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  1. I wish I could smile about that. All I really see there is a bunch of teams fighting to see who'll lose to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. But it's nice to see a relevant Oakland Raiders team. The football world is a better place with them around.
  2. Hockey has been completely and utterly wussified and it's a damn shame.
  3. The Pittsburgh Penguins' broadcasts are awful, always have been.
  4. That does not look like two guys with a combined 12M salary to say the least. Zero cares given, got to love it.
  5. We've got stats for everything else. Somebody has to find out just how far at the top the San Jose Sharks are when it comes to giving up first career goals.
  6. I'd bet Dylan McIlrath is on waivers sooner rather than later, or traded for nothing. Fallen out of favour with the coach and gets 46 seconds of ice time after his spat with Tomas Hertl.
  7. A guy named Bob Blow kept score for the NHL? How is there not a 30 for 30 about this?
  8. Chris Kreider's playing. Maybe a good game to start Aaron Dell.
  9. This game needs to be knifed away.
  10. Also, Edmonton Oilers pregame ceremony had Shawn Horcoff's OT goal against Vesa Toskala back in 2006. Last time the Oilers were in the playoffs.
  11. In all honesty, you should get Twitter just for the #bust comment. I'm still laughing.
  12. Better watch the tape and see all the ways he screwed up tonight.
  13. Auston Matthews pots four and the Toronto Maple Leafs still lose. Relief.
  14. I'm not going to last another 81 games if this keeps up.