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  1. I've been taking it all this week. Thanks! 🖕 I had a job in SoCal. Corporate moved it to Syracuse. Pass... Well, I didn't want to buy a piece of **** condo for more money and pay HOA on top of that. I'll ride the train most days.
  2. I could've literally driven to LA in less time than it took me to get to work today...
  3. 31st Beer? Those bottles better have US $100 bills for labels and I'll be expecting a 12-pack...
  4. Yeah, you get the idea... FWIW...I'm sweating my ass off hauling "spring clean" **** out of the backyard. Mom and her BF were major ******* hoarders!
  5. I'll likely be somewhere between houses...radio game maybe...if I feel I haven't tortured myself enough today....
  6. Sharks got a new streak going! Oh wait... Time for me to crush a couple cold beers...
  7. Yeah, unfortunately, I know quite a few that have been through it. Some couples I know have been through it multiple times.
  8. That sucks...so sorry to hear that you had to go through that.
  9. Taking a **** break... ...yeah, it's big. Butler's pantry has a ton of booze storage space...
  10. I couldn't make it. Moving in starts today... WhenI was tuned in, I saw a lot of empty seats. I have so much **** to do I shouldn't even have watched what I did on TV last night.
  11. Wait, and listen, to the end... WTF is going on there?
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