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  1. WTF Jason McCallum‏@JMacSC After watching replays on highlights for @RAIDERS vs @Chiefs - I am convinced that the pass from Carr to Cooper hit NBC's spider cam wire.
  2. It was the cold weather, a lousy game plan of dink and dunk with receivers not open and missed opportunities when getting turnovers in the KC Red zone. Overall a very poor team effort against a team breathing down your throat in the standings
  3. Well that sucked. The Chiefs will lose a couple of games before the season is over. Till then the Raiders are still in a playoff position
  4. They can't keep wasting opportunities .
  5. They suck unless you have a 3D or 4K tv
  6. Color rush unis, another NFL gimmick
  7. Wrong mush Danville
  8. Oh we'll drink more than one
  9. Minnesota Wild head coach Bruce Boudreau believes that goaltender Devan Dubnyk isn't getting the credit he deserves this season because he isn't on a big market team. "If he (Dubnyk) was in Toronto there'd be no Carey Price. I'm saying media-wise."
  10. Thanks MF for getting the tickets. The anticipation is killing me.
  11. Former NHLer Scott Gomez commented on the possibility of coaching someday. "I hated so many coaches, I almost have to coach to see. Who knows if I’ll be that bad, too.”
  12. An hour to go 19 miles? That's fucked up
  13. NEW YORK (December 8, 2016) -- National Hockey League Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly today released the following statement regarding the office actions issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on the applications to register the name Vegas Golden Knights: “We are currently reviewingý the Trademark Office's letter and will prepare a detailed response demonstrating why we continue strongly to believe the Vegas Golden Knights mark should be registered in co-existence with the college registration, just as a number of other nicknames currently co-exist in professional and college sports (particularly where there is no overlap as to the sport for which the nickname is being used). That response is not due until June 7, 2017. “We consider this a routine matter and it is not our intention to reconsider the name or logo of this franchise. We fully intend to proceed as originally planned, relying on our common law trademark rights as well as our state trademark registrations while we work through the process of addressing the question raised in the federal applications.”