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  1. Hey does anyone know what the GGIII Banner up in the tank rafters is for? Last time I was at the SAP center, someone told me the Sharks put it up after they have a had a Good Game? Pretty excited for the home opener on Oct 12 and the banner raising. I think there will be 2 new banners put up 2016 Western Conference Champions and Stanley Cup Final Participant I think there will be a player number retired as well -4 Dillon
  2. CBF thought the Canada Fitness Test was a sport when he got a participation pin for his crafty work in the shuttle run. He traded it to the fat kid at recess along with a Dr Randy Gregg hockey card for a bronze patch. Impressive work for a lad with a future bum knee and bean counter mindset. That is big picture thinking
  3. This thread is a sport. It is mentally exhausting to read.
  4. How about the 1982 Canucks playoff towel waving...completely voluntary after Coach Roger waved it two games prior. Plus everyone in Vancouver wanted a nice white $4.50 towel instead of those ugly Nuck's Jersey's that Thomas Gradin designed. Put that in your pipe didn't even have a team in 1982 did you?
  5. I thought Sam's head was the world's largest round building? Or maybe it was dilly's...