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  1. Perhaps passing out with a gun in your lap being a very bad idea should be considered prior to setting out for a taco run. I get that Taco Bell is hazardous to your health but a gun isn't going to protect you from those hazards. Another healthy thought, when the cops say put your hands up the proper, and healthy, response would be to put your hands up. Moving your hand(s) towards the gun can lead to lead poisoning. Not healthy!
  2. Winter is here social

    If any talking head says, "We're not out of the drought yet..." they should receive a sound beating! 👊👊👊👊
  3. GDT Sharks vs Caps with cup 7:30

    Looks like he's lost about 40 lbs! Well done Nellie!👍👍
  4. 2018-19 Hockey News

    Providing the proper race horse scale...
  5. GDT Sharks vs Caps with cup 7:30

    Absolute garbage call there... This game was decided long before the first puck drop... Officiating has been ******* brutal.
  6. GDT Sharks vs Caps with cup 7:30

    I blame playing stupid and shitty hockey...
  7. GDT Sharks vs Caps with cup 7:30

    Looked like Ovi got away with interference in the D zone on Donskoi then gets left alone for an easy goal on the other...
  8. GDT Sharks vs Caps with cup 7:30

    ... rhe·tor·i·cal ques·tion ...
  9. GDT Sharks vs Caps with cup 7:30

    Have the Sharks NOBODY that can score on a breakaway?? FFS...
  10. GDT Sharks vs Caps with cup 7:30

    ...and there's another missed call!! FFS!!
  11. GDT Sharks vs Caps with cup 7:30

    So it's already looking like one of those games where the ******* stripes aren't going to make a call for the Sharks...
  12. Winter is here social

    The latter is a much easier sell...👍👍 Pretty much a slam dunk...