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  1. Got some free brews for my odd taste. Ballast Point is a solid ******* place. Now sadly back at the room like a reaponsible adult.
  2. Also had another brewers triple IPA that was 12.3% and smoother than any IPA you've ever tried. Was glorious.
  3. Am at the ballast point. They have dynamite fish tacos and a beer that tastes like bacon.
  4. San Diego until Tuesday and Massachusetts on Wes until Friday. I think I'm gonna reach my winter quota in those 2.5 days.
  5. Do you have the Moto g4 plus? That's what I was looking at.
  6. Radulov was really gushing. Hope it was just a good cut amd nothing worse.
  7. Well they are ******* themselves by no longer subsidizing the phones. Mine is now 3 years old but I have no way to upgrade at reduced cost because of that. And while I'd like the new Galaxy S I'm not too keen to pay 550 dollars while my phone is still functioning..
  8. Sounds good. She has the galaxy Alpha now. The led may be an annoyance but I'll let her know.
  9. Braun needs to give Patty the shot there.
  10. How do you let Jumbo and Pavs get a 2-0? Seriously.
  11. Cooter's **** eating grin said it all?
  12. JB and I are now both looking for phones. She is looking at cheap **** like the J series from Samsung or even K from LG. Anyone have better options at 200 bucks? I found the Moto G4 Plus. Looks pretty good for 300 dollars. Any thoughts? I've also seen the Huawei Honor 8. Looks ok but sounds like the software sucks ****.
  13. Big sigh of relief for Tierny. Thought his legs were fucked there.
  14. Battling in the corner for his man.