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  1. Not for me.
  2. I wouldn't say celebrating more a karma thing. And not about politics, but about sexual assault.
  3. Don't make me smack you upside the head for making that generalization about women drivers...
  4. Remember that not all Oiler fans are like CBF.
  5. Whoever it was, I need to go punch them.
  6. Why are you grr-ing? You want the Ducks to win?!?
  7. No they don't.
  8. Oh...and Fu(k the Penguins!! (The Pittsburgh variety, not the Southern Hemisphere ones.)
  9. Three things... 1. Fu(k Anaheim. 2. STL/Nashville is going to be a hell of a series. 3. I like Brendan Burke doing play by play. and one more... Fu(k Anaheim.
  10. Agree. However what is the reasoning behind the stick above the crossbar rule? Too much of an angle change for goalies? Only thing I can think of except maybe dangerous lifting sticks...
  11. Fu(kin Flames... At least Blackhawk down.
  12. Even though my heater kicked in this morning...winter is over. You need a new social.
  13. So in all places, I ran into a Sharks fan inside Carlsbad Caverns! A guy asked me for the time while wearing a Sharks hat. We should have had a This is Sharks territory sign...haha!