puts you over the top. Then again though, this is the same team that willingly traded for Phaneuf, so who knows.
  8. How'd Marleau do?
  9. Considering you probably watched maybe two or three regular season games all year, before hopping back on the band wagon during the playoffs, you are not really in a strong position to comment. Dillon was terrible in the playoffs, and anyone watching would see this. The boxscores actually fail to capture how awful he was. This is not really debatable point.
  10. In his two seasons in Dallas, Demers had 12 goals and 45 points in only 123 GP, and was a +19 while averaging around 20 minutes a night. This past season, he was playing 21 minutes a night and was a +16. He was a very solid 2nd pairing defenseman. Dillon since being traded to San Jose, has a grand total of 4 goals and 20 points, while posting a -3 and averaging around 17-18 minutes a night. This past season, despite being a +8, he saw his ice time dip from 20 minutes a night to under 17, largely because he was so overwhelmed and awful against top six forwards in a top four role (side note: I wonder how much of Burns' success is because he get far away from Dillon). This "improvement" is driven more by whom he was playing against than any real uptick in Dillon's performance. He is a 5th or 6th defenseman, and a pretty bad one at that. How anyone could say San Jose won that trade is really funny. The weed is pretty good here in Washington, but not that good. And the idea of Dillon being on the upswing, when in the playoffs he was a -5 (and that undersells just how badly San Jose was outshot whenever he was on the ice forcing Jones to bail him out repeatedly) with 0 goals and 2 points despite barely playing 15 minutes a night is rather perplexing.
  11. He does not have any type of NTC or NMC.
  12. I have tried to black out the whole Wallin experience.
  13. I realize Kunts does not like Marleau, which is fine, but based on Marleau's acceptable teams list from last year (LA, Anaheim, NYR), NYR is the destination where DW would trade him. i doubt the Rangers are interested at that salary. That leaves buy-out as the only other option, and I just do not see that happening. Ergo, unless Marleau limits his no-trade list, he is finishing next season in San Jose.
  14. Was thinking the same thing, but to be fair, I bet most of those CSN/FSN hacks are in the same boat.