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  1. I dunno. It is closer to old time hockey. Finish every check, especially if it's late. Hook, hold, pick, etc. I complain about it a bit but it is unbelievable that they don't get called for any of the thousand penalties they take per game. As I have suggested, the ref's neural paths go refractory because they have been hyper stimulated by super saturating numbers of penalties. It is ridiculous how often the Sharks started a rush out of their own and when the rusher could get the puck deep, there was no support, no trailer, no one there, no chances. The camera doesn't show it because it is following the rusher but you know that Vegas is obstructing and holding the other SJ guys trying to join the rush.
  2. What I would try first is to reverse the Karlsson trade. Rights to Karlsson back to Ottawa for Tierny and nullifying any future consideration. Then bundle Tierny, Meier and Hertl to get Marleau back from Toronto. True S.J. fans are just confused by moves, power, hands and creativity like Hertl and Meier exhibit. Much more comfortable with smooth and predictable.
  3. Oh cripes, Sharks are going to face a first NHL game ever goalie tonight. Have they ever scored a goal on one of those? Didn't look too good against that third-gamer the other night. (Oh I forgot about that emergency-emergency-emergency backup that night called ad hoc from a Juniors team. They beat him ok)
  4. He is a loss for sure but probably survivable, esp if Karlsson comes back. Heed and Ryan make some rookie mistakes but are actually pretty good. What they can’t survive is a fourth line with Haley on it. They will require 4 line depth to be successful because their top two are very good but nowhere near the quality of the best of the playoff teams. Fourth line has been generating some exciting chances of late but they all go to die on Haley’s stick.
  5. Especially when he realizes what it is really like to be playing alongside Marleau when he could have been skating with Hertl and Meier and Kane, and even Pavelski, Couture, Thornton and Burns.
  6. I’ll be amazed the first time I see him take a stride and a half with the puck without fumbling it awkwardly or just falling over.
  7. Well I wouldn’t have recognized that as Natalie ,but it sure isn’t from West Side Story. Got a be decades later.
  8. He just always wanted to be an MLB catcher. Skipper needed to hustle out there and kick some snow on the ref’s skates.
  9. Well what about Forsburg? Of course he did pay for being physical with the injuries, and they did shorten his career but the talent was there, the willingness to make contact, probably a more complete player. But face it, many/most very physical players had short careers and it was a shame for some that were great talents. Cam Neely comes to mind but of course there are many others.
  10. I’m thinkin the Haley expt should be on a very short leash. He was by far the worst player on the ice v Boston. Sharks need their fourth line to be effective. That has been the difference when they have gotten on a roll. The top two are good and often produce well but they are also up against the other teams ‘ top players. When it does stalemate it has often been the fourth line production that has made the difference.
  11. Your mother was a hamster - and your father smelled of elderberries...
  12. Kane did that. And got in a few good punches and a respectable toss. But since he started it, he really has no complaint that Chara was sill capable of punching his lights out. As for the check, I don't get the whining (is that "whinging" in Canada?). A body check was the right play there, Chara was in the right place to deliver one. He wasn't charging, his timing and direction were perfectly appropriate. The league could pass a rule that 6'9" players are required to peel off of body checks to eliminate the risk of inadvertent head contact but that doesn't seem quite right. And even without the inherent risk of the height difference, Kane needs to keep his head up. He was at considerable risk of head contact there even from a normal sized player. He should be glad he wasn't hurt and everyone should just move on. That was probably more about the frustration of being beaten so badly on the ice anyway.
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