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  1. Well, the price is right! Edit: There’s one in Hilton Head. Could we get jlaben to join too?
  2. Good, I’m not a cat fan.
  3. Agree completely. She is one of a kind. Who else would have the balls to step in at the last minute for a sick Pavarotti and sing opera at the Grammy’s. And kill it.
  4. That’s awesome. I really like what I’ve seen of Tempe and I like the vibe there a lot. I expect to be down there again next April. My current plans are to use that trip to start poking around to look for a place to retire.
  5. Could have been Max McGee in 1967 or Link Gaetz in 1991 saying that.
  6. I just hope he avoids those prickly cacti,. 🌵🌵
  7. I'm happy the Sharks finally have more than one top 4 talent on their defense. I think that, plus some decent goaltending, has a lot more to do with their runs than most anything else.
  8. Ya, Canada doesn’t have a whole lot of options hockeywise, for their National team.
  9. Ya, if I were him, I might go for a Grad degree
  10. Some of my fondest memories are the war stories about the internal political battles that went on in the US government in the early days of the space program as told by Max Hunter. What a mind and what a story teller. I’m sure he would be against a separate Space Force. There’s enough politics and bureaucracy in that arena all ready, even in the early days, and I trust his instincts in that arena completely.
  11. Agreed, but that POS gave me 4+ years of retirement based on a $5k investment a while back
  12. That’s not good news. I would expect better from Badgers. Best to all who are in the path and trying to fight these fires.