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  1. Well let's be honest. the guy doesn't offer any actual proof, just his opinion. Which is the current trend on both sides, opinions are being presented and trumped up as facts. I am sick and ******* tired of every god damn asshooooole with an agenda spewing opinions in the "media" to lick his party ass. OR his own ass in the case of El Presidente. Sometimes I wonder if this country wouldn't be better served by a military dictatorship because the ruling powers have completely broken away from reality, facts and common ******* sense. There are very few people playing the game of politics right now, that doesn't deserved to be put in fron to a military tribunal and tried for various degrees of treason. Because selling your country to the highest ******* bidder is still treason to the population, even if the bidder is American.
  2. What this mans says. I've had a few encounters as a horny college boy and a few encounters as a horny CES goer. I know all I need to know for the purpose I would want those girls to be "rescued"
  3. There's got to be more hot chicks wanting to get the heell out. Hell they put over 100 in jail just for selfies. We need to send drones in first, to identify the potential candidates for my harem .. then we drop the boom on the rest.
  4. how about this ... US nukes the **** out of Iran, and then it deports there all hard criminals .. illegal or not illegal?
  5. Nolan, Ricci, Nabby are the ones for me. Marleau .. impressive career, impressive personal achievements , great guy...but when I think Sharks i don't think Marleau. Although, he is like the modern sharks .Good, even great at times. but ultimately disappointing
  6. Yea I don't agree with that BS. But I am not surprised by it. If he was a "professional" and kept his kids out of it, i don't think you would have seen this. but the fact that he pushed in his whole family, kids and in laws etc, making them decision makers etc, making the whole thing stink like a Mafia family trying to take over , is going to cost him. You know the lawsuits are going to come
  7. i wonder how many of those perfumes has daddy bought himself
  8. current system is absolutely not working. I doubt Dumbsy DeVos can fix it or come up with something better. She's clearly gotten the job as part of orange monkey's payment to his patrons. The spoiled brat is another one that needs to stay off twitter .. she's making a fool of herself. but then again .. I don't anyone has any intention of fixing the system . Dumb ***** or any other ***** in charge of that department.
  9. i absolutely agree with the trade school thing. BUT you have to have a common sort of base ..K-8 at least and a process to separate the college potential vs trade school potential vs criminal potential. then you castrate those with criminal tendencies .. solves a lot of problems
  10. I am of the opinion you have to give all kids a chance to get an education. Whatever that may be. I don't know wmuch about this but according to some people I know working in this field, both in private and public sectors, Charter/Vouchers combo don't seem to work in poor areas and REALLY don't work in rural areas where schools turn into secondary religious brainwashing.
  11. So what are you going to do? cut all schools for all low-mid to poor areas?
  12. Unless you're an asian kid, and then you have the problem of parents being way too involved lol :). But yea I get what you're saying. However things have a very little chance to get better.After all the fucktards in charge need to keep the general population dumb. That way the population is ready to go die for their billions, by them just showing a flag and ask " do it for your country". Tried and true method
  13. I care less about the country roads than I care about the ******* highway full of cave sized potholes. I mean it's like inmates fix those roads these days anyway
  14. Oh schools? They are fucked anyway. As soon as Betsy DeVilebitch gets her BS in motion, there will be nothing left of the schools .
  15. I think you'd be better off not giving H1-B's to Asia .. I'm looking at you India!