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  1. i'm working.
  2. i will say ten hail don julios and will not sin again.
  3. need input here: had tequila and triple sec at home, naturally wanted to make myself a nice margarita. grabbed some sweetened lime juice form the grocery, because i was feeling too lazy to use a knife, and when i got home i realized the lime juice was really fucked up. smelled terrible. clearly somehow gone wrong. all i had to add to my marg, salted rim and all, is a new belgium heavy melon watermelon and lime ale to cut the booze (it came in a variety pack, i do not seek out fruity beer). now a tropical storm is upon us and i cannot go back to the store. have i committed a sin? or can beer cut through a margarita?
  4. it all goes down at 6pm ET today. condo association annual meeting. wife is gonna drop some bombs. we've had a few owners reach out to us in support.
  5. prez of the board has now completely disbanded the facebook group. there will be no further dissent allowed expressed by the rabble.
  6. update: board president has DELETED my wife's post asking people to vote against what the board is asking for.
  7. wife has opened up a proxy fight with the board. getting entertaining.
  8. the attorneys they've hired used the phrase "building reparations" instead of "building repairs" in their filed motion. you don't have to be a lawyer to know these guys are hacks.
  9. have any of you ever had run-ins with local pseudogovernment, like a condo association board? i'm so mad right now i could puke. the blind leading the blind and the ones who can see are not being heard. i guess the blind are deaf as well? this isn't some petty dispute over illegal flower pots on the porch or something.. this is the two attorneys in the association, but not on the board (my wife being one of them) having no confidence in the attorneys the board has hired to fight a huge lawsuit on our behalf against our corporate overlords, and the board refusing to listen. oh, and also asking for a $3500 assessment per unit to pay for the idiots. even as a lay person (non-lawyer), i could read from their motion that they're morons. oh, and the vote on whether this assessment is fair is going to probably be determined by proxy before our meeting to discuss it even starts on monday.
  10. kirkland stuff is generally good. it's just overstock of other brands, i believe.
  11. only a matter of time before i take over the crown...
  12. ahem... Insane Swedish hockey fans storm the ice after Djurgarden’s historic win (Video)
  13. i've seen his fiancee. congrats are definitely in order.
  14. please don't turn this glorious BDT into a political clusterfuck like the OT, thanks.