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    Sharks win Warriors lose. Today was a good day
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    Seeing LA and CHI disintegrate into these garbage teams is pretty fun.
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    https://www.tsn.ca/nhl-aims-to-curb-sucker-punches-on-unwilling-opponents-1.1268412 I call BS on this. What does it mean that Ian Cole couldn't defend himself? How couldn't he defend himself when he knew the fight was coming and dropped the gloves? Is it because he's bad at fighting and Tom Wilson is pretty good at fighting? I don't get this. My opinion, this is the typical media looking for issues where they aren't any and also, it is pretty obvious there is a strong bias against anything and everything Wilson does. He's no saint, far from it, but it is clear that if Wilson throws a hit or fights some guy, there are people who will find some reason to complain. There are legit suckerpunches and they should be addressed. Wilson punching Cole and injuring him badly in a stand-up, face-to-face fight isn't a suckerpunch. Cole was a willing opponent and was able to defend himself. Sidney Crosby throwing gloved punches at Brenden Dillon when Dillon has two guys hanging onto his back? Seems much more like a suckerpunch and an attempt to injure at an unwilling opponent or someone who was unwilling to defend himself. Would Crosby ever get suspended for it? No, that's not a real question.
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    Each person/family has to make decisions based on their individual situation. For me, leaving family/friends is the only tough part and some in my family are angry about us moving. My dad, whose on hospice, made it easier for us. He said in front of our whole family at Christmas that we were doing the right thing...and that someone had to be the one to get their family out so the next generation can be free of California. He also said if everyone keeps staying for their parents, brothers, sisters, etc then their kids are the ones who will suffer...and our primary responsibility at this age is to our kids. My dads a wise man...
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    On the NHL channel this Morning, Doug Maclean said " when Crosby saw Haley coming after him, he did what John Tortorella said Panarin did yesterday when he was sick"
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    Haley face punched crosby tonight. The signing is already worth it and we all know it
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    Timo has 1 goal in last 23 games, maybe he should get the Labanc hate for a minute
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    More like a helmet and a deliberate stick to the head. Not sure why all the derision. He's sixth on the team in goals, 8th in total points, a +8 on the season. I'd say he's been contributing.
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    Milan Lucic, Zack Kassian, Darnell Nurse, Jujhar Khaira, Alex Petrovic, and Brandon Manning. That's over 2K in penalties as NHLers. That's one of the, if not, the toughest lineup in the NHL right now. And you are complaining about the referees not protecting Connor McDavid? Instigator has brought this on. Of course Hampus Lindholm is going to turn down a challenge from any of those guys, probably from anyone. I believe in the old-school mentality that if it is warranted a fight is has to happen, whether one guy wants to or not. Or go really old-school and have someone go after Ryan Getzlaf, Cam Fowler, or someone like that. Have to protect your own, if you neglect that responsibility, expect no sympathy from me. And besides, it's January, lets get something going to excite the fans.
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    My trusty Kanata bar has got the game. Lsts go folks. TSN with the rally intro of our playoff history in Dallas.
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    Power to weight ratio advantage has gotta be pretty good for the bike. Takes a while for the jet to spool up and they apparently didn't light up the afterburner. The jet definitely wasn't under full power. If it was, it would've been airborne well before the finish line. Looked like an old bird. If you want an old bird throw an F15 out there. F22 for a newer one. Stand on the brakes, spool up the jet and light the afterburner(s) as well. Could make things more interesting...and fair...
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    This is also on the idiots in Congress. The GOP listened to their consultants who said "If we go forward on immigration and build the wall we will lose our majority in the House so we can't do that." Then they promptly went out and lost their majority in the house anyways.
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    Anyone else notice this subtle move Tomas Hertl uses where he fakes reversing direction ever-so-slightly to shake off the defender and then makes a power move to the middle of the ice? I swear he does it a couple times a game and gets separation every time.
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    Nyquist is a shark- Bob McKenzie‏Verified account @TSNBobMcKenzie DET has asked Gustav Nyquist to waive his NTC to facilitate a trade to SJ. Nyquist is apparently willing to do so, which would pave the way for DET and SJ to finalize/formalize this transaction.
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    I assume the censored word there is “cream puff.”
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    After all that - true highlight is Guentzal being tossed by Joonas Donskoi. Wow. That's like Euro stick figure light.
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    Clearly not having Micheal Haley was holding this team back.
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    Shame he won't get an assist on the goal but for Logan Couture to win a puck battle, up high in the zone, against three opponents... That's very impressive.
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    At this point Cherry is Canadian furniture, draped in all the palettes of your grandmother’s couch. When Sportsnet took over the franchise in 2014, Cherry’s time was cut, and he was visibly frustrated and annoyed until he got a little more room to breathe. Now 85, he makes less sense than he ever has, and is less vital to the hockey conversation than he has ever been. Fair enough. He’s been on since 1981.... His voice cracked a little. He is an old man, shouting at the camera the way he always has, playing his greatest hits, growing older as everyone watches, or stops watching. The words might jumble and run into one another and, like Cole, may stop making as much sense. But everybody can still hear the music, and knows what it means. -Bruce Arthur of the Toronto Star where you can read more on Don Cherry.
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    Jinxed it. You are welcome! Regards N.
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    I always thought Veterans should get Veterans Day off paid. Even before I was a vet I thought that. Growing up my dad was the only vet in the house, and the only one who didn't get Veterans Day off. Then I was the dad and the vet and the only person in the house who didn't get Veteran's Day off. It's wouldn't be that hard or cost that much. Just have the DD214 on file at the place of employment, the company fills out a form and gets compensated for the day's pay they gave their veterans. And the best part, can you imagine trying to run against that? Sure, let's stand up and tell the country the vets don't deserve one day off. That'd play well.
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    Somewhere, the ghost of JAFO is screaming...
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    Just since Jan 1 (and including tonight): 16 games, 15 goals, 9 assists. Tonight is 6th 2-goal game in that span - c’mon, get the hattie!!!
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    Ok, BMW ****** nozzle story, for Sam mostly. Leaving lunch with coworkers today. I had literally told Sam two weeks back how people in this state drive either like old people or ****** bags on meth. I'm riding in the backseat of my coworker's car. Guy is likely in late 30s, early 40s so I assume responsible. BMW X3 circa 2004. We are in the right lane with a humongous big rig hauling construction gear to our back left in the middle. Numb nuts driving the BMW (with me and one other) figures he'll try to pass as our lane turns into a right turn only into a neighborhood. Further, big rig is speeding up and traffic ahead of him is very tight.. Reasonable people would put on the break or just lay off the gas. Get behind the truck. Not my coworker. He continues forward. Guy in passenger seat - "man, you got a curb coming up." Driver - "ah, it's ok". We hit the curb on the passenger side front wheel. Solid contact. He bumps in ahead of the truck. Car goes another 4 miles or so back to the office smooth as butter. We get out of the car. I tell him he fucked up his rim real nice. Coworkers who were riding behind us pull in. Tell us they were just saying a joke when they saw the whole thing. "What's the difference between a cactus and a BMW? On a cactus the pricks are on the outside." ******* idiot. In other news, during said lunch some old lady walked into our conversation to tell me I have a sexy voice and ask if I sing. So I got that going for me, which is nice I guess?
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    Yeah, but they also say it's against a team from Phoenix. Yeah, like there would ever be an NHL team in Phoenix. Fake News!!
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    Ya think? They have been trying to ban me for years.
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    Wait, I seem to recall a major elected official claiming that govt agencies were lying, and we were told that was unprofessional and damaging. Is that still the case?
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    Its not Facebook official yet ...
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    The rats are easy to find there... ...they're in the owner's suite!
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    I totally agree but he needs to ratchet back some of the things he says. His remarks about McCain come to mind. Those did not help him with anyone.
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    CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett says he disagrees with how CNN’s Jim Acosta conducted himself in last week’s explosive tete-a-tete with President Trump. Garrett spoke to Mediaite alum Larry O’Connor for his radio show on Friday, where he lamented the situation over CNN’s lawsuit against the Trump Administration for their revocation of Acosta’s press credentials. Garrett said he isn’t sure the White House will succeed in court with the legal argument their making against Acosta, though the lawsuit is “uncharted territory” in many ways and presents the judiciary with many new questions about press freedom. The court has since ruled in favor of CNN and said Acosta’s press pass must be restored. As Garrett talked about how he doesn’t make a habit of critiquing the journalistic styles of other reporters, O’Connor eventually asked him if there’s a “standard of conduct” that’s expected from the White House press pool. Garrett answered in the affirmative, and he recalled how he gave up the microphone at Trump’s latest presser after mistakenly thinking the president called upon him. “Some of my colleagues might say ‘what did you do that for,'” Garrett said. “Some might say you laid down and were too deferential, I don’t feel that way…I deferred hoping he might call on me again, he didn’t, that’s how I orient myself to the institution…and I respect the institution and the country’s choice.” In terms of whether Acosta’s actions were a breach of the code of conduct O’Connor asked about, Garrett said there was a point there, adding “I do my level best to not make myself part of story, and I think the best journalists operate that way.”
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    I saw “HBD” and assumed Hertle got popped for DUI. In the law enforcement world HBD means “Has/had Been Drinking” Maybe he is hbd because its his birthday!
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    The Environmental Impact is less fires.
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    happy birthday fugazi! here's to many more for you my friend
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the best defensive dman in the league*. *Your mileage may vary.
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    Yessir my girl and I rolled up from LA for a couple of days. She’s half Mexican so I thought this game would be fitting.
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    It resulted in a concussion. It was not about the hit. It was about the throw afterwards that belongs to WWE, not to the NHL.
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