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  1. Still hurt and still hurting in his mind. Kane is going through a tough period in life right now it's going to take a while to get right I would think. One thing I noticed in the game last night, the Sharks did a lot of puck watching. They also looked afraid to hit anyone. Maybe it was because they couldn't catch anyone on the Knights. I personally cant stand the Knights! It took all of one Season for me to have a new team I hate the most.
  2. Vegas is so damn fast!! They're also starting to play a more physical game and with the Flower, healthy oh boy watch out!
  3. The Sharks had 5 regulation losses all Year up to this point, they lost 3 in a row on the most recent home stand when all they needed was one point to be the first team in the West to qualify for the playoffs and also move into first place in the Pacific and first in the West overall. The Sharks failed miserably! Not what you want at this time of the year. Keep this up and we will be opening up the playoffs at Vegas that = early tee times! Yeah the sky is falling after Tonight's game. Hopefully they can get it together on the road. My Buddy is flying in for the Knight vs Sharks game in a couple of Weeks. I'm in charge of buying the tickets for that game. I'm getting nose bleed tickets for that game. Eff Him and his Golden Knight!!!!
  4. Gus is a lot slower then I remember. For some reason I thought he was a fast skater with the puck.
  5. Goodrow being interfered while driving to the net, Thornton get milled and now this. ******* Zebras
  6. 3 Brocken play by the Knights on all 3 of their goals. kane still looks hurt.
  7. Haley running around is going to cost the Sharks. Also the Sharks don't have a answer for the Knights speed.
  8. Kid Poker was supposed to have an Ownership stake in the Knights. I don't think it happened though.
  9. Anyone else get the feeling that with a little more experience Heed could be more then a serviceable D Man? I Personally think with the right coaching and more games played, He could end up being great.
  10. EK65 is way better then Simek, but neither is able to play for the foreseeable future, so we're going to have to hope Ryan gets it together.
  11. Sharks starting to pick up the pace. The Donkey is really fighting it tonight.
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