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  1. Those teams lost when he ran into creative, high octane offense (eg Oregon). He didn't recruit burners so he couldn't outrun opponents on either side of the ball. When the opponent didn't get into the outmuscle contest, they had a chance to beat him. And his offense wasn't a quick score offense. They didn't play well from behind. I am waiting to see if Luck is good with a fast-paced, high octane offense that can take risks with speed players.
  2. And the 9ers still wouldn't have made the playoffs since way back when. Give credit where it is due. A dearth of offensive imagination pre-Harbaugh. What the prior coaches did do was build a sterling defense so that when the offense arrived, they did well. We are finding out now, that even though Harbaugh was better offensively than his predecessors he still doesn't know how to create a Super Bowl winning offense in the current era. And now, Harbaugh can't create the discipline or make the assessments to maintain that sterling defense that he inherited. I am not sure that Harbaugh is up to the top end of coaches who can maintain discipline with pro-athletes in the current era. The passing game is usually a heads up as a coordinated/cooperative system is essential to be effective. And discipline is essential to that high level. Discipline with people who are paid ungodly amounts of money isn't just a matter of carrying a big stick. When someone makes that much money, he can laugh at the stick. It boils down to having a big toolbox to deal with personnel issues. Some sticks, some carrots, some inspiration, all judiciously applied. Part of being a coach is fairness in assessments and application thereof in terms of playing time. IMO, this may very well be Harbaugh's biggest failing.
  3. Sorry if I wasn't clear. Rice's wife wanted to forgive, but the allusion in her statement also referred to the paycheck. She was not happy with the NFL or the media. With or without forgiveness, the woman still ends up on the short end with the current sanctions. The pot of money shrinks directly and then indirectly when the lawyers get involved.
  4. Fug, Things are definitely wrong in 9er land. What hasn't been covered is that Gore's per rush average is really substandard. Kap is getting sacked like potatoes at harvest time. They might want to look at the o line. No playcalling will help a substandard line, not that the playcalling is good. They need to quit blowing smoke about how good their o linemen are and start figuring who they need to replace. They don't have a sterling defense to cover their offensive shortcomings anymore. The overall defense is good, not great even if fully healthy. Their red zone performance is absurd. They don't have a red zone passing game and they tried the run early in the year and failed miserably. The coaches need to go back to the drawing board and just maybe practice the specifics until the guys get it right. I get the impression that some football teams go through cycles where the guys get the big paychecks and think they are better than they are and they don't put in the work. It takes some motivation to get beyond the NFL level to the NFL competitive level.
  5. It's a double-edged sword from the woman's side. The guy gets punished, but if the woman wants a civil award there will be less money to go around. From the comments, it is pretty obvious that Rice's spouse was feeling the lack of funds. They may want to break new ground and channel the missed pay to the woman's side. AP is in a slightly different boat but the principle applies. If his pay is taken, who is going to pay for the kdis?
  6. Not the case, there are alternatives. Boston did it with forwards. When they won, none of their blueliners could carry it. I grant that they are changing their tune on blueliners as they are promoting both Bartkowski and Krug (both carriers) and in Krug's case carrier/passer.
  7. You may be right on the 9ers not having it in them. At times, the passing precision and decisions are a shade off. For football today, I define steamroll as winning by greater than 14 pts. However when you run the ball 3 times inside the ten yd line and then kick the FG, that is over the top conservative. And the 9ers are awful for red zone TD percentage. Play selection seems to have a lot to do with that. As for your #2 option, you are playing with the gods of chance for which the 9ers have paid at least once this year. If you look at the clean entry stats, the Sharks are over the top about declining the option. it goes beyond personnel. Literally bottom of the league. They aren't that bad personnel wise. Boston plays huge possession, but is not even close about declining the option. St. Louis was big on declining . . . until last year when they got a huge up tick in scoring while maintaining a good goals against.
  8. Contrary to popular opinion about steamrolling, it doesn't happen that often. Hockey or football. In hockey, 20 steamrolls over a season is a team for the ages, teams that set records for consecutive wins. 10 to 15 is more normal. Translated to football, you are probably talking about 5 or 6 as team for the ages in a 16 game season with 3 to 5 being normal for SB contenders. Possession isn't the same in close game because it is open to chance for one. One mistake, one outstanding play by the other team can change the result. You are turning the game over to the gods of chance. Walsh understood this. He maintained possession but he still pushed to score and score big. Plus you are still playing your first string to maintain that possession edge with a close score. I am for possession, but without scoring I have already gone over the caveat. A recent article on the score highlighted it for hockey. The Sharks are possession gods. They shoot more than all other teams, but they never win. AND, they NEVER top the league in scoring. They eschew the little risks (clean entries) that enhance scoring. It's like not passing at all because of the small chance of interception (greater than the chance of fumble) even on short passes. At least in football, there were a lot of coaches who relatively quickly in terms of history embraced the west coast offense. And there are more now experimenting with various ways of enhancing offense (not west coast, eg read option) while maintaining very good possession. At some point, possession will be as passe as "3 yards and a cloud of dust" is for football.
  9. Divide the league into 4 tiers: SB contenders Playoff contenders also rans Will they win more than 1 game? SB contenders tend to steamroll a lot of teams. Playoff contenders win more than 1/2 their games versus other contenders and also rans. Also rans lose more than 1/2 their games versus contenders and also rans. The last case is self-explanatory. IMO, part of the 9ers ongoing problem is that they haven't bought into the steamroll and trying to be that team. I don't know if they have the talent to do so. The advantage of the steamroll is that it ends up with a healthier lineup by giving more time to secondary players and less time to critical players. Not having critical players injured in the playoffs is a huge characteristic for winners. Steamrolling increases the odds for a healthier critical part of the lineup. The concept of the steamroll also applies to hockey.
  10. It looks like the same basic stuff. The game plan has been consistent during his tenure. IMO, it is a lot of little things. He inherited a defense that was outstanding and has kept a lot of the same core players. As they get away from that which he inherited, it's going to get worse. IMO, they aren't very good at assessing defensive backfield play and personnel. They are still awesome on run defense. The thing that Harbaugh changed to the positive is opening up the passing game relative to the previous regime. The league rules have changed to advantage high octane passing attacks. A corollary is that almost no lead is safe. I don't think Harbaugh has caught on to that. There are few occasions when it is wise to run out the clock on the ground unless it is less than 3 minutes or unless you have a 3 TD lead or better. Harbaugh hasn't gone far enough. Before Harbaugh had arrived Gore developed dropsy. He is excellent as a runner and pass blocker, but can't catch to save his life. A more rounded back would help by opening up another target. Kap is good but great quarterbacks (Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, etc.) are better. They are better on progressions and more accurate. A lot of the difference is practice and it is practice beyond what the league allows. How much work is Kap doing on his own in the offseason with the receivers? And how much work are the receivers putting in on their own? IMO, both Crabtree and Boldin are tops and Davis is pretty good but not tops. The top guys work options off their plays where a called play is actually starting point where there are variations within based on defense. I don't think Kap's reading ability is quite up to that yet. See the Raiders as to why offseason work is important. And the best receivers know that always catching the ball is more important than YAC. Last year it looked like Kap worked on accuracy with pocket passing. This year he seems to have improved his accuracy while mobile which is where he should really concentrate because of league direction. The old axioms for practicing accuracy by standing still and stepping into it are falling by the way side. The good quarterbacks are learning to move a bit and still be accurate. The next issue is that the 9ers have drafted for run blocking on the O-line. They haven't paid attention to pass blocking. If they want a Montana style offense, they need guys who are ballerinas compared to the current group. They have guys who theoretically can roll over the other side but really aren't that good even when healthy. This is especially true for their two recent first rounders. Their O-line is a mismatch for a high octane attack and a mobile QB with one exception. And they are only above average for a down-your-throat running game. You can have a good run game that is not down-your-throat. And teams don't win at all if their lead feature is a down-your-throat run game.