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    Any Chance, and i mean ANY should be taken to knock that pansy a$$ off his skates, the way he ducks for cover they don't come around that often, especially in a situation like that where supplemental disciple is unlikely. Well played I say. Well played.
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    19 years later but the US military never forgot about the USS Cole. Well done
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    What is going to be hilarious in the DOJ case against California and it's Sanctuary State declaration is that the DOJ is going to use a Supreme Court precedent from the Obama DOJ in their case against the State of Arizona. The SCOTUS made it perfectly clear that the Feds are in charge of immigration. “Arizona may have understandable frustrations with the problems caused by illegal immigration . . . but the State may not pursue policies that undermine federal law.”
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    https://www.tsn.ca/nhl-aims-to-curb-sucker-punches-on-unwilling-opponents-1.1268412 I call BS on this. What does it mean that Ian Cole couldn't defend himself? How couldn't he defend himself when he knew the fight was coming and dropped the gloves? Is it because he's bad at fighting and Tom Wilson is pretty good at fighting? I don't get this. My opinion, this is the typical media looking for issues where they aren't any and also, it is pretty obvious there is a strong bias against anything and everything Wilson does. He's no saint, far from it, but it is clear that if Wilson throws a hit or fights some guy, there are people who will find some reason to complain. There are legit suckerpunches and they should be addressed. Wilson punching Cole and injuring him badly in a stand-up, face-to-face fight isn't a suckerpunch. Cole was a willing opponent and was able to defend himself. Sidney Crosby throwing gloved punches at Brenden Dillon when Dillon has two guys hanging onto his back? Seems much more like a suckerpunch and an attempt to injure at an unwilling opponent or someone who was unwilling to defend himself. Would Crosby ever get suspended for it? No, that's not a real question.
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    Each person/family has to make decisions based on their individual situation. For me, leaving family/friends is the only tough part and some in my family are angry about us moving. My dad, whose on hospice, made it easier for us. He said in front of our whole family at Christmas that we were doing the right thing...and that someone had to be the one to get their family out so the next generation can be free of California. He also said if everyone keeps staying for their parents, brothers, sisters, etc then their kids are the ones who will suffer...and our primary responsibility at this age is to our kids. My dads a wise man...
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    On the NHL channel this Morning, Doug Maclean said " when Crosby saw Haley coming after him, he did what John Tortorella said Panarin did yesterday when he was sick"
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    Haley face punched crosby tonight. The signing is already worth it and we all know it
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    This is one of my favourite NHL videos ever.
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    Hello, Noob here, I signed up on the forum last year, but didn't post. I thought I'd try to get a little more social this year. It's always time a good time for good beer. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy".
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    Milan Lucic, Zack Kassian, Darnell Nurse, Jujhar Khaira, Alex Petrovic, and Brandon Manning. That's over 2K in penalties as NHLers. That's one of the, if not, the toughest lineup in the NHL right now. And you are complaining about the referees not protecting Connor McDavid? Instigator has brought this on. Of course Hampus Lindholm is going to turn down a challenge from any of those guys, probably from anyone. I believe in the old-school mentality that if it is warranted a fight is has to happen, whether one guy wants to or not. Or go really old-school and have someone go after Ryan Getzlaf, Cam Fowler, or someone like that. Have to protect your own, if you neglect that responsibility, expect no sympathy from me. And besides, it's January, lets get something going to excite the fans.
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    That's because she felt dirty having to answer yes to all those personal questions.
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    Another promise kept? Edit: I expect all the TDS-affected from Corneliu to Maxine Waters and Jake Tapper to claim the remains are fake.
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    Sorry...but no...the Clinton's would side with the devil, Charles Manson and Joseph Stalin if they thought it would win them an election.
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    The climate change deniers always point to cold weather = no global warming The climate change truthers always point to hot weather = global warming The unnamed climate scientists vomit when either of the aforesaid groups open their mouths TRO
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    Everyone but New England partisans knows that. That is one of two reasons why Brady can't be considered the GOAT over Montana...#1, Montana never lost a superbowl; #2, Brady is a lying cheater and Montana wasn't (or at least wasn't stupid enough to get caught). Either way Montana = GOAT.
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    yea, blame Trump for this one too, you single-dimension thinking flea bitten euro socialist hack. Your boy Ajit Pai was appointed to the FCC in 2012 by Obama and the plan to repeal existing Net Neutrality rules began in 2015. Yet you believe this one is all on Trump too? You've been hopelessly brainwashed by our bias liberal media. It should bother you that you don't know the truth. Go read up on 'Special interest groups', 'lobbyists' and the 'DC swamp'. Maybe then you'll start to understand what the real problem is and where the actual elected criminals sit. Pssst. Legislative branch of government.
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    How about crop dusting peeps that wouldn't stand? Is that acceptable during the Anthem? I hope so...
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    Hats off to the member of Phoenix law enforcement who is apparently a sharpshooter with a pepper spray ball shooter.
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    We have planned on leaving California as soon as I retire for years now. We are most interested in either of the Carolinas. What this trip has shown me is that almost everywhere is better than California. We love Eastern Ohio...but it's cold there in winter and there's no beach so that's out...but we really liked Alabama and now Texas, so we will look there also. The crazy politics is one good reason to leave Cali but finances is another. The most I have paid for gas since leaving Caifornia is $2.38 a gallon in Nevada/Utah/Idaho. Once we got to Wyoming and East of there, we have paid as low as $1.88 a gallon. My wife says gas is currently $3.30 a gallon in Sonoma County. I just made a grocery resupply run in Montgomery Texas; everything is way cheaper than back home and the locals all tell me they aren't taxed to death either.
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    Just heard that also...problem is, none of us would have been that surprised if it was her.
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    I do not hold the orange monkey to a high level when it comes to how he treats woman. I am sure he has done things and clearly has said things that would testify to this. He is a blowhard egomanic orange monkey. pretty sure most on this board can agree on that. I also think he has the opportunity to do some very good things while he is in office but time will tell. Maybe he will squander his chance. Mr. Obama also squandered his chance to do much good in regards to race and police relations and that is a shame but even with him I can find some good in his 8 years. I do know this, he is not PC, he crashed the GOP country club private party and for that they hate him. He spoiled Mrs Clinton's sure thing and for that the DNC hates him. Both hugely powerful political parties are very pissed off and that alone makes me happy. F U party elite!
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    This does not bother me one bit. Nor was I bothered when Obama invited people with far worse lyrics to the White House.
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    The only thing the media is truly interested in is rating$. The media believes that, just as Mrs RB 1.0 did/does, there are versions of the truth. It's either the truth or it's not the truth. There isn't any middle ground there. It is black and white, no gray...
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    Iif they guy is openly critical of Putin and he is still in Russia how is he alive? I dont give a **** if you are bored. It is not my job to entertain you.
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    In order to fully have freedom of speech you have to allow speech that you find disgusting. I may not respect the person's opinion but I respect his freedom to say it.
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    ugh I am so sick and tired of this division. We're all ******* living on the same ******* grain of dust and instead of trying to make **** better for everyone we fight likew rabid dogs over the scraps thrown to us by the scumbags at the top. If people would wake and realize it doesn't ******* matter the name or the color or the creed of of the puppetmaster they choose to hold the strings because in the end they are still being manipulated, then this whole division would probably disappear. but how do you tell a puppet who has lived all its life as a puppet, that it can live without those strings? It would laugh and wait for the puppeteer to move it along.
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    Agree. It is interesting that some who say Snowden is a hero are going nuts about the hack of the DNC. What's the difference...they both revealed nasty secrets to the public. They both, allegedly, had Russian help. I still say the hacked emails did not make more republicans go vote, or hard core HRC supporters not vote. Those groups minds were made up and nothing would change that. What it did, and should have done, is really piss off Bernie supporters and they may have stayed away after learning the DNC, HRC and media conspired/lied/cheated to harm Bernie after it became clear he was a threat to HRC.
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    I wonder if the entire Spanish language is offensive with different conjugations for male and female subjects
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    Calling Vin Scully an announcer for the Dodgers is like calling Michael Phelps a swimmer.
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    F U media F U both party elites F U CBF!
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    The lunatic, you mean? Didn't check. cjellika's 4th grade is naturally massively for Hillary. She asked me about my opinion, I said, that I am sort of glad we aren't citizens yet, so we don't need to make a choice between a lunatic, a crook and a buffoon, but it's up to her to think who of the three she would prefer. I said that in my opinion, the buffoon is probably the least dangerous.
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    By popular request, an encore performance by that Shark fan sometimes sitting at the bottom of 110, Neil Young.. this time with Pearl Jam.
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    Team USA onto to the gold medal game in the World Juniors. Sharks prospect with the game winning goal.
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    Someone on The Athletic said it was because Vlasic was arguing with the Ref about a non-call.
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    If you try to be reasonable with everyone, you'll end up pissing off everyone. I'd rather have Ted Cruz or Rand Paul, or even the current clown than Kasich the way the things are playing out in the last couple of years. When I think more of that, I'd rather have the current clown rather than anyone else in this media and deep state climate. Just replace the impotent in the AG office a year ago with Trey Gowdy or someone like that.
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    Time to get back to hockey full time
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    Rewarding the goverment for people dying does not seem like wise policy. Very bad incentive.....
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    For WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is like choosing between two diseases. "Well, you’re asking me, do I prefer cholera or gonorrhea?" he said in an interview with Democracy Now. "Personally, I would prefer neither."
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    You are the only single person that thinks chess is a sport, and this thread is nothing more than pit spillover.
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