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  1. I just don't get what Boateng was doing there, flailing his arms around like that. Don't think Italy deserved that, after doing so little offensively.
  2. I am not sure if I would agree that Italy has looked more dangerous. They have benefited from a few German hiccups, but have created precious little offensively themselves.
  3. Very tactical battle so far. A lot of the players seem exhausted or banged up. I really think they need to cut back on the number of football games in general. With national championships, cups, qualification games, Uefa cups, champions league, friendlies, euros and world cups players never have time to recuperate. Anyone who saw Ribery barely being able to crawl over the advertisement board when he was subsituted is aware that a lot of top flight players have reached their physical limits.
  4. Would have rather met Italy in the finals. Its going to be one hell of a game. Though, I think the Germans are much better equipped to deal with the Italian tactics than the Spanish were.
  5. It was a great ride, I had a lot of fun. Kudos to the Sharks for hanging in there. I can't believe how many people call this a choke job. The Sharks lost because of multiple reasons, choking isn't one of them. They didn't play up to their standards because they Penguins wouldn't let them, and because they never seemed to make the necessary adjustments. They played a better team, that happened to be extremely well equipped to deal with the Sharks strengths. The Sharks were never able to solve the speed and shot blocking of the Pens. It was also evident that some of the Sharks were gassed after all the traveling of this season. Overall I wish they would have peppered Murray with shots from all angles, rather than looking for that perfect shot. That cost them a few goals. The other thing I don't understand is playing Dillon/Polak so often in crucial situations. Maybe it was because Vlasic was hurt, who knows. But overall, the Sharks lost because the Pens were the better team, not because the Pens "wanted it more". Penguins had exactly what it takes to beat the Sharks, were well organized and had that killer instinct needed to win the cup. I am very sad for Thornton and Patty, as that was most likely their last chance of winning a cup.
  6. I am ok with the performance. There were some shaky moments, but they were in control for most of the second half. Teams usually start out like that, getting their feet wet in the first game. The trademark passing was on display here and there. Even after he scored the game winner against Argentina, I am still not a fan of Goetze. He has great talent, but is very enigmatic. Neuer just likes to play borderline insane, that his personality. I am afraid it will backfire though one day at the most inopportune time.
  7. Amazing counter attack...and that pass by Ozil. I think I could have scored on that pass
  8. Look at all the grey hair of Schweinsteiger
  9. Holy ****, they better not give up a goal like England yesterday.
  10. I am happy for the smaller nations, but it really waters down the quality. That and players are reaching their physical limits with longer and longer tournaments, which also reduces the quality. Overall they need to dial back the amount of games.
  11. Sometimes weird seeing these long time players retire, after watching them for a decade or more.
  12. Schuerrle is just a great player. One of my favorites.
  13. Its awful I agree. It feels more like a qualification round than a Euro.
  14. Right as I said that Ukraine is playing defensive they are opening up. I guess they have to if they want a chance to score.