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  1. Great place Black Rose. Who is playing tonight?
  2. Hmmm. If you have to ask directions to a craps table in Reno, you have primed the pump a little too hard if you know what I mean.
  3. continued Did he just invite opponents to shot pucks at his broken heel?
  4. Oh of course it is relevant. Did the Wilson administration consistently skate a top tier hockey team or didn't they? I am curious as to the actual numbers and thought you might have them but it is obvious that they have and for almost 15 years. Which also gets to my perennial question, do you like hockey or do you like parades? In the former case one might appreciate a large number of well played hockey games in the San Jose arena over those years. And all the people who made that possible. In the latter case, to each his own i guess. But your unwillingness even to try to provide an answer says it all.
  5. So cjelli (or anyone), what is SJ's W-L record since Wilson has been there? How many Playoff games have they been in? Where do each of those stats rank in the league in that span? And here is my perennial question who could give a coherent answer (haven't heard one yet) - I would love to hear how any fan's life is improved or changes in any way because their favorite team won the trophy? (Maybe I'll concede the point to that 97 year old guy who has been to every Cubs World Series game in history and finally realized his dream.)
  6. Looks like #2 to me, if you know what I mean...
  7. We'll prob a billion less and less only a little longer than it took SF to remove a few hundred yards of the Embarcadero freeway. Never mind adding up the dollars and person years that went into that, fixing the Nimitz and replacing the section of the Bay Bridge.
  8. Well to be pedantic, Jesus only had two commandments. Kermit should probably be calling Moses.
  9. No it wasn't legal. Torres threw an elbow that hit Michalek on the left eyebrow that incapacitated him for months. That was illegal even in Canada at the time. Probably when Eddie Shore played too. Not quite as bad as jumping a guy from behind, punching him in the brain stem and trying to shove his face through the ice, but pretty bad.
  10. Ironic and suggestive of a genuine curse that a reputation garnered in part by a cheap shot that almost single handedly (or"elbowdly") knocked SJ out of the playoffs was later used to justify knocking a refreshingly effective Torres out of the playoffs for a solid shoulder to shoulder hit when he was WITH SJ.
  11. I dunno, by 2032 $400,000 won't be worth a lot. He'll probably have to get a job selling used cars.
  12. Wonder what ever happened to poster Oiler Girl 83. Of course can't fault her for getting tired of this place but she was very hockey knowledgeable and a pleasant conversationalist, and would be an asset to the upcoming discussion. Prob won't be back though. Be nice to get some guest appearances from Mad Dog too (his kids have probably outgrown Franklin Turtle by now). Hopefully at least MF/SF will be back on board for the Oiler Series. Sooner than later because it may not last long.
  13. A good life lesson that
  14. Of course you do. A "shot on goal" is by definition a shot that gets to the net; a shot is only awarded if it would have gone in had it not be n blocked in transit by an opponent. This is a different met if than shots attempted, which is captured in Corsi numbers and is a reflection of possession and is a component do but but not a direct correlate of offensive efficacy. In fact Corsi is also indicative of team defensive efficacy because the other team can't score when you have the puck. Be that as it may, shots allowed is a direct correlate of team defense and a rather good one. There is another dim bison worth knowing and that is the spatial distribution of shots as a function of the success rate over that space but considering, per D5, that SJ is about 4th in the league in shots allowed and about 4th in the league in goals allowed, I don't really think you have a valid argument that the goal tending is carrying the team defense.