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  1. That is trash. Simek's injury is trash. The shark's lack of crisp anything is trash. The golden knights' play is trash.
  2. I just had a pic from this night come up on my history feed in Facebook..good times. And ended up doing tequila shots with Pimp next door after that.
  3. I mean, aren't they all generally linked though? Guys at the top are largely just trying to clear wide areas where they can deal and are organizing the import and distribution.. This trickles down to the street thugs trying to sell more than the other guy and generally pushing for their own territory in a small scale. Are you just saying that in this case upstarts with less morals ended up deseating the established crime families? Surely once they scaled they must have taken on an organization structure that wasn't super different from that which they replaced.
  4. Cleans out the bad blood. This one just reminds me if the finale of the Sopranos...
  5. Lol. Vehicle (Tesla). Someone either hit that super speed button, or let the car drive itself...
  6. I can't shake the feeling that Simek being out is the inveitable crack that will lead to us having a lackluster playoffs. Seems like the team is not the same when he is out, which doesn't make a ton of sense but I figure the records with/without will bear that out (even considering Karlsson has also been out for large stretches that Simek played).
  7. Haley v Simmonds. Both guys were circling like it was Disney on Ice for about 50 seconds. Weak bout overall. Goodrow must have thrown a donkey punch at someone while this was going on.
  8. Having someone like Meier with legs to stretch play and get the defense shifting really helps those cement boots linemates of his.
  9. I loved Bakes on the ref call - He was pissed coming off the ice last shift. Now what?
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