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  1. Exciting game and getting nasty. Marcus Peters with a dirty hit on Derek Carr and the OL yo the rescue. Marshawn Lynch grabs a referee and is disqualified.
  2. Yup. And that is on development.
  3. This Canadian applauds you good sir. Have to include this hockey-inspired classic.
  4. Nothing's killing that guy.
  5. Mikkel Boedker was supposed to be some new wheels last year. Just saying.
  6. Agreed. One of them has reason for optimism looking to future, the other does not.
  7. A longer trend of poor performance than the Edmonton Oilers. I do not speak this language. Someone interpret for me.
  8. The price for Ryan Reaves was insane but he’s one of the few guys left who can legitimately intimidate others. If the San Jose Sharks are going to miss the playoffs, which seems likely, I’d rather see them go down swinging.
  9. I’ll quote (butcher) Daniel Tosh here. If you’ve ever said there’s nothing funny about ______, just know that there’s no way we would ever get along.
  10. If you haven’t heard of the alleged to guy by this point, probably not your franchise saviour.
  11. I feel like playing those two regularly is something the championship teams would do? You have to take some risks this year because Joel Ward, Paul Martin, and even guys like Joe Thornton and Joe Pavelski aren’t getting better. You know what you’re getting from them or it’ll be worse than that, there is no higher level for them to reach. That does not seem to be Doug Wilson’s MO because all of his coaches have done the same.
  12. There was a noticeable drop in attendance following/during the wasted 2014/2015 season. This team feels like that all over again. Directionless and very unsure of its next move. If that’s truly the case, it wouldn’t be Doug Wilson’s first time there, not sure how many opportunities you can have to get it right either. On another note, what’d it take to pry an underperforming, on the outs, perhaps character-problem Alex Galchenyuk away? Price certainly can’t be high and he’s still young with potential to be a high-end scorer.
  13. Having a consistently good third line is a good way to get things going in the right direction. Still haven’t heard much from #19, #8, #39, and #88 though.
  14. Slater Koekkoek has serious potential. Not a star but looks like he had ability to contribute offensively and play a hard defense. Doesn’t seem like he’s getting a chance. Let’s go Doug Wilson.