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  1. "father, I am hungry" "god provides, son, here's some sausage"
  2. That's not what she said
  3. Lol, this is like the third night in a row someone at FOX is railing on the presidential moron https://twitter.com/TeamCavuto/status/932737178005676032
  4. Also, the russian jew, for being a member of one of the most oppressed and discriminated against ethnic groups in history, seems strangely in love with oppressing and discriminate against those less fortunate. ******* ruskie pig.
  5. The russian jew is both ignorant and full of ****. one of my first jobs in Us was for a small-ish ISP. they did not get put out of business by the government regulations , they got put out of business because the big ones were allowed to lobby ( aka bribe) , to bully, to threaten and literally physically destroy the little guy's equipment. The russian jew talks out of his fat stupid ignorant ass far too much.
  6. Oh look , the senile viagra abuser is back with more mindless nonsense. Pajit has played for the cable/broadcast groups for a very long time, that is NOT a ******* secret, nincompoop. He has always been a republican pawn and it was that other **** as uglty as you are, Mitch Mcconnel who pushed Pajit down Obama;s throat in 2012 .. you ******* ignorant ****. The "plan" to repeal net neutrality , championed by the scumbag lawyer, has failed gloriously and only caused more needed regulations. Enter Your brother in imbecility and impotence, aka the flaccid orange in charge, who made, the lawyer scumbag, head of FCC BECAUSE he was on of the loudest voices against net neutrality and pro big ISPs/Cable companies and who had one mision and one mission only: give the power to squeeze us, back to the ISPs/cable companies. If you weren't so ******* retarded, senile and ignorant, you would remember what was happening is US before the government stepped in and forced the ISP's to treat us, the customers , a little better, to update their ******* aging networks and stop charging us three arms and a leg for a trickle of internet. Before the gov stepped in , US had the absolute lowest average bandwidth out of all the civilized countries , while charging more than anyone else per MB of traffic, BY FAR. STFU and go drown in your ignorance.
  7. woohooo the market bloats even more.
  8. more into this .. for those who don't understand what it means https://www.axios.com/net-neutrality-2511425288.html?utm_source=sidebar FYI Pai is a POS Lawyer who has done quite a bit of dirty work for the Cable/Broadcasting mobster group.
  9. When your interwebs will get even worse than they are now .. you can blame this POS asswipe ( on top of the flaccid orange). https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/21/technology/fcc-net-neutrality.html
  10. Well you can only judge someone by his past . Unless you catch them in the act of doing something, all our actions bad or good are part of our past. Also what laws and moral standards allowed an adult male to allegedly sexually abuse a minor?
  11. Lol, the Psycho Ruskie projecting again? Can he find one instance where I have said or hinted or implied I "prefer" Franken or like him or talked about him in any way? Psycho Ruskie is just a dumb sack of kosher potatoes.
  12. Insane .. coming you you that is .. well laughable at the minimum. I am insane for not wanting an "alleged" pedophile with extreme tendencies and a track record of mental instability , to become one of the people who lead the country eh? Nah, Lord of the farts is the insane one .. you're just .. extremely stupid.
  13. ok "alleged pedophile" .. better? The history of the guy suggests he is entirely capable of it.
  14. Well there are , how many, eight allegations against him with a number of them coming from women who were minor at the time? Is it a political drive? Sure .. but that doesn't mean all those allegations are untrue. Defending such individuals is pretty much akin to endorsing their behavior.
  15. Oh I see.. sooooo me using the officially published picture of a legal adult equals sexual abuser .. awesome logic