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  1. Their own undoing. First goal was as you pointed out, Logan Couture with the assist. Third goal was half bad luck, half Martin Jones channeling his inner Antti Niemi. They didn't play poorly but the Vegas Golden Knights didn't do any of that.
  2. I think Jamie Baker pointed it out but three guys surround one of their defensemen and don't so much as breath on the guy... That's a problem. If y
  3. Anyone else notice this subtle move Tomas Hertl uses where he fakes reversing direction ever-so-slightly to shake off the defender and then makes a power move to the middle of the ice? I swear he does it a couple times a game and gets separation every time.
  4. With the right amount of salary retained, returning Patrick Marleau to a third line role beside Joe Thornton probably wouldn't be the worst thing ever.
  5. What is the polite way to ask someone to watch a game while at their house?
  6. Everyone had raised eyebrows at the extension Tom Wilson got in the offseason but he's responded in a big way. Another 100 PIMs and just tonight potted his 20 goal. Mind you that's with significant time missed due to suspension. It's still a lot of money but there is no one in the NHL who hits as heavy, fights as hard, and can skate/score enough to out of place next to Alex Ovechkin. The nastiness and edge he's brought to that team is immeasurable and it was a factor in them finally getting over the hump.
  7. Not the first time. Having said that, definite respect to Kurtis Gabriel. Kid gets called up late in the season for a team that's out of the mix completely but he ain't backing down from anyone. In less than 40 NHL games the kid has dropped them with Ryan Reaves, Dylan McIlrath, Zack Kassian, Marcus Foligno, Chris Thorburn, Micheal Ferland, and Anthony Peluso. Say whatever you want about Gabriel he doesn't pick his spots.
  8. What a tragedy. He'll have a teammate to talk to about it in Erik Karlsson but that's just awful news.
  9. I'm pleasantly surprised how good Joe Thornton has been all year. The move down to 3C was one we all wanted for a while and it's paying dividends. He looks like a guy who has another season or two left in the tank but hopefully the team gives him a good reason to retire after the playoffs.
  10. I turned the game on and all I see is teal ringing up shots like it's their 19th birthday. Loving it but #19 had a far side top corner and missed it to give them the lead. Oh well. Tomas Hertl is a beast of a hockey player. The size, speed, skill, and all around effort in all three zones is not something you see often. He's the new underrated star.
  11. I don't quite know why but I really enjoy afternoon hockey games.
  12. To be fair to him though, those were the days when the depth guys were Dwight Helminen, Benn Ferriero, and Andrew Desjardins. I would think they're in better position to weather the storm now but in reality Tim Heed, Joakim Ryan, and Radim Simek aren't some dynamic back up options and the regression we've seen from Marc-Edouard Vlasic and Justin Braun is concerning too.
  13. True. He's not helping himself with this injury heading into free agency either. Being healthy enough to contribute to a deep playoff run is one thing, what his health means when it comes time to negotiate a new contract is another. I have no doubt someone will give him the 10M+ he wants on a long term deal but will it be Doug Wilson? Having a better awareness as to the actual extent of his injury no doubt is a plus for Wilson, one we've seen him use before (Dany Heatley).
  14. Maybe but the guy has also recovered from a torn Achilles and came back to win the Norris and was the best player on his team when they made their run in 2016, doing so on ripped ligaments in his foot. Saying that, I'm not optimistic about the situation either but maybe don't share your level of pessimism, which seems like has been all season with him. Any reason why? I'm genuinely curious.
  15. They celebrated but not like they knew Marcus Sorensen scored but like they knew Antti Niemi didn't make the save.
  16. Quite possible. Probably that and seeing Barclay Goodrow trying to do it and not having it go so well.
  17. Probably true but how many guys at his level, who've already gotten paid, end up on pace for about 200 PIMs? I did some research and while there were plenty guys to do it but they're guys like Zenon Konopka, Chris Neil, and Colton Orr, not guys like who put up 30 goals. Most of the time guys shy away from the rough stuff and physical play as they get on in their career and establish themselves, especially when they have the talent to contribute in other ways. He could get away with doing none of it and we've seen guys come here for that purpose and fail to live up to the role, guys who were specifically added for that purpose. He wasn't but he's brought it from the get go and hasn't faded. Maybe that will change but it's been a welcome surprise so far and one that this team has badly needed. I don't think the man is the second coming of Cam Neely or Brendan Shanahan, he's more of a pest in the Matthew Tkachuk mold but he has the strength and skill in that aspect of the game to back it up, unlike many others who play more to agitate than bully.
  18. Pretty remarkable for a guy who's been here for a year now and is coming off a big contract extension. Both those things would suggest a guy staying away from the rough stuff but it's been quite the opposite.
  19. To be fair to winecountry both Blake Wheeler and Evgeni Malkin have less than 10 FMs in 800+ games. Not exactly fighter numbers per se and watching the tape backs that up (nothing impressive or notable from either guy). Jamie Benn is clearly different and definitely fits the mold of a truly elite player who hits and fights like guys on the fourth line have to.
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