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  1. YEs because Gays and women should have no rights , climate change doesn't exist ( although even the white house FINALLY accepted it after being pressured by their own military for almost two years ) and only the rich should afford health care .. no? **** the rest of us. .. is that what you want? Well **** you too
  2. My mom's calendars have also been very detailed. Didn't marl the times my dad got drunk and threatened to beat us all up. That calendar is BS the whole things is a sham
  3. What I have learned since the ******* orange ******* came to power is that even very good people can close their eyes to terrible things. I wish you all the best
  4. How the **** can the standard to seating a SUPREME COURT JUDGE be absurt This is not your god damn corner law office, man
  5. A calendar is proof of nothing There is a pattern of him acting belligerent and diminutive and quite borderline abusive to women .. while sober. There is pattern of him acting like a **** while sober and drunk Yes the woman is partisan so is he. Her team didn't harass anybody actually This does not add up very well for either of them Which is WHY this should be looked into not just brushed under the table
  6. Really? you think that scumbag who was foaming at the mouth , cried and threatened .. should be a Supreme Court judge?
  7. Also in the midst of all this, everyone seems to have forgotten how ridiculously corrupt he is, how he lied under oath and how he is literally going to play a huge role into undermining women . But you still think he is qualified. The same Candidate but slapped with a democratic nomination would have earned cries and anger from all of you But because he is on your team you're all blind to the reality Pathetic
  8. anyone who watched the god damn charade of last week can honestly say that Scumbag is "qualified" for the job , is probably too partisan or too stupid.
  9. So he's just a pig .. kind of like the fat ruskie jew pig who still trolls around
  10. Do you know how many rapes are going unreported in US ,, every year? Just because "there is no evidence" it does not mean there's no chance in hell it didn't happen. and if there is a chance a nominee to the SC has done something like that, he should automatically be dropped from consideration. Period I had a cousin who committed suicide when she tried to report a rape and was ridiculed and ostracized . so don't ******* talk to me about your "support" **** off .. you got your god damn abusers in the White house and SC. Slap yourselves on the back You're all disgusting
  11. Because .. he's been promised by the GOP free BJ's for life?
  12. OMFG Are you serious? This is a ******* non-story I am so fuckign sick and tired of fucktards defendiong a potential rapist. read the ******* stury. she did that .. but then So then In conclusion, that woman knows something but doesn't want to talk She's afraid.. Afraid of the big ******* rich old white club running the country, as she should be. The reality is .. the ******* ass quite possibly assaulted several women, acted like an absolute psycho under oath ( and lied through his ******* teeth) but you and a shitload of total asses want him on the supreme court .. because he's a "republican./ It's retarded and you are disgusting for supporting him. You're going to have a psycho rapist in the Supreme Court. A Psycho rapist who is going to tell women what do do with their bodies. you're going to have a criminal in the Supreme Court, and you're happy about it Just like you're happy to have a criminal in the White House. Grats .
  13. Facts? The facts scream at you, dude .. look around, This is not a discussion you all going to get entrenched in your position because the ******* is "your guy" As I said you all treat this as some ******* sports team. If nothing that has been revealed about that guy seems shady to you and you still want him in SC just because he is "conservative" , then I don't think there is hope for you.
  14. It's not even about the allegations It's about the "it's OK" attitude "Hey it looks like he lied under oath" - reaction : it's OK "Hey it looks like he's ultra-corrupted" - reaction : it's OK "Hey he might be a rapist" -reaction : it's OK Why does this **** HAVE to be put in the SC under any circumstances ( it seems?) What is it they need him to do? It's all ******* shady and the right can't seem to give a ****. Why can't they find someone who is not as shady as this *******? They areliterally spitting in the face of any semblance of law and justice
  15. It really isn't that simple . And the way it is approached is disgusting,. This isn't even the right vs the left. This is about the ultra rich elite and their agenda. This is about the integrity of the highest court in the land And it seems the right wants a total scumbag in it,
  16. As expected, the usual "local" imbeciles completely miss the implication of what is going on with that elitist scumbag the rich boys GOP club fukctards want to go in the supreme court. You're all disgusting. You're approaching serious matters of humanity and life with a "sports fan" approach. Everything is permitted as long as "my team wins". Both sides are doing this, the whole ******* country is doing this. you've lost your common sense, consciousness and humanity. you think have a "conservative" dominance in SC is a win for "your team". It's a loss for every god damn decent hard working American and a win for the elitist rich fucks who will , and are, bending you over and screwing you regularly. I honestly have no idea how is it possible so many people have turned from decent human being to complete scum in less than two years. This is the true tragedy of that ******* orange .
  17. Oh **** .. is Fox News starting to dump the orange Diarrhea too ? could it be that soon only a few stubborn deluded fools and imbeciles like the ruskie jew will support the fat ****? https://twitter.com/FoxNewsResearch/status/1039147585116753920
  18. Dude, your ******* McCoward denied even having hearings when Obama was supposed to appoint a judge I am so ******* sick and tired of hearing cries from any side about the other side. And I am tired of people conveniently forgetting they own side's actions . Each of the sides will always do everything they can to block the other in anyhting they do And Kavanaugh is not a good choice , as I have said in here before.
  19. UN is flawed .. but that would be a terrible course of action. Isolationism will break this country
  20. "Leader of the free world" A pompous arogant orange imbecile primary scholl bully hurry up and have that aneurism, you ******* scumbag https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2018/08/31/bombshell-leak-to-toronto-star-upends-nafta-talks-in-secret-so-insulting-remarks-trump-says-he-isnt-compromising-at-all-with-canada.html
  21. I think he was talking about Arnie I don't agree with much of Brown's stuff so no comment on that. The orange monkey by himself is a useless little whinny ***** .. but the people behind him are ******* dangerous. I don't know if China will get "in line". Ultimately US has a lot more to lose and I am not even sure US can afford China to go all out trade war.
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