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  1. mean equal pay for unequal duties doesn't work....who would have much for the lIberals so called "living wage" crusade.
  2. NO ...the current president ran on the premise of comporate America being evil unproductive leeches and didn't put that forward as his personal philosophy
  3. The failed experiment to bolster the middle class in Socialist Greece should give him a hint how well it works...and to a lesser extent Obamas progressive agenda for the United States the past 6 years and the shrinking middle class income over the same period.
  4. What part about Socialisms vanishing middle class do you not get?
  5. Where is Alobar....he never much liked hearing those stats?
  6. What hppens to the pet who might be out in the garage while the car is spewing deadly fumes.
  7. Don't forget the 70's and global cooling...
  8. Have him smile...if his teeth are's Dylan...
  9. Yeah...Obama has no problem with that one..
  10. The flag does not necessarily have racial overtonoes....the hell you say.
  11. He needs to check with Pimp for the antidote for that malady...
  12. Meanwhile.... the murder rate for blacks shows no signs of tapering off... Hey wait....somethings missing...
  13. Don't forget....they can augment their studies with special credit courses in licking the tops of donuts while doing your thesis on hate Americans...