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  1. Fug - free movie channels this weekend.
  2. That was one damn hotly contested basketball game! I don't think I've ever seen one where it looked like a brawl was gonna break out.
  3. I will. It's a lil conference for middle school girls.
  4. Puck morning, but I am volunteering today so I'll need to go off the grid in a few so I don't know about the game til I can watch it at 4pm.
  5. Oh and... PUCK MORNING!
  6. Red Wings owner died.
  7. I give this game a pass. The B's coach just got canned & that always riles up a team. As for Tuesday...are y'all amateurs? No one else penciled in a loss in Buffalo? The f'in desert dogs (I hate that name Randy!) have had the Sharks number for a while now too so no surprise there. Now if they lose to Philly & Jersey I will start to worry...
  8. Not nice to call my backup sports city cheaters. Bad mojo!!
  9. That was insane! I totally wrote the Pats off after the first half. Pops (who wanted ATL) said never count Brady out. Man was he right!
  10. Which is why I told my dad to watch that at home before coming over for the game & birthday cake.
  11. I can already tell you that this broadcast is gonna need more Troy Aikman TV time.
  12. Do you have to protect UFAs in the expansion draft? Both Patrick & Joe will be UFAs this year. if you don't...which I suspect is the don't sign them until after the expansion draft. (To one year deals...they are both to old for multi years at this point).
  13. Are you ready for some football??
  14. Lazy day here. I went to Michael's this morning to buy some yarn on a good sale so I can keep crocheting for charities, but otherwise been bumming it. My garage was supposed to be cleaned. Oops!