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  1. Sure why not. Who do you think we should use as a guinea pigneon? Cowboy or GTB?
  2. Crosby wins MVP of the tournament. Who didn't see that coming It's time to dump this thread to the gallows of page 274
  3. Joe Thornton still has the tools to play the game. Old man in a young kids game
  4. It sure in the hell is easier for me. I say two thumbs up
  5. The we will remain anonymous and I just can't allow the graphic language in the joke Carry on
  6. We're not allowing that
  7. NHL Player Safety ✔@NHLPlayerSafety Montreal’s Andrew Shaw suspended three preseason games for boarding Washington’s Connor Hobbs.
  8. Are we playing Fantasy Hockey this year. The season starts in 13 days
  9. Hampus Lindholm Is looking for an 8-year contract worth at minimum $48 million from the Anaheim Ducks.