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  1. Along with tRumps near daily telephone conversations with Sean Hannity, tRump is known to conference call Hannity, Lou Dobbs and others in during policy meetings at times. Not to mention the dozen FOX alumni working in his administration. The illusion FOX News is actual journalism, and not a state run propaganda organ, has evaporated the past two years. Not a surprising decision. FOX is Fake News!
  2. Trump Says He Ordered FEMA to Give Alabama ‘A Plus Treatment’ for Tornado Response http://fortune.com/2019/03/04/trump-fema-alabama/ ... tRump again shows what a fraud, ignorant POS he is. He threatens and insults Puerto Rico and California after far larger disasters.. but is all in because he 'won' Alabama. If he's influencing FEMA federal disaster relief based on the last electoral map, instead of doing federal disaster relief for all taxpaying Americans, that's another impeachable offense. Hopefully the check and balance in a Democracy, the House, now looks into this latest fuckery.
  3. **** you. You come back with nothing of substance or anything at all. Zero value. And if you want my come back, scrape it off your moms teeth.
  4. Yes they are a big deal. Everyone in the entire U. S. government thinks so and have for 70 years. No it's not expensive... 28,000+ troops are already there and we are already paying for them. And we pay for periodic training regardless. A huge part is already subsidized by SK contributions. tRump has spent roughly $89,000,000 taxpayer dollars playing golf. Even though he promised you dumb ******* mouth breathers he wouldn't have time. https://trumpgolfcount.com/ The only reference to cost for actual drills is this Reuters story.. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-usa-military-cost/cost-of-one-of-those-expensive-u-s-south-korea-military-exercises-14-million-idUSKBN1JW348 July 6, 2018 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A joint military exercise between the United States and South Korea scrapped after President Donald Trump griped about “tremendously expensive” military drills would have cost around $14 million, U.S. officials told Reuters on Friday. ....The officials, speaking on Friday the condition of anonymity, did not provide details on the cost breakdown or the specifics of what was included. The Pentagon has not divulged the total cost of the multiple drills staged each year by the U.S. and South Korean armed forces. Calculating the cost of military exercises is a complicated process, often requiring data from different branches of the military and spread over several budgets over different years. Last year, 17,500 American troops and more than 50,000 South Korean troops joined the Freedom Guardian drills, though the exercise is mostly focused on computerized simulations rather than field exercises. Forces from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Britain also participated. The $14 million price tag compares with a recent contract awarded to Boeing Co (BA.N) for nearly $24 million for two refrigerators to store food aboard Air Force One, the presidential plane. The contract has since been canceled due to possible delivery of an updated Air Force One aircraft. The U.S. military has a budget of nearly $700 billion this year. ..... Find proof SK exercises cost more then tRump golfing... you ******* moron.
  5. Another giveaway to NK and getting nothing in return. We could 'afford' these drills if tRump didn't fly to Mar A Lago every weekend... Cheetoo thinks the U.S. is a mob protection racket that needs to be payed cash. He's incapable of thinking on a higher level. U.S. to end large-scale military drills with South Korea March 1, 2019 https://www.nbcnews.com/news/military/u-s-end-large-scale-military-drills-south-korea-n978111 The U.S. military is preparing to announce that annual large-scale joint exercises conducted with South Korea every spring will no longer be held, according to two U.S. defense officials. The major U.S.-South Korea exercises are being curtailed as part of the Trump administration's effort to ease tensions with North Korea, the officials said. The exercises — known as Key Resolve and Foal Eagle — will be replaced with smaller, mission-specific training, according to the officials. Since taking office, President Donald Trump has repeatedly complained about the large-scale exercises, saying they're too costly and the U.S. bears too much of the financial burden. The military has carried out the major exercises as much for deterring the North Korean regime as maintaining troop readiness, according to senior defense officials. ... While the U.S. has pulled back on its exercises, North Korea has pressed ahead with its own drills. Gen. Robert Abrams, commander of U.S. forces in Korea, recently testified that North Korea was preparing to carry out its annual winter cycle of training with 1 million troops. ..."In terms of deterrence with North Korea, this is one of the ways we demonstrate that we are hanging together with our allies. One of North Korea’s major objectives is splitting the alliance and getting the U.S. off the peninsula, and canceling the exercises is one stop in that direction.” “That’s not good alliance management," Klingner said. “We didn’t get anything in return. North Korea did not codify their missile test moratorium, nor do they agree to any constraints on their own military operations.”
  6. tRump does love the dictators. Dosen't he. Helsinki, the Khashoggi dismemberment, giving a pass on the Otto Warmbier murder... he runs cover and provides excuses for all of it. All the while ******* on fellow Americans in our intelligence agencies that have provided him direct, contradictory evidence - evidence he doesn't read and ignores. Because he has big brain. Because he fired Meatloaf for overcooking a steak on his reality TV show. There's this illusion tRump is playing chess and has a plan. He's not and he doesn't. He's a ******* moron. Him sucking up to these tools, and shitting on our allies, is proof of a serious psychological flaw in a petty, ignorant man.. But good for him walking out and not doing some crazy, halfass deal. tRump is awesome.
  7. Will someone quote me so drunkard see's this.. There's only 5 people posting here. I'm not CBF, he's been gone for years, you can't even get that right.
  8. No he hasn't. No President has ever - ever - considered meeting directly with a leader of NK. Because they have never deserved it. Such a meeting would have been a PR coup for the ****, tiny dictatorship. It would only solidify a NK leaders standing at home not weaken it. And recognize the NK government as equals. But here we are. Check, check and check. Let's see what fat boy gets in return, or will he cave like last time. **** you tRump.
  9. you must have some opinion on the second summit. tRump gave a PR coup to Kim during the first one, cancelling military drills and getting jack in return. It's no secret tRump has an issue with keeping US forces in SK - only because of cost. He is obsessed with several billion dollars paying for stability and a mutual security agreement that has worked perfectly for America since the middle of the last century. He can't comprehend the history or strategic reasons why this matters. Just money. Hence the "He's a ******* moron" from Tillerson at the Pentagon meeting in 2017 on this very subject.. His own staff is worried what he will knee-jerk give away in a private meeting. Trump is 30 gallons of **** in a 25 gallon garbage bag. And you kick puppies.
  10. I mentioned Hanoi because that is where Wednesdays summit is... are you not aware Kim Jung Un and Trump are meeting there Wed.? Are you aware Trump cancelled South Korea \ American yearly defense drills after the last summit? That NK has been telling us to piss up a rope ever since? That Kim Jung Un has paraded the photo op with an American president to solidify his standing at home, and milk sanction relief abroad? What further embarrassments are you willing to endure as an America, as an ignorant, narcissist bag of **** like tRump tries to pretend he knows what he's doing?
  11. What the **** does Jane Fonda have to do with the NK summit on Wednesday...? Are you brain damaged?
  12. You should really stay on topic... are you danville? Squirrel..... !! You have equations in your sig.. enlighten us what you think will happen in the second Cheetoo\Rocket Man summit on Wed.
  13. What's fat boy going to give up in Hanoi on Wed.? Any bets? "We fell in love!!". Love Letters The Sequel: Hanoi Bloated already caved on yearly joint SK\US military drills and got nothing from Singapore. NK was done nuclear testing and done with multiple ICBM tests that can reach as far as DC. They are currently working on warhead re-entry vehicles and miniaturization... the last step, with the help of Russia and China. And slow walking their PR campaign for world sympathy for sanction relief... the famine story NK released just today a week before the summit not a coincidence His own advisors have no clue what jelly-belly might do. That spur of the moment decision to kill drills from chubby blindsided the entire US government, including his own Cabinet, the Pentagon and State Department... Is porky going to pull US troops out of SK...just because of cost, or because he takes Putin's word they don't have ICBM's? Negate a partnership of 70 years with a democratic, capitalist alley? Is Japan and Taiwan next? How much deconstruction of three generations of American sacrifice is possible in just a few years..? Stay tuned! Will have tremendous ratings!
  14. Just so that you know, all those were foreign policy related like past Presidents. Obama never used it to fulfill a domestic campaign promise before an upcoming re-election campaign. An 'emergency' tRump couldn't get through his own Congress..... for two years.
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