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  1. will be watching this one from siesta key. gonna need another monster effort from jones with goal support from the big boys. LET'S GO SHARKS!
  2. there's a G4 that travels with the warriors, too. man, to have that kind of $.
  3. good for pete. not tipping his hand on hertl's injury until the handshakes are over. that'll show em.
  4. they really messed up by not going down 0-3 when they had the chance.
  5. disagree, chuck. sharks' PP was far more important to them than the pens' was these playoffs. even if the non-calls are even, that favors the pens.
  6. word on the street is not only no personnel changes, but no line changes. 12-39-27 still together. presumably 68 still with the joes. no changes on defense. not sure what deboer is doing.