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  1. All I see in that video is a claim they had some information about interactions between Trump's team and some Russians, and an attempt to preserve that information. Which is consistent with what we know so far and with the stance that some information was gathered from the spying on some Russians in the diplomatic corps. None of it means trump was being spied on. Spying on diplomats is what all secret services around the world are doing.
  2. It's primarily because you see me as a threat to the false image you try to create here that you actually have a clue about this sport, vaporware peddler.
  3. Lol, Cards Against Humanity want to do the same **** the leftists I linked earlier claimed they will do: Buy and publish all the browsing history of all those who voted for that stupid bill. This could be fun if it actually happens.
  4. if only I could be bothered to care
  5. yet you read all my posts, liar. Whatever you're both failed human scum anyway. Not entirely sure why I bother replying to either of you. Maybe because of the pity I feel? **** me and my kind nature. Going back to Donskoi, CBF, the "sophomore" comment may be valid, however he was not only more effective earlier in the season, he was also a lot more physically aggressive. HE attacked with the body more than he does now. He's reluctant to do that now while trying to compensate with smarts and skating. But, as I said earlier, before the human bile excreter interjected, he doesn't seem as sure on skates as he was before. Or it maybe a byproduct oh trying to avoid too much body contact? It just doesn't seem to be simply a "sophomore thing".
  6. So I make a comment about a player .. you come spewing bile and shitting all over yourself ... and then YOU complain . LOL
  7. As usual ,, all you can do when attempting to communicate, is vomit on the conversation.
  8. LOl, you really have no sense of overreaching , do you ? I have yet to throw a real insult at you . I was just stating what I noticed in the last few days. Oh .. and I am not entirely sure why you keep throwing that name out there. Is it supposed to mean something? Is it supposed to insult? is it supposed to make me feel .. oh I dunno, whatever the hell you think you want to express? It's not my name, there are two in my extended family with that name but you wouldn't know them and there have been too many of them throughout history for me to figure out which on in particular you want to project in here. The name I spewed on you caught really fast didn't it? It is obscure enough to outsiders yet controversial enough to those who spent some time reading. That's how you throw a hook, dude. Learn.
  9. His first few weeks were strong. After that he started faltering. I have a feeling he had at least two separate injuries this season, one around november, but he kept playing, and then the big one. HE is by far not as aggressive as he was when he came here last year, and the first part of this season. It's not just his upper body, his legs are not as planted as they were. Still a helluva fighter but something is keeping him from being effective.
  10. The site is ridiculous but : Snowflakes putting up a fight? Or a scam? It would be awesome , though , to see what soert of twisted porn are Ryan and McConel watching.Not necessary for the new FCC pawn they have in place. He's probably very appreciative of cows. http://resistancereport.com/resistance/crowdfunding-lawmakers-internet/
  11. Hahaha sure ... of course you did bite. You're too phobic and paranoid not to. And your penchant for jumping into all sort of crazy conclusions is right down there with your understanding of societal needs and common sense. But enough of this BS. you're predictable and boring. And quite gullible.
  12. Lol, whatever you say Kaganovich .. GTFO
  13. Lolz , what is with you and your paranoia. Boring
  14. Lolz .. you're so deluded I can't even laugh. Finnish Mobsters? I am sure there are a few who fashion themselves in that matter. Unfortunately for them they do not have the financial , legal or the pure political power backing the Jewish Mafia does.