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  1. Stanley Cup Finals : Pittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators - Predators in five
  2. I'm really biased as to who I want to win this game but I'm not sure it matters. I see whoever wins getting steamrolled in the finals.
  3. Same guy, new dive. Deplorable.
  4. No ways the referees are missing that dive.
  5. Chris Kunitz still dirty as ever. Wonder how these fans, and the sports reporters there, would react to Sidney Crosby getting splattered against the boards and crosschecked on the ice.
  6. Won't argue that the fandom up here is oversold but losing teams has much more to do with the economic landscape, nowhere near what it is in the USA, and that has always been the case and likely isn't changing soon. That's why I think the NHL ought to be ecstatic about the Nashville Predators making it, there's potential there.
  7. No but my sister-in-law is from Shawville, about a 45 minute drive into Quebec. The arena is out in Kanata. Not dissimilar to the situation in Phoenix. Add to that many, many, federal employees who haven't been fully paid or paid at all in a long time because of system errors and a high percentage of residents who are loyal to other teams because they're from other parts of the country or didn't jump on board when expansion arrived. I do agree it's a shame that they don't sell out but there are some unique factors at play.
  8. Multitude of factors. TSN's Ottawa guy did a good article on it. I posted the link in this thread some pages back.
  9. No fourth liner in NHL history has his name said more by CBC announcers than Matt Cullen. I don't think Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson realize how in love they are with him.
  10. Seems like the officials are ready for Round 3 to end as much as anyone.
  11. CBC mics pick up at least four of five F words from Erik Karlsson there. If that goal stands, that's insane.