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  1. Well can you point to an occasion when he didn’t look foolish on defense?
  2. Do you have an electric meter on your charging station? And yes, the regional cost per joule (or watt or whatever) is the right conversion rate to use. That is the true economic cost of charging your battery. And of course the only valid ratio comes from the cummultive cost of charging every charge over a substantial amount of time, and the actual number of miles over that time,. Finally your argument on the cost per mile not only rests but gloats on the fact that other people are picking up the tab for your per mile costs. What was the full actual cost of the battery replacement btw (the 100% amount).
  3. Well I once looked up joules per mile and joules per battery charge and true average cost per joule and it came out that the true cost of operating a Tesla was the same as an efficien gasoline car similar in size. Now there is quite a bit of denial on the part of the owners enabled by the existence of government subsidies and hokie pricing tiers the electric companies use to shuffle the cost away from electric cars owners. But that doesn't mean they don't really cost that much, just that other poor saps (the rest of us tax payers and rate payers) are getting stuck with the bill. Plus I'm told they use fossil fuel to make electricity, btw.
  4. Two of the best goalies in history no question. And 0 Stanley Cups between them.
  5. Poor Ryan, mean thing to do to a novice. Normally you assign a rookie to be protected by a vet who is better than the rook at their assigned responsibility.
  6. How many years has it been since SJ defeated Buffalo at home? In fact, have they ever?
  7. Well they could put that time to good use going some basic Peewee hockey drills. Their shooting and passing skills are poor and they have no idea where to find each other on the ice. Of course that doesn't begin to touch the speed and south to north hockey systems they have never learned but baby steps...
  8. Well I'll get to,watch, which is yay, but it will be the Kings broadcast on Fox Sports West. I don't know if Jim Fox is still working but he will be unbearable without the excellence of Bob Miller taking most of the mic time.
  9. Plus Marleau prob never belonged in the west and especially on the Sharks since the pervasive systemic grinding there is absolutely antithetical to his talents. Could be the move to the northeast where the action is much more end to end and much less defensive will be exactly what he needed all along. Too bad he is 38 and can't possibly have the stamina to take best advantage of the opportunity all game all season. And too bad for him this didn't happen 15 years ago.
  10. didn't they both have an empty netter for the third goal? Maybe shouldn't be a full hat trick. Better than a cheap trick but maybe better not to brag on it too much.
  11. Well it's 1.25% into a long season (and to someone else's point, Jones only looked bad for the first 0.1% of a long season; looked excellent for the next 1.1%). So no point in overanalyzing at this time. But if we're calling people out, how about Norris? His D was characteristically poor, and he was hesitant and clumsy getting poorly aimed shots off. We'll see if he can keep his eventual (offensive) hot streak going this season long enough to make much difference to the team's ultimate fate.
  12. Sorry but where did last year's team go again? I forget. Marleau got some goals, Burns got some Norris and the team got ???
  13. Isn't someone with his purported talent supposed to be the one carrying the team, especially the less gifted? Would've been nice if Marleau could have done that in SJ. Guess it is fun to have a chance to pad your stats while others carry the water.
  14. Great on tap, ok but not nearly as good in bottles, and surprisingly, not good at all in cans. Could be I got an old, expired batch but I won't be making that mistake again.
  15. Not to mention neither Pitt v StL, nor SJ v Phil is remotely a traditional "rivalry," (whereas, ironically, the converse assortment would yield two classic rivalries). It's ok, first time I have had cable for >3 years so I'll actually get to see me some Sharks.