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  1. This team has NEVER had the bite that is needed to be a Championship team.....the culture has been rotten for a long while and it starts with DOUG WILSON. All you need to look at is LA...they dumped both the GM and the head coach even after 2 Cups.. IT'S TIME FOR WILSON TO GO!!!!!!!!
  2. Have a good time golfing you pukes.....
  3. Well...i am still going to enjoy my Sonoma Cab and my Cuban....FU SJ..hahajjahsjabsbsbsnsbdbdndbrnrnejeurne...fuckers
  4. This team should be should the coaching staff and that piece if leather as GM. Hey Doug...did you see what happened in LA? Time for a change in down
  5. SJ....still with the young man's attitude of a tomorrow....
  6. Score a ******* goal....ffs
  7. Close the ******* 5 hole you puck bag
  8. What happened to Timo....?
  9. They let Jones hang out to dry...
  10. Get the puck out of your Zone and keep it in their zone.....FFS
  11. Don't play to hang to a game of momentum you fuckers...