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  1. I've been taking it all this week. Thanks! 🖕 I had a job in SoCal. Corporate moved it to Syracuse. Pass... Well, I didn't want to buy a piece of **** condo for more money and pay HOA on top of that. I'll ride the train most days.
  2. I could've literally driven to LA in less time than it took me to get to work today...
  3. 31st Beer? Those bottles better have US $100 bills for labels and I'll be expecting a 12-pack...
  4. Yeah, you get the idea... FWIW...I'm sweating my ass off hauling "spring clean" **** out of the backyard. Mom and her BF were major ******* hoarders!
  5. I'll likely be somewhere between houses...radio game maybe...if I feel I haven't tortured myself enough today....
  6. Sharks got a new streak going! Oh wait... Time for me to crush a couple cold beers...
  7. Yeah, unfortunately, I know quite a few that have been through it. Some couples I know have been through it multiple times.
  8. That sucks...so sorry to hear that you had to go through that.
  9. Taking a **** break... ...yeah, it's big. Butler's pantry has a ton of booze storage space...
  10. I couldn't make it. Moving in starts today... WhenI was tuned in, I saw a lot of empty seats. I have so much **** to do I shouldn't even have watched what I did on TV last night.
  11. Wait, and listen, to the end... WTF is going on there?
  12. Sharks playing stupid again. FLA pretty much carried the play in the second. Assist to the f*cktards in stripes... The softie by Jones is looking really bad now. Hopefully PDB is blowtorching the room right now...
  13. Jones has to stop that second goal against... That was a big whif!
  14. I can't imagine... I came close to losing both of my kids and those situations were horrific to deal with for me.
  15. Our testing used guys that could actually drive, regardless of the car's make and model! 👍👍
  16. I did some testing with some Porsche/Audi mechanics and we were unable to duplicate the claimed unintended acceleration claims. Braking power always overcame engine power.
  17. Do Tesla drivers still call it "the gas" or is there a new term? Reminds me of the "unintended acceleration" BS that happened with Audi in the 80's. How long until some knob claims this anomaly with his/her Tesla... "But I was standing on the brake pedal and the car raced out of control..." Yeah right, BS...
  18. Probably a dumbass showing off the "summon" feature to his buddies while sitting in the restaurant...
  19. Congrats to all the f*cktards that voted for this piece of ****! Can't wait for him to start releasing convicted murderers, likely prior to his re-election campaign. To those of you that believed Moonbeam was an imbecile, Gavin says, "Hold my beer!"
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