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  1. Love your profile pic!!!........Espo was f'g great!!!  Loved watching him and the rest of the Hawks back in the 60's and 70's....Lloyd Pettit was the best announcer that has ever broadcast hockey!!!  

  2. TV used to be free. In about 1979, cable tv came out. The deal was- yes, you paid a monthly fee, but no more commercials. It has evolved to 100.00 a month, with more commercials than ever.... FCC was "in charge" of that, too.
  3. Or better yet, what percentage of American murders are committed by blacks? This number will surprise even Sam.
  4. Look at the timing here: The BLM idiots know they are bringing a knife to a gunfight by taking on the cops..... unless,of course, the commander in chief is one of your own.... in which case, the cops have the knife, no?
  5. So, the shooter is Muslim AND ***... guess that kills the hate crime angle. Shouldn't America be outraged against the gaay community for spawning this evil? After reading the shooters' fathers' comments, I'm less confused.... and more likely to blame no group for anything.
  6. Guess he is not a Sharks fan---wait till next year Shark Fans ---another dive to the bottom of the tank---same old story every year!

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