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  1. McCain was facing a very tough election in Arizona his last election and was being challenged by a tea party affiliated candidate. After years and years of opposing any efforts to build a border wall McCain actually put out a campaign ad where he said on tape "Send me back to Washington so we can build the damn wall." He also ran big time on repealing Obamacare. Once Trump won the election he immediately flip flopped on both issues.
  2. This is also on the idiots in Congress. The GOP listened to their consultants who said "If we go forward on immigration and build the wall we will lose our majority in the House so we can't do that." Then they promptly went out and lost their majority in the house anyways.
  3. We all know what this means. The goalie is going to score a goal on us tonight.
  4. So the two refs have a combined 356 games experience? Seriously?
  5. All of the media has bent over backwards to blame Trump for the New Zealand shooting. However, the shooter wasn't exactly a fan of Trump. The manifesto also included a single reference to President Donald Trump in which the author asked and answered the question of whether he was a Trump supporter: "As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no."
  6. The Golden Knights pulled MAF from the lineup and recalled a goalie from the AHL before their last game and listed him as day to day.
  7. Did you see that Reuters admitted that they learned of O'Rourke's involvement in the hacking group before the Senate election against Ted Cruz? O'Rourke agreed to an interview with them with the provision that they not run the story before the election and Reuters agreed! No media bias at all right? I am sure they would have held off on publishing a damaging article on Ted Cruz until after the election.
  8. Only Attorney General in the history of the country to be found in contempt of Congress and his response was that it didn't matter to him because the investigation was ridiculous.
  9. There was a discussion on this issue on the local talk radio show involving a couple of death penalty defense attorneys who were against this move. They said the significance of Newsome ordering the tear down of the execution room cannot be understated. By doing that, even if a Court were to rightfully rule that he overstepped his powers in doing this the entire process is up in the air now because the methodology that was in place had been tested in Court. Even if you exactly re-assemble the mechanisms now it is subject to challenge in Court again which would mean years of appeals. A retired judge I work with is actually the guy who prosecuted the last person California executed and he was present at the execution. He said the entire process is so fucked up in California that they may as well just do away with the death penalty entirely because it means nothing at this point. He said the major blow on this is many times they get people who murdered someone to plead guilty and tell them the location of the victim's body so the families have closure by offering to take the death penalty off the table. That option has now been taken away. As for Newsome saying that the death penalty is racist the defense attorney on that show said it was a flat out lie. No person in California gets the death penalty because they can't afford top notch defense attorneys. All death penalty cases are defended at the expense of the State of California and they have every means available to them for forensic testing and expert testimony. The death penalty is very rarely given in California. We have over 700 people on death row but their crimes date back as far as 1976. Just think about how many murders occur in California each year. There were over 1,800 murders in California in 2017 alone. Even at only 1,000 a year you are talking about 42,000 murders in California between 2018 and 1976. Out of those 42,000 (which is a very conservative estimate) only 737 murderers ended up on death row. Just 15 of the 135 California death row inmates who have died since 1978 were executed. In fact, execution is only the third most common cause of death on California's death row following natural causes and suicide.
  10. I saw Captain Marvel. It was a really good back story movie. I completely don't get the fanboys going off on her being a SJW. They seem to be conflating the comments made by the actress in the press to the character which is dumb. There was some good humor in the movie so I don't get the "non smiling, expressionless" comments about her.
  11. I suspected it was something to do with a death in the family. This is heartbreaking.
  12. The rules used to be only another boss could authorize a hit on another boss and the hit was never to be performed at the person's home because his kids may see the body.
  13. First Mob Boss executed like this in 30 years. The last one was Paul Castellano who John Gotti had whacked in front of a steak house. This could be the start of a mob war.
  14. Everyone rates Howe above Marleau. Everyone rates Messier above Marleau. Those are no brainers.
  15. Gordie Howe wouldn't be able to play at 51 in today's NHL. What he did at the time was legendary but the game is far faster today than it was back then.
  16. NPR One of the most prominent members of special counsel Robert Mueller's team investigating Russia's attack on the 2016 presidential election will soon leave the office and the Justice Department, two sources close to the matter tell NPR. Andrew Weissmann, the architect of the case against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, will study and teach at New York University and work on a variety of public service projects, including his longstanding interest in preventing wrongful convictions by shoring up forensic science standards used in courts, the sources added. The departure is the strongest sign yet that Mueller and his team have all but concluded their work. Manafort has been sentenced to about 7 1/2 years in federal prison following two cases that stemmed from Mueller's investigation, although neither case involved alleged collusion with the Russians who interfered in the election. Weissmann has borne the brunt of attacks from critics such as Rush Limbaugh and conservative legal interest groups. They cited his attendance at Hillary Clinton's election night party in 2016 and a positive email he wrote to former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she refused to defend the Trump administration's first Muslim travel ban. A later version of that ban was eventually upheld by a majority of the Supreme Court. Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon also issued a warning about Weissmann and other senior members of the special counsel team when they were named in 2017.
  17. He missed basically a season and a half due to labor disputes so he would probably already be there.
  18. He was 100% in the team photo. Sitting right next to Jones.
  19. Jumbo feasting on third line matchups is one of the things that has me very excited for the playoffs this season.
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