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  1. Lil Couture fan will be at this game. Hope it’s a good one for her!!
  2. Danville gave Nemo the finger for me. This makes me happy. Thanks buddy!
  3. I just yelled at my TV, “Light up Nemo like a fu(king Christmas tree!!!!!” Uh...I may still have some pent up hatred with my post Niemi Stress Disorder.
  4. I was here! And our guide said it was a well known surfing spot. I doubted him. Sorry Portuguese man....should not have doubted you.... It is beautiful there.
  5. I’ve been there. Don’t stay longer than necessary....that place is a hole! And don’t let GPS almost take you over the border like mine did!
  6. Super nice! At least all the ones I interacted with. You can tell they are a young fan base. Upset at non-existent non-calls...thinking every puck is going in & standing to watch it. But over very good hosts. And there was quite a bit of teal there. I wore my Marleau jersey....but someone else who shall remain nameless was not representing.
  7. Just thought I’d share...everyone here needs to experience a game in Vegas once in their life. It’s a show with a hockey game in the background. Showgirls, jousters,a snake mascot...and so much gold, sequins & glitter. I felt like I had ADD because there was stuff everywhere. Friendly fan base though...
  8. That “game” or “show” was SO Vegas!! Danville good to see you. Yay Sharks!!
  9. The question is...if I run into Danville tonight will he pretend he doesn’t know me...cuz you know...Vegas. Lol
  10. Im on a noon flight to Vegas tomorrow. Those MFs better win....
  11. Thanks. When I was in Switzerland back in 95, I saw a match being played in a square with really large pieces. I have a pic...I'll have to scan & post it.
  12. On the show Weird Loners this week they had a huge chess board in the park and the pieces were played by people. Is that a real thing?
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