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  1. Population : 1 lunatic bastard. Calls himself lord. He has two sheep who look rather bowlegged. Could be dangerous, better go around this dump.
  2. Also, I guess this means Boeing was supporting the she-wolf.
  3. I agree .. no new plane for the orange orangutan .. he should fly Economy to bond with the people who put him in power.
  4. this ******** war between iApple and Crapsung is just a lawyer driven BS to keep their own pockets full. Fight over rounded corners on phones, when virtually all of them have rounded corners, is as stupid as it seems and the SC should have just thrown the lawsuit out and fine both companies for wasting so much court time over BS
  5. You know you have a shitty president to be when effin Sarah Palin complains about his actions .. and she ******* makes sense for once. ( she was ranting about the PR stunt the orange orangutan pulled off with those scumbags from Carrier)
  6. He can set a lot of things back through his misguided appointees in Health, Education, the dudes who want to kill EPA and NASA, the religious fanatics and so on. The truth is , the orange monkey and his team can completely ruin this country for many years to come.
  7. I don't know, I am not sure we are ready for the full extent of his orangeness ..One thing is for sure, if he messes up really bad, and it becomes unlivable here, I have a place in the mountains in Romania where we can move to and wait for the 4 years of orange reign to come to and end haha
  8. The problem is, most of his appointees are as idiotic as he is, or in a couple cases, even worse.
  9. I am very interested in those "other" industries. I need to get myself enough money do take a 6 months sabbatical and tour Asia's best industry.
  10. The way they are handling Iran is puzzling. but then so it was the way they handled former Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Kuwait Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya , Syria, Ukraine and so on ( and I only named the big ones). Pretty much they have been ******* it up since the 700's. I don't think the orange orangutan will do any better, judging by the people he surrounds himself with. To me, the only plus in his column was the possibility of him not starting the war Hillary and the Neocons were dying to start. but now I am not so sure. He will probably start one, just not the one the neocons wanted.
  11. I would be fine if he would actually get something done and will make "law and order" a universal fact.. He will not. He ran his whole life breaking the law or being borderline at best. I am convinced he is not going to get tough on people like him: billionaire mobs. He will get tough on you and I and he might deport a few mexicans to save face but he will never truly fix those issues. He never intended to and he won't be allowed to. But he will create others.
  12. Anything I can help with, call me
  13. That Carrier thing is just Pr to get the rednecks to keep cheering for him. I have read somewhere, just down the road from Carrier, some bearing manufacturing company with a larger workforce is going to shut down that location soon. This propaganda keeps the hillbillies cheering for him while he puts his billionaire mafia buddies in position of power and they have every intention to **** everything up, while none of the rednecks will notice because they will keep eating the **** he feeds them.
  14. Different. Not much. Not as scary? yes.
  15. The slimey orange poop seems to be impressed by everything, including presumed child molesters, criminals that should be felons, but got away. and so on In fact he is filling all his positions with this sort of people. I am surprised he's not offering $hillary a job. It's going to be a looooong 4 years. On more or less related news, did they announce why that shitforbrains in Ohio went crazy? Someone was speculating earlier that he got dumped and/or was told he'd have to leave the country for some reason.