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  1. *digs furiously for a picture of martin jones in a suit or the australian/american mens swim team, or both.*
  2. I like the way that everyone here thinks.
  3. I appreciate that. I haven't had to write a resume in ten years. I got passed up on a promotion and that was the best thing that happened to me ten years. Hoping this will be the same.
  4. I am working on my resume this weekend. I think I want a job where I can go hide.
  5. Unfortunately no. Me too. :/ Using vacation left me with a big old mess. I will check.
  6. I just hope there are no incidences of violence: terrorism or otherwise.
  7. With about 7 days left, I am now getting excited. I will have to watch pretty much everything on delay as I will be pet/house-sitting for most of it.
  8. It's a real struggle.
  9. I think I need a few more trips for that title.
  11. I never usually agree with Richard, because while decently smart, he comes off as a blowhard. But I agree with him on this.