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  1. ****, really? Long time coming.
  2. It's pretty fucked up I made that comment against one botched call and as it posts there is already another blatant call.
  3. I hope couture would have spat blood at the ref that fuckin missed that one. Good lord.
  4. Donskoi with 100% of both my fantasy team's and the Sharks goals this night. Go team Joonas Brothers!
  5. ******* garbage. Randy jinxed this one by mentioning them not going on a losing streak at all this year aside from games 1-2.
  6. Hertl is wheeling and dealing.
  7. He had that one dangle but otherwise not a good outing from him. That line is fast becoming line 3.
  8. That was a dive. Hansen wasn't nearly as bad as that.
  9. Agreed. If he had been playing the shot all the way in he should have challenged to cut down the angle. He got caught poke checking way backed into his net which just opened up even more space.
  10. I don't think Dell could have made it to the puck. The problem is he thought about it and then ended up stuck deep in net with speed coming at him.
  11. That's a shitting of the bed from the league. Good lord the Lou goal last game was less egregiois than this.
  12. Damn that was some not great defense from mister Norris.