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  1. Hehehe you misunderstand me friend... except for the of, in place of the to, you were perfect, and that is the only thing that kept it from being perfect. On further thinking, it actually made sense the way you wrote it as well, just not in the best grammatical form.
  2. Wow , mattias, you were too, very good writing, till the end... sooo close of = 'to' making it perfect. on third thought, tho not specifically grammatically correct, I can see where it makes sense...
  3. Hey! Thanks for the add. :D

  4. Duncan Macleod , there can only be one,(unless your freddie, then a few more . . .)
  5. Hi Sharkfriend, thanks for the kind words. Everytime I post in the Sharks chatroom I fully expect that I'm going to be ridiculed. It seems that there are more posters that are interested in humiliating new members than welcoming them. But I also know there are Shark fans like you that are cool. It's part of the reason I don't post here very often. I just get tired of being insulted.

  6. The sedin� twins and the intro were great� mattias� Thanks for that