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  1. Also, those top 4 looked pretty small. Especially 5'10 on defense. Gotta hope he is the Dan Boyle type otherwise I'm not sure what you're doing there.
  2. Wait, the French guy drafted was named D'Artagnon? Seriously?
  3. Darth Maul was worthwhile
  4. Surely we are part t5 at this point. Khalesi was in number 5..
  5. I feel like this is the nicest word you've ever given to our five liberal hinterland. Prost!
  6. Burn 1999. **** I'm old. That's the year the matrix came out, folks.
  7. Was working and then drink. Who the **** is this Norris?
  8. **** it, was drinking by7 and missed it either way
  9. This is pretty awesome.
  10. I thought Phil Kessel was protected from the expansion draft?
  11. It's currently hot as Satan's Johnson in Az. Fair warning.
  12. I feel like this is the wrong move, especially after the injury. Joe was very much producing at a snails pace down the stretch last year, pre torn knee. Patty was still moving and popping in goals. I feel if either will be a somewhat useful bottom 6 it's Patty. I'd be sad to see Tierney go. We'll see what the return is but he screams of a trade and watch prosper move.
  13. I agree Boedker would be my assumed puck and Schlemko or Dillon are the other likely ones based on age and value. I'm not looking into other teams lists to go more in depth with regards to the full field. Does seem like there is a breadth of d out there (bottom 4 types), so maybe that makes Boedker as a potential top 3 guy seem promising.
  14. We had a trade with Edmonton for some garbage like 3 seasons back.