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  1. Agreed and that's somewhat why I asked. I've just not caught many of these due to the early starts. I think the combination of having pickles out and karlsson/hansen in spurts has not helped. I do still think it goes back to the fragile depth we truly do have, 1-2 key injuries and the team as it sits today seems like everyone is out of their element.
  2. He's been one of the somewhat bright spots in this dog **** two weeks we've had. How many of these games has pickles been out of the line up? This has been my fear for most likely thing to tank our playoff run and it seems like with the pickle out we immediately start bleeding goals.
  3. Yeah that was a pretty ******** call. Though the refs are probably trying to clamp down on this from spiraling out of control which isn't unfair. Wow, shorty. This team turned into a joke without pickles.
  4. Sounds like the last time I popped my knee out of its socket.
  5. Great, down a guy, you draw a penalty then do something dumb amd now we are down 2 forwards.
  6. It's almost eerie how calm and collected he was stripping off his gear and b-lining over there.
  7. May as well go stir the pot with those hayseeds on the Dallas board.
  8. I'm not sure how to say Coyote Ugly in Texan.
  9. I agree, the wall is my favorite and I have a very clean copy as well. But last night I wasn't expecting to spend 3 hours in front of the speakers so I started small.
  10. Sorry to hear that. Wishing the beast for Marleau.
  11. I don't. Have some thorogood though. Listening to dark side of the moon right now. Just had wish you were here on (I think I prefer it to dark side).
  12. Hansen, Karlsson and the pickle all out, that's kind of a big dent.
  13. Piemontese flank steak. I feel the breed helps as its very lean, but yes, I did well and let it settle as well. Was a bit hard to judge as the cut was a bit uneven from one end to the other and also pulling it off the grill when it's still feeling quite soft is always a bit difficult. Luckily JB doesn't really like red meat so I was able to cook the thick end toy liking and her side was a little more fully cooked.