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  1. Could've used Marleau's goal tonight... he was the only one who knew it was in the net. They called it no goal & classy as ever he skated to the ref and politely said "you need to review it." That goal got the Leafs tied up. #goleafsgo
  2. Side effects of not paying attention to off season hockey. Watching the first period of the Oil and thinking...I haven't heard Ebs name called in the 2 games I've watched. Start the first period of the Sharks to find out he's a f'in Islander! 2017 off-season I give you the finger from both my left & right hand for making my two favorite players leave my two favorite teams!!! Oh and Fu(k the Dodgers!
  3. A friend of mine sent me video of a large plane that looked like a passenger plane flying overhead. Not sure if it's the same as this...
  4. So the girl the Sharks posted on their instagram/FB today was my niece's sorority sister. She had just gotten a job with the Kings this summer. Classy of the Sharks to post that.
  5. Box cutter. Just be careful not to stab your self in the thigh like I did.
  6. One of my absolute favorite cities! When I was there I stumbled across a bar that Jagr owned. It had hockey in the title I think, but can't remember for certain. You had to walk downstairs to get in it.
  7. She is student teaching right now so can't talk with her. But texted her. Between lil Couture fan & Red's daughter this is so close to home. Red - I honestly can't stop thinking about your poor baby girl having to live through that.
  8. Just found out one of my niece's sorority sisters was one of the Vegas victims.
  9. OMG sorry your daughter was in that situation. Must of been terrifying. I agree with what you said...the aftermath may hit her later on. Sending positive thoughts your family's way.
  10. That is on my list...
  11. I thought about starting's preseason, what harm could my jinxy ways be? Then I remembered the last time I did start a preseason GDT Raffi got suspended for half the
  12. PSA - Sharks will be on NHL Network tomorrow at 5pm.
  13. Matty Cain's final start...five shutout innings & walk off the field to a standing ovation. Great moment to watch. Thanks for 13 years as a classy Giant!
  14. Looking up stats on the Leafs game and Mason Marchment is on the Leafs with Patrick Marleau. WTF?!?