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  1. men against boys out there tonight. and the Sharks have taken their foot off the pedal, imo.
  2. what I would give to be a fly on the wall in the Hab dressing room in a couple minutes.. Therrien is crazy
  3. depth. MTL can't handle 3 out of the 4 lines coming over the boards
  4. also. That was a great shift by Donskoi . good to see
  5. they showed some pride.
  6. Mitchell has as many goals as Donskoi, Tierney, and Boedker combined at this 1/3 point of the season.. wtf
  7. the 1st PP unit looks like ****. and has looked like **** for quite a while now
  8. wasn't Donskoi scratched ?
  9. it's because it was Karlsson, that kind of **** happens, not literally all the time, but A LOT .
  10. this game has absolutely no flow to it.