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  1. Another local San Diego act...
  2. Some local San Diego boys...
  3. Thanks Fugazi... got my original account back. Sharkhayood... if you private message me an address, I will put them in an envelope and mail them. Danville... lol... you cannot have my beer! :-)
  4. The right way to spend a winter day in the back country:
  5. Wow... that's a big roll to survive... that guy is very lucky.
  6. Jeep Cherokee: The Cherokee remained popular throughout its entire model run. The 4-liter "High Output" 190-hp straight-six engine used almost exclusively from 1991 through 2001 has proven to be exceptionally durable. Absolutely. 200K miles and they are just getting broken in. Stupid cash for clunkers program killed so many goods Cherokees...
  7. Cool rig. Looks pretty well built from what I can see. How far did you have to limp? That always adds a bit of excitement to the run! My first time there I had to pull a guy up Cadillac Hill. He exploded his diff and only had rear wheel drive.
  8. Ha! Seriously. I really hope I never need one for real out wheeling. Things can go bad quickly if you're not being cautious and safety minded at all times.... which is how I almost ended up rolling down that hill.
  9. Cool. What are you driving? IMO exploring is the most fun. I was talking to the owner of this about trading for some other toys I got: http://santabarbara....4400576492.html I would turn it into the ultimate expedition vehicle... doesn't look like it will happen however.
  10. I have posted pics of my Jeep here before, but it's never been on the roof? I hope to keep it that way...
  11. Thanks. Yep, I love rock crawling and exploring forest service routes. I try to run the Rubicon every summer... will be there in mid-August this year.
  12. If I had one it would have spilled for sure. Once it started going over, I thought I was going all the way down the hill... and I was clutching the steering wheel like my life depended on it. I was never actually on the roof... but close. First time I ever tipped it over... but it's met several rocks up close before.
  13. Here's my latest car related incident. No one was hurt. Can't see me... I'm in the driver's seat. Oops: