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  1. What hppens to the pet who might be out in the garage while the car is spewing deadly fumes.
  2. Have him smile...if his teeth are's Dylan...
  3. CEDAR CITY, Utah – A Utah Highway Patrol trooper remains in serious condition after he was hit by a vehicle while responding to a car accident on Interstate 15 near Cedar City Monday afternoon. At about 3 p.m., UHP received a report of a crash near mile marker 58. The responding trooper found a white Ford passenger car had hydroplaned and collided with the cable barriers alongside the freeway, according to a press release from Cedar City police. As Trooper David Schiers was outside his car investigating the crash a black BMW struck the Ford, according to the news release. “The force of this collision caused the Ford passenger car to strike the trooper,” the release stated. “The Ford was pushed on top of the trooper.” The dashcam video below shows Schiers talking to the driver in the Ford vehicle when the BMW slides out of control and crashes into the car and trooper. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The ultimate driving machine!
  4. Newborn dies day after parents tragically killed in hit-run crash on way to hospital – cops ID driver March 4, 2013 | 1:16pm AFTERMATH: Police officers investigate the wreckage yesterday in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, where a hit-and-run driver in a gray BMW (bottom right) broadsided a black Toyota livery cab (top) driven by Pedro Nunez Delacruz, who was badly battered in the smashup. Photo:
  5. Posted without comment...
  6. How many push ups do you need to attain that title?
  7. How do we shut you off?
  8. Birds of a feather.....flock together...
  9. Edible chocolate chess pieces for players in training:
  10. Your move CJ:
  11. Hey...finally a legitimate use of ejusdem farinae....
  12. No I haven't .......the average tournament chess match is 40 moves...not sure where you are getting this 5 hour stuff?
  13. Doesn't a sport require some physical exertion and strength prior to and during the event? Cooking an apple pie requires more physical effort...
  14. Jim And The Povolos – CO2 Lyrics Carbon dioxide, CO2 Where does it come from and what does it do? It's a chemical compound, it's all around Trees breathe it in and we breathe it out So why is that bad? (What's wrong with that?) The problem is that we're producing too much of it Like when you turn on a car (CO2) You take a long shower (CO2) See that smokestack? (CO2) A coal power-plant burns C-O-O, let's add an L to that From sea, oh, to shining sea Altogether we can make the globe a little more cool... Now when CO2 sits in the air Traps heat from the sun in the atmosphere And it puts a mighty strain on the delicate globe You can sit and complain but you gotta have hope 'Cause it dirties up the water (CO2) The planet's getting hotter (CO2) Tell your son and daughter about (CO2) Write your senator a letter about C-O-O, let's add an L to that From sea, oh, to shining sea Altogether we can make the globe a little more cool... You can lose sleep over CO2 But here's a couple things that we can do Recycle at home or plant a tree Or take a shorter shower and turn down the AC Supe up your roof with solar panels Turn down the heat and put on a flannel Or bring your own bags to the grocery store Or get around town in a hybrid car When you're heading to work or cruising to school You can ride your bike and you can drive carpool Carpool, carpool, carpool, carpool... C-O-O, let's add an L to that From sea, oh, to shining sea Altogether we can make the globe a little more cool...
  15. You noticed..