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  1. I hope you all have fun. I would stick to your plan, with the caveat that I don’t think they open the doors to the Tank until 75 minutes before game time.
  2. GDT Sharks @ Stars 5:30 PST

    You have to give Jumbo props for 1500 games. That’s pretty impressive.
  3. You can also use mirrors offensively, to change the angle of attack. At the speed of light, usually the offense wins.
  4. Not so much. They were pretty easy to differentiate, at least ballistic warhead wise, based on easy to detect attributes.
  5. This had a lot of money thrown at things like this during Reagan’s Star Wars SDI Program, back in the 1980’s. Lockeed’s internal slogan for this kind of thing was “Fight like God would”. I expect there has been some crazy progress in the last 30+ years.
  6. Who knew that adding another Norris winning Dman would help the forward depth?
  7. Nice. Best Timo Shark ever?
  8. Nice change that a Shark gets their first goal against.
  9. I thought we learned that in Trading Places? ?