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  1. By all accounts, the Bollig signing is for the Cuda. From what I read (no way of knowing if this is true), the Stockton team was incredibly physical, so to the extent this helps protect the younger players, it makes sense. Would put the over/under of NHL games played by Bollig at 5 in 2017-2018.
  2. This is more disappointing than Marleau leaving if we are being honest.
  3. It's a strange contract, to say the least. Assuming there is no major move to be made, the only way this team even approaches last year's squad is if Jones' save percentage climbs much closer to .920, and the younger players take significant steps forward. If those things don't happen, I'd expect a mediocre season. So given that, why do you break the bank (even if it s only 1 year) to bring back Thornton -- (who is still very good)? Also, the full NMC + the high base make him borderline untradeable in the event the team is bad, no?
  4. You probably watched more of Toronto than I did. But from afar, Marleau had 10 more points than Brown last year, and almost certainly spent a lot more time on the powerplay to boot. I thought Brown looked pretty good in the Caps series. Put it this way, even if he really does play with Auston, I'll be stunned (not LordNelson stunned with Marleau made Team Canada in 2014 mind you) if he approaches the 27 goal mark he hit last year. Even if he does, how much credit would go to playing with Mathews? If it's the majority, why do you need to pay $6.5 mil for that? Why not just sign Mike Cammalleri and go after Shattenkirk? Obviously you're going to have to give up some assets to obtain a like Duchene. Would Meier, next year's first, and another prospect (likely on defense) or pick get it done? I think I'm higher on Duchene than most, and lower on the following two, but would Hertl, Meier, and a 1st be that big of an overplay? (The injury history of Hertl and his lack of production away from JT is really concerning. While Meier has some potential, but I was pretty unimpressed last year).
  5. As currently constructed, but I would be surprised if they do not make a big addition at forward. And on that note, I think that the cost to acquire Duchene is probably less than we'd generally expect for a player of his caliber such that I think that's the best short and long term move DW could make this offseason. Additionally, it won't happen, but fleecing the Habs on a Pavelski - Galchenyuk centered deal would not be far behind.
  6. It's really only a luxury if you use the money to drastically improve your team -- e.g. by signing someone such as Shattenkirk (he's actually making less per year than Marleau!).
  7. Just an insane contract by Toronto. Paying a borderline 2nd liner that kind of coin. San Jose totally in the right to stay far, far away.
  8. Pittsburgh in 7
  9. Nashville in 6 Pittsburgh in 6 Stanley Cup: Pittsburgh Conn Smythe: Malkin / Rinne
  10. The idea that Edmonton's window is wide open for years to come is one of the biggest media misnomers currently running.
  11. I really doubt Thornton signs at 4 million per year or less. I would think it would be somewhere closer to 5, although the injury certainly muddies this estimate. If I'm right on those figures, I'd let him walk. 2 years 9 mil is about as high as I'd go. Real question though, if you are Thornton, why do you want to resign with San Jose? Barring anything drastic, Edmonton, Anaheim, and Calgary are clearly above San Jose heading into next season in the Pacific. Nashville, Chicago, and at least one of Minnesota, St. Louis, and Dallas are likely above them in the Central. I just do not see a clear path to winning a Cup here. Regarding Marleau, his market will certainly not be as bullish as Thornton's, so signing closer to 4 mil feels more plausible. Would you give him a 3rd year and see if he takes less per year? He should be good for around 15-25 goals (depending on PP time), and 35-40 points. Those are slightly better than Joel Ward numbers who currently makes 3 mil. Factoring in inflation, and you get somewhere around 3.5-4.5 (tops) per year. I'd welcome him back at the low end of that range. Also, regarding his market, it seems as though it's essentially limited to the California teams plus the Rangers, which in theory should help San Jose if they want him back. As others have suggested, I'd certainly explore kicking the tires on moving Pavelski. You can already see his game slowing down, and after having one of the more cush jobs in the NHL as JT's right hand man, I think we've clearly seen his apex. For all the talk of him being this playoff warrior, he has gone through long stretches where he invisible yet never really gets called on it (as opposed to say Marleau). Marc Bergevin likes to make stupid trades, if he offers Galchenyuk and perhaps a pick for Pavelski, don't you have to do that if you are the San Jose? I'm not sure if San Jose can get a better season from Schlemko than the one they just received, but I am 100% on board with jettisoning Martin and giving his minutes to Schlemko. Ideally Ryan or Demelo would be a cheap option on the bottom pairing. I'd also really consider moving Hertl. His injury history scares the **** out of me, and his production away from Thornton just has not been there. I thought his playoff performance was pretty underwhelming, but obviously you have to factor in the injury. At best I see him as a high end second line player, who you can never depend on to stay healthy. I fear his career goes the way of Michalek -- good but not great -- and if you can him now for a strong return, you are better off for it.
  12. Do we have the historical winners? I feel as though I'm either going for my 3rd title like the best player of his generation, Sidney Crosby, or my 4th title, like the most overrated player of his generation, Jonathan Toews.
  13. Rangers in 5 Penguins in 7 Predators in 6 Anaheim in 7 Stanley Cup: Penguins Conn Smythe: Malkin / Josi
  14. I'm in favor of removing Doug Wilson -- 14 years is a pretty long time with 0 titles to show for it -- but you'll only see real changes if the entire scouting department is re-built as well. As an example, it is embarrassing how much better Anaheim has been at drafting and development than San Jose, given that they generally draft in the same area. So as I type that, I'd probably put Burke ahead of DW in terms of being worse at their current job, but I don't see Burke going anywhere while DW is here.
  15. I thought the 4th line played very well for the 3rd time in 4 games...