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  1. I still have the power! Who shall I ban!!
  2. PG bumped to PG-13...dirty. Or from Common Sense Media: "Parents need to know that this movie is full of somewhat racy material, although most of it isn't any more shocking than the content of today's teen flicks and television shows. Still, you might want to give it a quick "refresher" watch before showing it to kids under 13 to make sure you remember exactly what they'll be seeing"
  3. Sierra Nevada books first launch for 'space SUV' -><-
  4. And before you protest. I would like to point out the sandals.
  5. Studded Tires Studded tired are permitted November 1 to April 15.<-AAA
  6. NY-Yeah Studded tires are permitted October 16 to April 30.
  7. that is where chains and studs excel. Ice.
  8. 5 states including HI and MS. The main concern with studs is the damage to the roads. And chains aren't allowed in HI. I never put studs or chains on in AB or SK. Only twice in Reno. I have never put chains on the van. I put chains on the Subi once but that was in a storm I shouldn't have been driving in and was required by law to put them on. The roads closed behind me.