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  1. You do understand some of the most brilliant minds in history were highly liberal .. no? Actually, to a red worm like you, with the brain the size of an electron, the very term "intelligence" is far too big to even begin to comprehend.
  2. no but a couple of their companies are out clients .. and i just want them whole china bombed, right about now.
  3. El presidente es loco ( did I say that right?) Those who want him impeached might get their wish before the end of the year if he keeps all this crazy **** up. Can nobody keep him off tweeter and blow? Also, Can someone impeach the whole China? They are driving me nuts and might be the reason why I'm walking out of this job soon.
  4. it may be CBS . but still http://www.cbsnews.com/news/kremlin-tweets-during-closed-door-oval-office-meeting-with-lavrov/ I wonder how long until even total retards like the mad ginger , finally admit there's just too much wrong in this whole presidency, and it needs to be stopped and the orange monkey kicked to the curb.
  5. oh I see.. when you do this to your woman it's considered erotic play, when the president you don't like does it, it's disdain. Do you really want to compare the list of stupid things Billy bob did in 8 yrs vs your orange fucktard did in less than 4 months? Cause you'd lose.
  6. Those questions will never be answered.
  7. ok just checking
  8. Sooo lying in the Senate is a terrible terrible thing ... We are all outraged by what Billy Bob did yet the current AG .. this is .. the ATTORNEY GENERAL of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ... lied under similar circumstances .. nobody bats an eye. More than that I seem to recall you defending him and claiming " he wasn't very clear". Also .... Flynn .. is still free .. many republicans including you seem OK with that and don't bother to talk about it. Just trying to sort of see where you draw your lines, Haywood.
  9. Ooooh he's not . Not even close to where he wants to be anyway but he is nowhere near as reach as he was claiming to be .. or he wasn't at the time. After hanging out among very rich people for some years, I have learned a few things about them. Among those: many of them have an insatiable thirst. Many of them have a ferocious envy of the others, many of them have a huge pride that runs into obsessions. And many of them are pure evil. He's all those. And, apparently his sons and son in law are just the same. Well his sons are also very stupid but that is a different story. This man's vanity , megalomania and egocentrism has passed the insanity borderline and he will **** every and which one of you in the process.
  10. I am giving it 70% chance that he won't be help responsible for **** . Unless some leaks happen , or one of his mafia buddies cracks up and it becomes a public deal, nothing will happen to him and he and his mafia will get filthy rich in the process ... they already hard at work on this .. ... just watch.
  11. "Love"? Just how stupid are you? I was for his impeachment at the time. Although the core of the issues that lead to him lying made me laugh and want to give him a Hi5
  12. I don't think he will. The democrats have fuuucked themselves into irrelevancy while most of the republicans are too content to believe they have all the power, and the few whith balls to go against "their own " president are not powerful enough. In the mean time, Trump and his buddies keep placing their own ilk into the right spots. The saving grace would be some ballsy group of FBI/CIA/NSA people along with some gutsy and not yet bought legal/media people. to blow this open. there is no doobt in my mind there is something to be found. And what shocks me the most is, forget the elections,, how come nobody is looking into the conflict of interests happening at the WH. this is not in the past .. this is going on now. under everyone's noses and nobody bats an eye at it. Unbelievable.
  13. Good read .. But yea . Russia played not part in US elections, Trump and his mobsters have zero ties with the Ruskies , and all is well in the world. Because that;'s what some want to believe https://arstechnica.co.uk/security/2017/05/emmanuel-macron-russian-hacking-defence/
  14. You mean Rosenstein? Funny thing is , he started his career in Washington dealing with corruption and fraud .Now he's working with the fraudster and the corrupts .. lol
  15. I don't know .. Billy bob had a decent reason to let him go . Trump's "didn't do a good job" seems rather weak.