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    It was rough to watch Jamie getting so emotional just trying to talk about it. Takes a very big man to be able to discuss such a personal thing on air like that. Hats off to the Sharks for how they handled everything with him as he went through it.
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    Any Chance, and i mean ANY should be taken to knock that pansy a$$ off his skates, the way he ducks for cover they don't come around that often, especially in a situation like that where supplemental disciple is unlikely. Well played I say. Well played.
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    https://www.tsn.ca/nhl-aims-to-curb-sucker-punches-on-unwilling-opponents-1.1268412 I call BS on this. What does it mean that Ian Cole couldn't defend himself? How couldn't he defend himself when he knew the fight was coming and dropped the gloves? Is it because he's bad at fighting and Tom Wilson is pretty good at fighting? I don't get this. My opinion, this is the typical media looking for issues where they aren't any and also, it is pretty obvious there is a strong bias against anything and everything Wilson does. He's no saint, far from it, but it is clear that if Wilson throws a hit or fights some guy, there are people who will find some reason to complain. There are legit suckerpunches and they should be addressed. Wilson punching Cole and injuring him badly in a stand-up, face-to-face fight isn't a suckerpunch. Cole was a willing opponent and was able to defend himself. Sidney Crosby throwing gloved punches at Brenden Dillon when Dillon has two guys hanging onto his back? Seems much more like a suckerpunch and an attempt to injure at an unwilling opponent or someone who was unwilling to defend himself. Would Crosby ever get suspended for it? No, that's not a real question.
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    Each person/family has to make decisions based on their individual situation. For me, leaving family/friends is the only tough part and some in my family are angry about us moving. My dad, whose on hospice, made it easier for us. He said in front of our whole family at Christmas that we were doing the right thing...and that someone had to be the one to get their family out so the next generation can be free of California. He also said if everyone keeps staying for their parents, brothers, sisters, etc then their kids are the ones who will suffer...and our primary responsibility at this age is to our kids. My dads a wise man...
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    On the NHL channel this Morning, Doug Maclean said " when Crosby saw Haley coming after him, he did what John Tortorella said Panarin did yesterday when he was sick"
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    Haley face punched crosby tonight. The signing is already worth it and we all know it
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    This is also on the idiots in Congress. The GOP listened to their consultants who said "If we go forward on immigration and build the wall we will lose our majority in the House so we can't do that." Then they promptly went out and lost their majority in the house anyways.
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    Anyone else notice this subtle move Tomas Hertl uses where he fakes reversing direction ever-so-slightly to shake off the defender and then makes a power move to the middle of the ice? I swear he does it a couple times a game and gets separation every time.
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    The media is an arm of the DNC. They are exposed yet again.
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    I did not see it because the the lead actress spewing her hate. So maybe they managed this one fine.
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    I will have what he is having.
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    Wheeler tried to take a dive. Turned out is was the official. Update. Wheeler just rammed his face into Logan. Now out.
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    Vlasic is going to go on a tear, then EK65 will come back and he'll never score again
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    Great pass by JT right in front of us!
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    Me too. It was called a brother...
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    He is definitely trying to maneuver his way into getting those fees. My guess is he is hoping that the bankruptcy will be settled before the fees come in. The problem is that his current bankruptcy filing is in violation of a Federal Court Order because only the receiver put in place by the Court can do so and Avenatti did it himself to avoid having to testify. The news gets even better for Avenatti today. The Court granted Trump's motion to dismiss in the Stormy Daniels case in her lawsuit to void the hush money agreement. Trump's attorneys said they weren't going to try and enforce it any longer and she had already told anyone who would pay her money what she had to say. The Court agreed. What is funny about this is because when Daniells and Avenatti got hit for $300,000 in Trump's attorney's fees over the defamation lawsuit Avenatti tweeted out that this money would come out of the millions that Trump was going to have to pay her from the other parts of the lawsuit. I responded in a tweet "How do you think you are going to get millions of dollars in a declaratory relief action?" The lawsuit was to get the Court to simply declare that Trump's agreement with her was unenforceable and didn't include a claim for damages. Avenatti blocked me on Twitter after that.
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    I just yelled at my TV, “Light up Nemo like a fu(king Christmas tree!!!!!” Uh...I may still have some pent up hatred with my post Niemi Stress Disorder.
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    Was that a Danville sighting on camera?
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    We are in the age of TDS. We do forget though that not so long ago the hard left was violent, killed cops, used bombs, and called for the overthrow of the government. They never went away they just were planting seeds on campus and in the newsroom and now we all have to live with this. People like botly cant/wont see what is going on but the very nature of our country is in play now and by any means necessary is the new rule of law. Scary times for moderates on both sides of the aisle.
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    ummm... so there's a gal from the Prineville office visiting this office for training this week. She really likes motorcycles and has been... really friendly to me. She just invited me back to her hotel after work to 'look at a new dress she brought with her'. She did this in front of no less than 4 coworkers, all of whom know I'm married. I told her I had a meeting after work and couldn't do it. This is kinda true, the meeting isn't until 6:30. But still... Jeez.
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    I promise to only use my powers for good. Or at least things that aren't totally evil. Or at least I'll have a really good reason for doing evil.
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    With the sudden surge in injuries, the Sharks call up the entire Barracuda team to skate against the Blackhawks. The Hawks are still thoroughly outmatched, and the Cuda win, 6-2.
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    Posting from the Portland Winterhawks/Spokane Chiefs game. Drop the puck!!
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    I’m thinkin the Haley expt should be on a very short leash. He was by far the worst player on the ice v Boston. Sharks need their fourth line to be effective. That has been the difference when they have gotten on a roll. The top two are good and often produce well but they are also up against the other teams ‘ top players. When it does stalemate it has often been the fourth line production that has made the difference.
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    No, The emergency goalie would play. He is actually a co worker of mine. (he is one of them).
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    Don't understand the point. It's a mathematical handshake, but pulls us further from the truth. Hellebucyk has faced 228 more shots than Jones this season yet has only allowed 3 more goals than Jones. Valid comparison since Jones & Hellebucyk have each played 48 games to this point. Thus the gap in SV%. and since Hellebucyk has faced 228 more shots, it could be argued he has a weaker D in front of him. Thus he is pulling more team weight than Jones by far. The way I see it, with Jones at .896 and league SV% average this season now at .909, Jones has let in 17 more goals this season than an 'Average' NHL goalie. (.909 - .896 = .013) (.013 x 1,333 Jones SOGs = 17) So if Jones were just stopping pucks on AVERAGE this season, Sharks would have 17 less GA at this point. Jones NOT pulling his team fair share at all thus far.
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    That's ok, they just need this guy!
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    And another one. FALMOUTH (CBS) – The woman who was charged with confronting a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat inside a Falmouth Mexican restaurant is now in ICE custody. The department said she was in the country illegally. Falmouth Police charged Santos with disorderly conduct following the incident earlier this month. On Tuesday, ICE took her into custody. “Deportation officers with ICE’s Fugitive Operations Team arrested Rosiane Santos, an unlawfully present citizen of Brazil, today near Falmouth, Massachusetts,” said ICE spokesman John Mohan. “Santos is currently facing local charges for assault and other offenses. She is presently in ICE custody and has been entered into removal proceedings before the federal immigration courts.” Turner said he was just trying to eat a nice meal when Santos grabbed his hat supporting President Trump.
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    Nyquist is a shark- Bob McKenzie‏Verified account @TSNBobMcKenzie DET has asked Gustav Nyquist to waive his NTC to facilitate a trade to SJ. Nyquist is apparently willing to do so, which would pave the way for DET and SJ to finalize/formalize this transaction.
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    I assume the censored word there is “cream puff.”
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    Fugazi is just copying my posts now.
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    After all that - true highlight is Guentzal being tossed by Joonas Donskoi. Wow. That's like Euro stick figure light.
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    Clearly not having Micheal Haley was holding this team back.
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    Shame he won't get an assist on the goal but for Logan Couture to win a puck battle, up high in the zone, against three opponents... That's very impressive.
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    At this point Cherry is Canadian furniture, draped in all the palettes of your grandmother’s couch. When Sportsnet took over the franchise in 2014, Cherry’s time was cut, and he was visibly frustrated and annoyed until he got a little more room to breathe. Now 85, he makes less sense than he ever has, and is less vital to the hockey conversation than he has ever been. Fair enough. He’s been on since 1981.... His voice cracked a little. He is an old man, shouting at the camera the way he always has, playing his greatest hits, growing older as everyone watches, or stops watching. The words might jumble and run into one another and, like Cole, may stop making as much sense. But everybody can still hear the music, and knows what it means. -Bruce Arthur of the Toronto Star where you can read more on Don Cherry.
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    Is it because driving is not a right it is a privilege?
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    because But you can't expect much from some people (C)
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    The Giants should of fired Bobby Evans after the money he wasted on garbage.
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    I don’t know anything about the govorner of Arizona...but I know whoever it is has to be better than Gavin Newsom because there isn’t any path to be worse than Gavin Newsom. More importantly, I sincerely hope your happy in Arizona
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