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  1. My major hope for tonight's game is Jones. So far after every shaky game he's been stellar, here's to hoping he'll do it again...
  2. Yes!!!!!! F the smug Penguins!!!!! Jones stole this one ... can the Sharks actually be the better team in game 4?
  3. A slight majority of experts overall have predicted a Sharks SC victory. A quick analysis of a few experts who predicted for the Pens: “I’ve picked against the Sharks, and with the Penguins, in each series thus far, so I’m going to stick with the horse that got me here.” In other words “I was wrong about the Sharks three times so I can’t possibly be wrong again” … next expert, please! “In a lot of ways I think this matchup is very similar to the Penguins' second round series with the Washington Capitals.” Nope! The Craps were more like the Sharks of 2009. I watched two of those games and the Craps looked nothing like this year’s Sharks. “The Penguins' speed may give them a slight edge.” Now here’s an argument I respect. The Sharks’ Achilles heel is awfully timed turnovers. They even allowed a few in game 6 against the Blues, but the Blues weren’t fast enough to capitalize. My counter argument: defence wins championships. And the Shark’s defence is better.
  4. I'm torn between Sharks in 5 or 6, but since I underestimated the Pens in the last round: Sharks in 6 By the way, for anybody who's really sure the Sharks will win, there's money to be made ... for some reason, despite the majority of experts picking the Sharks, betting odds favor the Pens
  5. Congrats to cmhshark for posting the best GDT ever! Congrats to Seattle__Sam! Your nonsensical whining about Marleau led to one of the best games of his life! Congrats to Tarasenko for playing like a house on fire for about 5 minutes ... and thank you to him for not doing that earlier! Most of all congrats to the Sharks for keeping their foot on the gas for 60 minutes ... past Shark teams would've collapsed in the final 5 minutes after Tarasenko got that second goal
  6. We know the Sharks can win this ... only question that remains: will they?
  7. So far it's been the most boring final I've watched anyway. And I've watched almost all of them in the past 15 years or so.
  8. "Goaltender Jake Allen provided the momentum change the St. Louis Blues were looking for in game 4..." BS, the Sharks provided the momentum change through overconfidence. After the Blues didn't score for 2 1/2 games, Sharks acted as if they were impervious to any Blues scoring attempts. Jumbo's lazy pass that led to the SHG was a perfect example.
  9. I'm gonna try calling this one even though I got the last one completely wrong. Blues have had too many quality chances to not score in this one. They will actually score first. Allen's new guy on the block charm will last for 2 periods but the Sharks will finally break through in the 3rd and win 2-1.
  10. Talbot was actually not bad and the reason they won. At least the Canadian coach had enough sense to switch goaltenders after the 2nd period.
  11. I Yep, I take my post-period words back ... at least Canada did us the favor of bringing their crap goaltenders
  12. Sheesh this is a Turkey shoot (USA vs Canada) ... I didn't expect anything else of course ... but it pains me that Corey Perry is getting even a few ounces of post-season satisfaction. Hopefully the Finns will take care of him :-d
  13. I hope but more likely Sharks score 2 quick goals in the 1st then get foot off the gas syndrome, game ends 4-3 for Sharks or Blues in OT
  14. Commentators who say East is as strong as West this year clearly haven't been watching. The Islanders wouldn't have even made the playoffs in the West, much less the second round. And the Penguins' victory was more about the Caps sucking than Pittsburgh ruling. Also, Vasilevskiy is just as good as Bishop, I still think the Lightning will win in 6.