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  1. Thing is, NHL has been a 3-2 league for most of the years Marleau has been in the league, maybe a little less in the clutch and grab era he came up in. So of the <= 5 goals per game on average, any one scored should be the "GWG" >= about 20% of the time. Which I think you'll find is just about Marleaus's GWG rate. Which is also close to what it is for Pavelski and Couture and a lot of people with respectable number of goals. Including Jeremy Roenick I think. Now when Gretzky was playing, the typical game was more like 5-3 or so as I recall. So any one goal should have been the nominal game winner at a much lower rate, about 12.5%. His 11% GWG rate is close to that with one big difference - he had a heck of a lot of multi goal games, in which only one can be the game winner. So given his good talents, and years on a team which has been near the top of the league for most of those years, and his lack of injuries, he has indeed racked up an impressive number of goals scored. But his "Game Winning" proclivities are not especially remarkable.
  2. "But the reservation hold the room. That's why you have reservations." "I know why we have reservations" "I don't think you do..."
  3. So your point is that because he is good at offense he should not be a forward?
  4. Yeah I think that is correct; I suspect it is a replacement for your old registration document with the lien holder removed. It doesn't change your stickers or tags, or the normal renewal date.
  5. Or on Sharks board..., and brag about cheap-shotting pokemon dudes while I'm at it...
  6. All the AHL teams are a mix of prospects and career minor leaguers, the latter of which do not have a contract with an NHL squad and essentially no prospect of ever getting one.
  7. Maybe the best time. In SV and lots of boom towns the huge layoffs are just steady state churn. An artifice to make the bottom line look better at the end of a particular quarter, especially at the end of the fiscal year. Almost immediately a host of replacements will be hired. GIve it a shot.
  8. Except now the mother is up on felony charges for letting her kid go to the park by himself. Cellmates with another mother who let her kids play in the backyard by themselves.
  9. On the other hand some people are disposed to think the way they see things is always the right way and the prof of it is that they see it that way and they are right. In your case, your standard for superior defensemen highlights Rathje, Murray, and evidently, Dillon. I think that says it all.
  10. Consider making them New England style. Press the dough into any flat pan that is about as long in one dimension as the length you would like for your buns. The other dimension can be as wide as you can find. Just press it all in and don't shape. Bake normally. When cool, slice all the way through the loaf every 1.25" or so and remove. Half way between those cuts, slice about 2/3 the way through the loaf. You put your hot dog in the pocket made by the partial cut of course. For something really special, butter the outsides of the buns and toast on a griddle. Yum.
  11. Huh??? Murray ISN'T an NHL defenseman and hadn't been for a few years. And never really was that caliber as evinced by the fact that as soon as he left the highly protected way he was used in SJ he was out of the league in two and a half seasons. Now as for watching games, never mind the stark difference in stats Archie astutely articulated, anyone who watched Dillon play and thinks his D is even acceptable, never mind desirable, is the one whose acumen is questionable.
  12. Happy Canada day to John, CB, Terri and many other Canadian friends and relations.
  13. ^^^if I had to pick the cat lady on the Sharks roster there would not have been a contest.
  14. Ausgezeichnet. Gute Reise!
  15. Good thing Bishop is such a wall. No one in that list can actually play defense.