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  1. Hey does anyone know what the GGIII Banner up in the tank rafters is for? Last time I was at the SAP center, someone told me the Sharks put it up after they have a had a Good Game? Pretty excited for the home opener on Oct 12 and the banner raising. I think there will be 2 new banners put up 2016 Western Conference Champions and Stanley Cup Final Participant I think there will be a player number retired as well -4 Dillon
  2. The 2016-17 Schedule has been released. Even though the Sharks call their ticket package Sharks365, next year's schedule doesn't include any games after May 10th. Mystery Link to the Sharks schedule|SJS|home To become a exclusive member of the Sharks090 experience leave your contact info on this super secure web form and some 18 year old will call and email you 35 times a day.
  3. I have confirmed that Nick Spaling should have another L in his name and possibly has an extra K.. He really should be following the double consonant rule. I think it affected his play or maybe it effected his play. In any event, he was actually playing in the last 5 minutes of a SCF game with the season on the line when the team was down a goal, which is maybe more shocking than the missing L or the extra K. Either way, I could tell by the way Danny pronounced his name that it is definitely missing.
  4. I don't think so, the Sharks think they are still playing. Polack and Dillon just caught up to the HBK line yesterday in the second period of Game 2. Next week, Dougie is going to have Nieto run around the outside of SAP Center backwards as fast as he can to see if they can jump to an alternative universe or Elon Musk's creator's PC SIM game where Polak and Dillon can stay in position and complete a pass to the guys in the same jersey color they are wearing.
  5. They aren't really my Kings Subber. I merely pointed out long ago back when you were little lad and guns had not yet arrived in Concord that they were destined for a cup or two. As far as I can tell So Cal is up 3 nil in the Silver Trophy category over Nor Cal and it might be another Jubilee before the aging, slow and bearded teal dragons make their way back to the promised land given the 3 titans fell in the west in the first round this year and the rise of the Jim Nill's with Breezgalla possibly between the red things. The real good news for all the dire hards and blow hards on this site is that Peter "Did Not Qualify" Deboring usually follows up a Stanley Cup Finals appearance with a season for the ages.
  6. Injuries are not an excuse but the amount of broken v a g's, double sports hernia's and the fact that juicy played his entire career with 4 wisdom teeth growing out of the front of his mouth is downright unfair. Almost like the Pens were cheating. Clearly TPain Daly was healthy enough to hoist the big silver thing. Sully left him off the Finals roster because of white privilege. At the final home game when Juicy came close the Pens bench at the right angle facing the Flower, I think I saw a double or triple rainbow. Of course that might have been Jarret Stoll's magic 8 ball combined with the motel six home tapes of his BFF talking.
  7. Really? I would think more PP’s would have benefited the Pens? They had the vastly superior PK numbers while both the PP’s were basically even. In any event the Sharks did not have the puck enough to actually warrant taking/calling a penalty. It is actually remarkable given the amount of possession time the Pens had that the penalty calls were basically even in the series. That was a gift for the Sharks. They were 1 for 12 in the series while the Pens went 3 for 13 which supports the better PK won the Special Teams battle – not the ref. The sharks put together maybe 3 periods of decent hockey over the entire series. Otherwise they were outclassed the entire series. If the goaltending had been swapped, this series would have been over in 3 games and I don’t really think Martin Jones is all that great to begin with. This was the worst 2 goalies in the finals since Auntie faced whatever it was the Flyers had in net.
  8. At the end of the day, the Sharks couldn't overcome a team full of cancer survivors, stroke victims, blood clots, concussions, uniballers, broken ankles, and a stud speedy 40 year old 3rd line center with no hands. Sounds like one of Horatio's teams at the Snoopy Tournament in some division with triple digit ages. Go Sharks!
  9. Solid. Burke must be away in the manger. Go with the North Star
  10. Don't forget all the talent on the Barracuda that is almost ready
  11. Ok he sucks all the time.
  12. What a year! What a decade! What a silver jubilee! I love this team!
  13. CBF has to have a little semi on for his provincial Oilers. A little pup tent action in the Adidas track pants. That team is full of bonerfide grade A Ontario hockey talent now.
  14. You should try it Sub it will ease your pain - maybe next season, I would suggest the Hawks now that they have Vic Tikhonov, especially with his Bay Area connections and the Eastern block European blood corsi ing through his veins. You should wait one more season though and celebrate the 25 years of losing in 15-16. There will probably be a Bill Holder bobble head or something like that and lots of replaying nostalgic Danny Russian owski calls maybe even one from the year they went 11-71-2 with baldy on the bench.
  15. They should have given Jones an extra 2 million for danger pay to play behind this team... The backup - former anointed one will be feeling great going into the season. Dougie can rub his back and reassure him he is still in the plans and that the starter job is up for grabs going into the season so his confidence will be at an all time high. Should be a great tandem for years to come. A sort of 2A and 2B if you will