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  1. The only thing fascist going on here is the Orangutan and his Batman villain advisor Bannon. The things I point out here about this administration are not ideological. I'm pointing out **** I've never, ever seen before - colluding with Russian intelligence, crapping on NATO, yelling randomly at allies, hand picking which news agencies have access to the White House like some third-world banana dictatorship. It's a gross incompetence and ignorance that's bizarre and anyone with a brain should find really disturbing. No wonder it doesn't bother you.
  2. More hell freezes over. FOX Shep Smith defending... democracy.
  3. Keep spamming "the left is losing it" stories. Not even bothering to include the ****ing source. It takes an extra 2 seconds. Great job, keep it up.
  4. I don't follow. And I'm getting bored here. What does hacking have to do with an interview with a Russian newspaper editor.
  5. A Russian newspaper editor explains how Putin made Trump his puppet “They consider him a stupid, unstrategic politician.” http://www.vox.com/conversations/2017/2/22/14697718/donald-trump-putin-russia-kremlin-hillary-clinton Mikhail Fishman is the editor-in-chief of the Moscow Times, an English-language weekly newspaper published in Moscow. The paper is critical of Vladimir Putin; indeed, it was targeted twice in 2015 by Russian hackers and has been attacked repeatedly by pro-Kremlin pundits. Fishman, a Russian citizen and himself outspoken critic of Putin, has covered Russian politics for more than 15 years. For the past year, he has monitored the increasingly bizarre relationship between Putin and Trump, with a particular focus on Putin’s strategic aims. In this interview, I ask Fishman how Trump is perceived in Russia, why Putin is actively undermining global democracy, and what Russia hopes to gain from the political disorder in America. This conversation has been lightly edited for length and clarity. Sean Illing From your perch in Moscow, how do you see this strange relationship between Putin and Trump? Mikhail Fishman It is strange. It looks a bit irrational on Trump's part to be sure. Why does he have this strange passion for Putin and Russia? I have to say, I don't believe in the conspiracy theories about "golden showers" and blackmailing. I don't believe it exists and I don't believe it's a factor. But this, admittedly, makes the whole thing that much stranger. Sean Illing What makes you so skeptical of the claims in that Trump dossier? Mikhail Fishman Two things. One, I've been a political journalist for 15 years working and dealing with sources in Russia and elsewhere. And frankly, a lot of this appears shallow to me. I'm sure Russia has plenty of dirt on Trump, but I can't accept without hard evidence much of the what I've heard or read. Second, this still has the ring of a conspiracy theory, this idea that the Kremlin has blackmailed Trump into submission. I'm generally opposed, on principle, to conspiracy theorizing. So I'm just skeptical until there's concrete evidence. Sean Illing Let’s talk about Trump and Putin as individuals. How are they different? How are they similar? Mikhail Fishman I would prefer to talk about how they're different, because those differences are so obvious and extreme. They come from very different worlds. Putin is an ex-Soviet intelligence officer with all that that implies. Trump is a colorful American businessman and showman. In their habits, they're radically different. Trump is a posturing performer, full of idiotic narcissism. He appears to be a disorganized fool, to be honest. Putin, on the other hand, is calculating, organized, and he plans everything. He also hides much of his personal life in a way that Trump does not. Then there's also the fact that Putin is so much more experienced than Trump. He has more than 15 years of global political experience. He knows how to do things, how to work the system. He makes plenty of mistakes, but he knows how to think and act. Trump is a total neophyte. He has no experience and doesn't understand how global politics operates. He displays his ignorance every single day. Sean Illing What is the perception of Trump in Russia? Is he seen as an ally, a foe, or a stooge? Mikhail Fishman The vision of Trump is basically shaped by the Kremlin and their propaganda machine — that's what they do. During the election campaign, Trump was depicted not as an underdog but as an honest representative of the American people who was being mistreated by the establishment elites and other evil forces in Washington. Sean Illing The Kremlin knew that to be ********, right? This was pure propaganda, not sincere reporting, and it was aimed at damaging Hillary Clinton. Mikhail Fishman Of course. All of it was aimed at damaging Hillary Clinton. Putin expected Trump to lose, but the prospect of a Clinton victory terrified him, and he did everything possible to undermine her. Sean Illing Why was he so afraid of a Clinton victory? Mikhail Fishman Because he knew that would mean an extension of Obama's harsh orientation to Russia, perhaps even more aggressive than Obama. Putin has experienced some difficult years since his 2014 invasion of Crimea, but he didn't expect this level of isolation. He saw — and sees — Trump as an opportunity to change the dynamic. Sean Illing A lot of commentators here believe the most generous interpretation of Trump’s fawning orientation to Putin and Russia is that he’s hopelessly naïve. Do you buy that? Mikhail Fishman That's a good question. Why does he like Putin so much? I think Trump sees Putin as a kind of soulmate. Let's be honest: Trump is not a reflective person. He's quite simple in his thinking, and he's sort of attracted to Putin's brutal forcefulness. If anything, this is what Trump and Putin have in common. Sean Illing Has Putin made a puppet of Trump? Mikhail Fishman Of course. This is certainly what the Kremlin believes, and they’re acting accordingly. They're quite obviously playing Trump. They consider him a stupid, unstrategic politician. Putin is confident that he can manipulate Trump to his advantage, and he should be. Sean Illing In other words, they see in Trump a useful idiot. Mikhail Fishman Exactly. The Kremlin is limited in their knowledge about what's going on in Washington, but they see the chaos and the confusion in Trump's administration. They see the clumsiness, the inexperience. Naturally, they're working to exploit that. Sean Illing What’s the long geopolitical play for Putin? What does he hope to gain from the disorder in America? Mikhail Fishman The first thing he wants and needs is the symbolic legitimization of himself and Russia as a major superpower and world player that America has to do deal with as an equal. He wants to escape the isolation of Russia on the world stage, which was what the campaign in Syria was all about. Putin has grand ambitions for himself and for Russia, and nearly every move he makes is animated by this. Sean Illing How much of this, from Putin’s perspective, is about discrediting democracy as such? Mikhail Fishman He didn't believe Trump would win, so he was preparing to sell Clinton's victory as a fraud. And this is part of his broader message across the board, which is that democracy itself is flawed, broken, unjust. Putin actually believes this. He doesn't believe in democracy, and this is the worldview that he basically shares with Trump: that the establishment is corrupt and that the liberal world order is unjust. Sean Illing But Putin’s interest in undermining democracies across the globe is about much more than his personal disdain for this form of government. He wants to point to the chaos in these countries and say to his domestic audience, “You see, democracy is a sham, and it doesn’t work anywhere.” That serves as a justification for his own anti-democratic policies. In the end, it’s about reinforcing his own power. Mikhail Fishman That's true. But again, this what Putin really believes. He does not believe a true and just democracy exists anywhere. This is the worldview they've been spinning for years and they've really internalized it. For Putin, this is very much a zero-sum game. The West is the enemy. America is the enemy. Whatever you can do to damage the enemy, you do it. The more unrest there is in America, the better positioned Russia is to work its will on the world stage. He wants to divide democratic and European nations in order to then play those divisions to his advantage. Sean Illing A pervasive concern in this country is that Trump admires Putin’s strongman authoritarianism, and seeks to replicate it in America. Do you think this concern is well-founded? Mikhail Fishman I think it is. Again, it comes to back what Trump and Putin have in common. They're both male chauvinists. Trump probably admires the fact that Putin is the kind of guy who feels the need to ride horses shirtless; it appeals to his authoritarian instincts. But this is about much more than imagery. They are both illiterate people in a way. They're not widely educated. They do not believe in institutions. They see democratic institutions as burdens, impediments to their will. They don't believe that social and political life should be sophisticated; they think it should be simple. And this sort of thinking naturally concludes in one-man rule. I think Trump will fail, but there’s no doubt that he shares these authoritarian impulses with Putin.
  6. Numbnut update #1732. Fiscal conservatives are starting to fret about Trump's mounting government travel expenses http://theweek.com/speedreads/680874/fiscal-conservatives-are-starting-fret-about-trumps-mounting-government-travel-expenses American taxpayers foot the bill to protect the president's family, because it's important that the commander in chief and any loved ones who could be kidnapped for leverage be kept safe, no matter the cost. President Trump is presenting some unique logistical challenges, The Washington Post notes, and is racking up an unprecedented tab, though many of the costs are hidden or classified for security reasons. Judicial Watch, a conservative group most famous for hounding the Clintons, was critical of the costs of former President Obama's family vacations on Martha's Vineyard and in Hawaii — as was Trump — estimating the Obamas cost taxpayers $97 million in travel expenses over eight years. That's a lot, "but based on the first four weeks, Trump's presidency appears on track to cost hundreds of millions of dollars more," The Washington Post notes. Trump is heading to Mar-a-Lago for his third consecutive weekend at his Florida club, and those trips alone have probably cost the federal treasury about $10 million, The Post estimates, based on the cost of past presidential trips. Then there are the costs of protecting first lady Melania Trump, who has chosen to live in New York City with son Barron, and Trump's four grown children — New York City is spending an estimated $500,000 a day guarding Trump Tower, not counting Secret Service expenses, and Trump's sons have been traveling to Brazil, the Dominican Republican, and, this weekend, Dubai on Trump company business, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands more. Assuming the Trump family lifestyle and travel expenses have hit $15 million, Trump's costs in four weeks are already about one-sixth of what taxpayers spent on Obama in eight years. ------
  7. Is hell freezing over yet? FOX doing some ass chewing. I didn't see FOX listed in Trumps tweet listing enemies of America - should he send a new, updated tweet? Can't wait!!
  8. So the "liberal lame stream media" is not actually politically biased.. but ratings and money orientated? You figured that out on your own?
  9. Did the 'liberal' media discredit themselves covering Clinton's blowjob, 24x7 for two years solid? Or doesn't that count.
  10. Any President with a basic understanding of how democracy works and the critical role of the American press would never resort to calling the U.S. media 'fake news'. Every President has had to deal with the media. How does this thin skinned snowflake get off just calling everyone liars to their face. Grow up. Trump loves any good press and attacks any press that doesn't fit his delusions. It's a weird, simplistic on\off switch of his ignorant, reality show ratings narcissistic character. It's the the small mind of a child or dictator.
  11. Trumps President now. Why would he have to adhere to anything Obama did or did not do?
  12. What a strange comment. I'm not pulling conspiracy theories out of thin air like allot of you do. The NSA and CIA told Congress, the President and Trump the Russians hacked the DNC and tried to influence the election. Flynn just resigned, for talking with the Russians and lying to VP Pence. Trump has been 100% pro Russian from day one. He has a half dozen pro-Russian staff and cabinet appointees. To anyone... there is something strange going on here. ... this isn't chemtrails or aliens...
  13. There are people in the White House, including Trump, who may have colluded with a foreign government during a Presidential election. One of our political parties was hacked. This may possibly be Watergate territory. I want answers. Dumb hippies breaking windows isn't a priority right now.
  14. Not even going to bother looking that up. Hillary is not President. Neither is Obama. It's 2017. Why did Trump leave Saudi Arabia off his travel ban? Hint: hotels. #TrumpTaxReturns
  15. More simple partisan thought. Haven't paid attention to hippie lefties in Berkeley, there are far larger things going on. https://warontherocks.com/2016/11/trolling-for-trump-how-russia-is-trying-to-destroy-our-democracy/ Here's some quotes from the article I linked, published just prior to the election. This is just one take of many describing Russia's' methods and intent - it's basically the same info our intelligence agencies briefed Congress, the President and president elect in November. The same methods they employed for Brexit and several other European elections the last few years. .... But most observers are missing the point. Russia is helping Trump’s campaign, yes, but it is not doing so solely or even necessarily with the goal of placing him in the Oval Office. Rather, these efforts seek to produce a divided electorate and a president with no clear mandate to govern. The ultimate objective is to diminish and tarnish American democracy. Unfortunately, that effort is going very well indeed. Russia’s social media campaigns seek five complementary objectives to strengthen Russia’s position over Western democracies: Undermine citizen confidence in democratic governance; Foment and exacerbate divisive political fractures; Erode trust between citizens and elected officials and democratic institutions; (See: Sham) Popularize Russian policy agendas within foreign populations; Create general distrust or confusion over information sources by blurring the lines between fact and fiction Russia’s honeypots, hecklers, and hackers have run amok for at least two years, achieving unprecedented success in poisoning America’s body politic and creating deep dissent, including a rise in violent extremist activity and visibility. Posting hundreds of times a day on social media, thousands of Russian bots and human influence operators pump massive amounts of disinformation and harassment into public discourse. .... It's no longer a question did it happen. The question is, how much did their efforts move the needle and how much damage are they doing?