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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oHdvB4PDQY
  2. Yeah it was definitely awesome to recognize so many locations. I kept getting more and more excited the more I saw recognizable landmarks, and then I see my hangout spot across the street from one of the restaurants they used in the movie and I got all excited The movie was pretty good, I also wouldn't call it excellent, but I laughed quite a few times throughout.
  3. Takes place in Halifax IIRC, but so much of the actual footage is filmed in Winnipeg and what seemed like Brandon (Couple hours West of Winnipeg) Hated to see a giant ass Quebec flag hanging from the MTS Centre rafters, that was vandalism
  4. Awesome, did not know about this Thanks Tharr
  5. I don't have a major problem with that, but sometimes the circumstances just aren't ideal :/
  6. Not my style either but the benefits are worth it And I drive a '97 Jetta GL... so yes I understand what you are talking about.
  7. Driving Song? Also for Marbs, if you can get a girl alone in your car, make sure you have this song ready to play... works like a charm I had been using that since it came out and then a little while later my favorite radio station named it the "Best 'F' song" (BTW, if anyone is looking for podcasts, look up the Dean Blundell Show, Hilarious stuff)
  8. Anyone see Goon? Excellent movie, and the fact that I recognized half to 3/4ths of the locations in that movie made it even more awesome. The restaurant they go to with his parents is my dads favorite restaurant in the city, and the restaurant he meets the girl at is right across the street from my favorite place to eat at lunch, about a minute or two from my campus.
  9. Saw this last weekend. Loved it
  10. Ahhhh, you bastard! haha
  11. We'll have to play a few games when you get back haha
  12. Doesnt come out till the 13th in North America, but luckily I have EA Sports Season Ticket and get it the same time as those lucky Europeans!
  13. Thats the one, haha.
  14. Dude thats the sounds like the guy I was looking for last month, Some guy at my work played a song by him that was pretty good. Also, MGMT rocks.
  15. AHA! Just remembered where I had heard that song before that I had posted a day or two ago